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      Just filed yesterday and was accepted today. Just posting a thread to watch the progress for myself and others. If you file and are accepted this week drop in a comment!

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        Filed 2/28, accepted 2/28, after 21 days bars disappeared with topic 152. As of today 3/23, no transcript, no update.

        And now they are talking about a gas stimulus! They can’t even handle the current assignment, they don’t need anything else to backlog them LOL


          Filed 02/25. Accepted 02/25. No updates on transcripts and WMR says still processing. Weekly so hoping to see movement today. ;-(


            Filed by accountant and accepted 2/28 with the other half of the ctc and eic, not showing anything as far as last year on transcripts. hoping they’re just really backed up. here goes the long wait lol


              DDD 3/16!!!!!


                Yea… No updates to anything for me


                  My niece filed on 2/26/22 and was accepted on 2/28/22, She has eic, ctc, advance ctc and on Saturday, 3/5/22 got a ddd for 3/9/22.


                    @Christina I filed 2/26 and accepted within 30 minutes and that’s been it. Transcript shows I haven’t filed yet. They must be backlogged from hell this year.


                      Filed through Turbo tax 2/28/22 and was accepted in minutes. Selected direct deposit to credit karma account. Claimed EIC and three kids. As of today 3/6/22, WMR still shows as received and no info is showing on my tax return transcripts. Transcript doesnt even show i filed yet. Anyone else experiencing this?


                        Filed 2/28/22
                        Accepted 2/28/22
                        Refund Approved Message on WMR This Morning (03/04/22)
                        DDD: 03/08/2022

                        No Advanced EIC Payments for 2021
                        Claimed 1 Child for EIC
                        Regular W2


                          Same here, I filed on the
                          28 of February got accepted within minutes. So…. here goes the long stressful ride. lol

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