filed 1/27 with 570 and 971 codes

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      Filed 1/27 and accepted later that day last week updated to 971 code 2 weeks before that 570 code
      as of data changed from 3/7 to 3/14 no updates on anything today

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          I called and they acted like I was being transferred but the phone just hung up. That was last week I haven’t called back tho

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            1/24 and same. I’ve had 570 for weeks. As of is still 3/7 😩

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              As of date went from March 14th then back to January 3rd on the 25th February so freaking weird.

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                Same boat as you but as of date is 1/3/22 this is so aggravating. They told me to wait 10 weeks what about you, did you call?

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