Faxed 8962 and 1040

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    I filed my taxes and were accepted on 1/19/2016 and received a letter 1/31/2016 stating that I needed to complete a 8962 form and send my 1040 page 2 corrected. I did that. It changed my refund amount by about $200.00. I faxed all of the information on Monday 2/1/2016. Does anyone have any updates as to when they will receive their refund? Has this happened to anyone in any previous tax years? I still cannot order my transcript and my WWR has one bar but with the old refund amount. I’m going to try and call today and see what they say.

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    Hi guys! I am in the exact same boat! I sent my taxes out on March 1st. (via snail mail-wrong choice, never again, live and learn). They were excepted on March 17th, I was able to see that one bar in “Where’s my Refund?” For about… I don’t know a couple of weeks, and then I was just given a message that totally eliminated the three bar process completely and simply stated, “Your fax return is being processed. A date will be providewy when available.” It was stuck like this for OVER a month and an a half, I called the IRS and got an automated message, I desperately and anxiously awaited return which was DD. it never came, my status never progressed. Finally on Monday 4/25 I received a letter saying I needed to get a copy of my 1095-A, use that to fill out my 8962 Form, and then fill out a revised Page 2 of my 1040 with original signatures, including a cover page, etc. To do a revised page 2 just Google whatever version of the tax form you originally filled out (I did a 1040) the 8962 may or may not have given you a PTC premium fax credit which would have increased or decreased your refund, mine was increased a bit. I believe it changes line#37 on Form 1040 which will change the refund amount, they don’t need the original signature, they just mean that you have to actually sign it, not just type your name. I did have a question though: when/will I be able to check WMR for my new refund amount after all of this nonsense and jumping through hoops I’ve just done? I need answers!!

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    Kristen Mueller

    Does anyone know the fax number for wisconsin?

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    Faxed 3/3/16 ddd 3/29/16.

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    I’m in the same boat. That FAX number (Houston ) does not work!!! Been trying all day. I’m not mailing it. That would be a definite 6 weeks. This is ridiculous! What did you decide???

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    Hey everybody,

    So I wanted to let you all know how mine is going…so I filed and was accepted on 1/23…my bars went away about 2 weeks after that with topic 152 still showing. They sent out the 8962 letter on 2/10 but didn’t receive it until like 2/24! I faxed mine back on 3/1…I received help with mine but computed the new page 2 (getting 9$ more so I needed a new page) …and now? NOTHING! Bars still not there, tax topic 152 STILL there…can only order account transcript…spoke with IRS on 3/11 and they won’t tell you if they received your fax (keep the transmission record) but she said it doesn’t take 6-8 weeks to process but that she could see that it’s processing. Be patient she says..I look at that stupid WMR everyday…so I’m in the same boat people! I’m in Boston so everything is a mess here …just want an ease of mind that’s all…

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    how do i get a newly computed page 2?????

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    Did any have the fax for VA

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    What a mess!!!
    My timeline
    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/22
    Lost bar around 2/2
    Called 2/12 they sending letter, received 2/21 faxed info 2/22 by hr block, have called a few times and told 3 different stories
    1) if I got confirmation of fax then they received it and it’s in processing
    2) never received it but it’s ok, they should sometime.
    3) today-10 days later–they only process on Mondays and only showing the letter was sent to me. Whatever happens on Mondays, it will not change for rest of week. Only process on weekends. Can call back but should allow 6-8 weeks.
    So rude to me as well. I guess I should forget ever getting my much needed money.
    Only had obamacare for 5 mos and didn’t even use it. Paid for nothing and not getting my money. So ready for this to be over!!! I hope everyone else is having better luck.

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    Houston here, been trying to fax all this $(&* to 855-204-5020 several times and it’s not going through. Anyone have any suggestions? I just want my money this is ridiculous!

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    Hi I have a question about this situation and was wondering if anyone can help? I also received a letter needing me to send this info and it says to include a newly computed page 2 of your tax return with your original signatures. I need help with that part. Can u download and print that page off of the IRS website and fill outa new one? Or do u have to get in touch with your tax prepare to get the same one that was already sent to the IRS and just correct it? And also does it matter if the form is filled in by hand or does it need to be done on a computer and printed? And where is says “with original signatures” does that mean it has to be the exact same page 2 that the IRS already received and that was already signed? Or does it just mean that when filing out a new form that u sign and the signatures have to match the form the IRS already has?

    Sorry for so many questions! I just got a little confused about that part. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    I filed on the 16th of January, accepted on the 19th. Received a letter regarding 8962 on the 29th of January. Faxed the information on the 1st of February to the reject ICO .
    All of my bars went away on Feb. 5 but I can order 1 transcript.

    I can now order both transcripts and WMR states that ill get my return by the 18th. Account updates on Fridays and wheres my refund updates Saturday. At least for me.

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    @sara I’m in Houston, Tx the fax# I got is 855-204-5020

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    Ok so update on my previons post.
    Filed 1/7
    Accepted 1/13
    Recieved letter 2/1
    Faxed info 2/2
    Got second bar today (2/11) with dad of 2/21
    Hang in there it doesn’t take as long as they say.

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    Can someone provide the fax number for TX?

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    Same with me, received request for 1095a, page 2 of newly computed 1040a + 8962…faxed today. Waiting game again ughh

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    For everyone that faxed there info, do you have the number for Chicago?

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    can someone give me the fax for VA

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    Ms. Lmg

    Hi everyone I spoke with irs today too and found out that I have to submit these forms but never received a letter. So frustrating waiting on money that was never coming. If I had not called irs today, I’ll still be waiting on wmr to update.

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    My bars disappeared just yesterday 2/8. I still can’t order either account or return transcripts.

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    Can any of you order your transcript? I can order one of mine. Also my where’s my refund bars disappeared.

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    I faxed my info off the same day i got the letter 2/1 and as of 2/2 I could order my account transcript. I am thinking that is a good sign as I could not access it before. I am really wondering if we are looking at 2,3, 6, or 8 weeks this is just frustrating. My amount went up 542 but I would gladly pay the penalty for no insurance just to not have to wait but not an option. This is insane

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    Same thing for me. Filed 1/7,accepted 1/13,bars went missing 1/31., I had heard for some people when bars go missing they need to verify identity. I called my tax preparer and they said that was not true and everything looked fine. When I got home 2/1 I received the letter to fax in my 1095a,8962 and recalculated page 2 of 1040. I faxed them in on 2/2. I called 2/5 to see if I could find out whether the fax was received or not.The lady was very nice but said there was no way to know.I told her I was having issues with my fax machine and she told me if I thought it did not come I could send it again but it’s up to me. I have seen a few people from last year that got their refund in 2 or 3 weeks,even less but some it took months. I think it is ridiculous because after I did the forms they owed me more money.Keep the extra money and don’t make me wait 8 weeks.

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    Thanks for the update. I’ve noticed a few people saying it takes about two weeks. I sent mine on Monday. Not sure if they are still being processed since the IRS systems are down. I know they aren’t receiving any new returns but what about the returns they already received. I guess only time will tell.

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    I just received the same letter yesterday & faxed everything in today. I posted this info on the home page and someone commented back that it doesn’t usually take 6-8 wks as stated, but more like 3 wks. I guess I’ll know it’s being processed once I have to enter in my new tax refund amount on WMR?

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    I just called the IRS because now I can’t even attempt to order my transcript and they said their system is down. I can only imagine that this will delay everything even more.

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    *now disappeared

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    I recieved same letter on 1/26/16 Faxed same day 8962+1095a and page 2 corrected 1040.
    Bars have no disappeared. Im not waiting 6 weeks to get my money. Time to take action

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    I’m going through this too…just faxed the required forms

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