Faxed 1095-a and 8962

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    Have not seen this thread so far, so I figured I would start one and keep each other updated!

    I was an early filer. I received a letter 1/27 needing my 1095-a and form 8962. Faxed both this past monday, 2/3.

    Had no bars, tax topic 152 and refund is still being processed since last saturday.

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    So IRS is returning tomorrow? This situation is DEF MISSION CRITICAL!

    I will post if I ever get an update, I feel like I never will after waiting so long!

    I hate TT, they are manipulative and greedy

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    BTW when you actually do get your Refunds

    Be kind enough to reply to this post so others will know what is going on. Kills me how people get on posts to complain and then don’t reply back with results . Remember you were in this boat one day before, too !!!


    You see where selfishness misinformation and being vague from the Highest Ranks has gotten our Country TODAY!’

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    In the same boat faced docs on 03/11/20 and
    Transcripts NA
    Still Processing

    IRS is returning to work 04/27/20
    and OUR situations have been deemed “Mission Critical “. And all those who replies to correspondence will be processed.

    Be patient- Stay Positive- Could be so much worse.

    God is good.

    Be well and stay safe out there.


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    File 1/30
    Faxed 3/6
    Transcripts N/A
    Refund status: your tax return still being processed
    *A refund date will be provided when available

    This is the worst

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    There are a few different offices to fax to I know one is Kansas City and one is Sacramento. So it depends on where you live I believe

    I’ve tried to post 3x before today and it would not post my comments

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    If you look at previous comments WTH I believe faxed documents on 2/26 and received DD on 4/22

    I faxed documents on 3/14 but still no movement

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    If there is still anyone on the forum that had to fax these documents and have successfully received their tax return please respond with the timeframe it took to get your money from date of fax.

    I am trying to see if there is any hope for me

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    Filed 1/30 Faxed 3/3 still processing with no 2019 transcript info This is insanity! Hopefully will hear something soon.

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    Can someone verify fax and mail address to file these two forms

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    I tried faxing my documents on 4/3, and stood at the ups store for over an hour awaiting a busy signal, so I sent them in by certified mail. It was delivered two days later. They say physically mailing docs takes longer, but at this point, what does it matter.

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    Submitted returns to TA via fax, 3 weeks go buy, she calls us talking about how she didn’t receive anything fromHR block.. who the hell said anything about HR block? Total shit show, re faxed today. Terrible, the TA is a moron, sounded high.

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    filed 1/30
    faxed : 3/18
    still processing n/a on transcript it been 5 weeks as now.

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    Anyone having trouble even faxing their 8962 over? I’ve been trying for the past week and each time the number is busy. It’s seeming like my problem won’t be resolved until the IRS opens back up–which i’m guessing won’t be for months, sigh.

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    We have pretty much the same dates. I filed 1/31 and faxed 3/7 no updates no letters in the mail.. nothing I did fax mine to Kansas City so hopefully soon I’ll hear something … at least we all know we will get the refund just have to wait even though it sucks in times like these!

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    Still no update from me either

    Filed 2/1
    Sent documents in 3/5
    Transcripts still say NA

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    Kathie Morgan

    We filed 1/27 found out late February we needed to fax 1095a and 8962. Faxed those in 2/28. No movement. Contacted congressman and refaxed to them and our local tax office. Was assigned a TA on March 20th. We have heard nothing.

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    Filed with TT : 2/4

    IRS received additional documents : 3/14

    WMR: being processed

    I did the tax returns for myself and my sister at the same time (we are both first time taxpayers). I used TT app on my phone and hrblock website for my sister tax returns. I ddint know that i had to send in 8962 and 1095 and turbo tax did not tell me to do so. Hrblock sent both forms with my sister’s returns and she received the refund on 2/22 / stimulus check on 4/15.

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    It was 7 weeks after facto government that my transcripts updated. Today was DD FINALLY

    I didn’t receive stimulus for my new dependent. But I believe irs is sending a letter about correcting.

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    Yes, I filed with TT, but I mailed in the corrected forms myself, as the Fax was busy for an hour when I went to fax the documents so…the letter I received from the IRS was dated March 26, so its possible it was being worked on by somebody from home, as it was already in the system..

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    Did you file with TT?

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    Well I guess I’m screwed, as I Filed 2/20, received letter 4/3, mailed docs to Fresno processing 4/4, confirmed delivery receipt 4/6 and nada since. My corrected paperwork is probably sitting on a desk in Fresno.

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    JJ Wilder

    For the newer posts:

    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/30
    No Bars 2/12
    Letter 3/5
    Faxed Docs 3/13

    Nothing. Nada. Zero. 6 weeks since fax, 13 weeks since filing.
    Also no stimulus for new dependent.

    WTH situation only hope the rest of us have.
    Fax was to Sacramento which will be the last place to open I am sure.

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    What is the difference between it saying being processed and still processing?

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    E file on Feb 20,2020 fax 1095a and 896 March 25 2020 wmr Your Tax Return Is Still Being Processed been like that for almost 2 month now

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    @wth did you ever receive money via DD?

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    I filed February 9th , faxed the letter in on March 21st still no update , on wmr it has been saying processing since before I even recieved the letter from the irs

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    Angel G.

    I was told by my TA that there are some agents working from home but because I needed to fax in information to them, it wouldn’t be processed until offices open back up. A huge disappointment. She said she was hoping offices would open within the next 30 days so returns can be updated & processed.

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    You’re welcome!

    Hopefully it’s soon for those still waiting.

    I’m not waiting on the stimulus letter from the IRS so that I can get $ for my dependent that was not included

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    Ok good, so there still is hope I will see this return before I file for next years! Lol.. i was starting to think that maybe my fax didn’t go through the first time. Thanks for the info!

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    Yes I was on still processing, blank transcripts and all.

    Then one day (Friday), my transcripts updated with a refund date.
    Then that next day (Saturday) it was updated on wmr

    Even with everyone saying they are closed, itrs site says they are still working through. And I had the works, EITC, new child, 401k breaks just a lot was happening. And I received the expected amount.

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    WTH has been posting for a while like many of us and they just had an update on WMR this past Sat I believe. So I’m hoping the IRS is still working on refunds that were in ERROR RESOLUTION

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    I’m glad im not the only one dealing with all of this! I filed on 2/1, got a letting on 3/3 saying the needed 8962 form and 1095a. Faxed that in 3/10. Still nothing. Transcripts saying N/A and the part under wages i think it was said there isn’t anything of file. So frustrating. Has anyone got through to anyone?

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    I files 01/31/2020
    got the letter saying i need to fax 8962 2/27
    faxed in 03/01

    And still haven’t heard anything still says “Processing”

    are people still receiving their refunds during the pandemic or is it delayed?

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    Hey @WTH did your account transcript say your refund date you received before everything updated? Just wondering since you received yours recently.

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    JJ Wilder

    WMR says incorrect info again this morning.

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    Im glad to hear it said still processing and not being processed because that is what mine has said since the start. Gives me hope that i mean see mine next week. Fingers crossed. Thank you!
    I have the same fax date. I originally filed end of january and was accepted. Hopefully we get an update this saturday like WTH did. Since they had the same fax date as us.

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    It said still processing
    Transcripts were N/a everyday UNTIL they weren’t
    Trust me, I was convinced I was never going to see an update

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    Keep hope alive

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    @lane. Mine is blank other than the date of April 27,2020 as well.

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    @Lane. Mine is the exact same.. April 27,2020 but no amount or anything listed

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    JJ Wilder

    Lane. All 2019 is NA except Wage and Income for me.

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    Does everyone’s Account Transcript and Wage & Income Transcript show 2019 with nothing else? But my Account Transcript does have as of April 27, 2020. Are the Return Transcript and Record of Account Transcript showing N/A as well?

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    I filed 2/2/20 accepted same day. Then had to fax 1095 did so on 2/29/20. Still processing. #152 topic. Anyone have an DDD yet? I’m sick of hearing be patient. Yet, they have lines open to make payments, set up payments. Smh. Worked for that refund. It’s not free.

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    I faxed mine the same day as @WTH . 2/29. Still no update. @WTH did wmr say being processed or still being processed before you got a DDD?
    Glad to hear things are moving for people. Hopefully that means next week. Who knows anymore.

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    @WTH…That is so awesome. This gives me hope.

    I filed on 2/5 with Turbo Tax and faxed on 3/4 so not much later than you did. I hope this is an indication that I will get an update soon. Its been almost 7 weeks.

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    WMR updated yesterday (Saturday)
    DDD 4/22
    A day before my birthday 🙌🏾
    For those wondering
    Filed 2/1
    Everything was Faxed 2/29

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    I faxed my forms in 3/16 and confirmed it was received by irs before the lockdown. So I am assuming that if we faxed in anytime before the lockdown, it will be processed eventually.

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    Filed early Feb
    **received notice for 1095A and 8962 due to my ex husband claiming credit for my **sons insurance, which i didn’t know about…
    Faxed on Feb 20
    Status changed to still processing on wmr
    Still waiting….
    Not sure if they are working on it cuz of all the stimulus payments??

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    Congratulations WTF

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    Payment 4/22 just like my transcript says.

    Class action needs to be started, I just don’t know if it’s feasible with shutdowns.

    Please don’t close this page….will need it for reference

    Thank God, they are continuing to work on ours, just hang in there.

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    I’ll definitely keep you all updated. I’m assuming wmr will update later (Saturday)

    Under wage and income it still shows “ no record filed”

    But the other transcripts shows a refund date

    I was convinced I’d had to wait until social distancing was over and error dept was closed. I checked my transcripts like everyday expecting to see NA…but to my surprise.
    Thank goodness

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    @WTH that’s great news! I’m glad they are working on it. Did your where’s my refund update too? If it updates tomorrow will you let ya know please? I’m happy for you!!

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    That’s awesome, happy you finally got an update. I just checked my transcript and it’s still blank. You faxed your info a couple weeks before me but at least that means their still working on refunds that were in error resolution dept. will you update as to whether you get your refund on 4/22


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    My transcript has updated and shows a date of 4/27 in one spot but says no return filled still.

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    As you know
    Filed 2/1
    Received letter 2/24
    Faxed 2/29
    Transcript UPDATED today! 4/17 almost 7 weeks later
    With a return date 4/22

    Whew, that was agonizing!

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    I have similar issue. Filed 2/14 faxed 3/19 and with people working from home, I don’t know when they will get the faxed documents uploaded into the system for processing.

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    Amar Gilmore

    What is the fax number?

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    I’ve been reading, when the IRS fails to pay out in time, the amount oWed would accrue interest. XX👀. Anyone read this?

    #4412904 Reply


    Ohhhh thanks j

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    Has anyone had any updates? I’m still processing. I see some have status changes. My IRS transcript is still blank and two sections only show 2018.

    #4411866 Reply


    Since I’m processing still 2/1- they also went off of 2018. My baby was born in 2019. So i was shorted too

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    JJ Wilder

    4.15 Original Tax Day

    #4411574 Reply


    @JJWILDER what does 4.15 mean?

    #4411586 Reply

    JJ Wilder

    Everything back to normal. Fax sitting on a desk. Money in June,thanks for the lousy $1200 since they haven’t recorded my daughter born in 2019

    #4410940 Reply

    JJ Wilder

    Refiling rejected. So much for the they cleared the cache theory.
    I think it has something to do with 4.15

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    Same filed/accepted 01/28 got letter early feb while traveling so faxed back 02/24 and same still processing since then…… now it is not a match WTF

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    JJ Wilder

    I also getting a do not match error. Filed 1.29, faxed docs on 3.13

    Using this opp to try to submit again E-file.

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    Update on my end. The State took what I owed them because of Turbo Tax. I barely survived because stimulus came into my account. Aparrently, there’s something in the program that sets a date to pay the bill, if you have any. I talked to my State’s revenue dept. They said they couldn’t stop the payment. I barely dodged a bullet. No word on my return. Filed 2/10 – accepted same day. Sent letter 1095a on March 3rd sent docs around March 7th. No updates. Just FYI on that last part.

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    This is whack

    What are the chances I cant log in to irs2go because my refund amount changed and it’s processing and not that the app is just messed up lol. Faxed late 3/17. Tt wouldn’t refund me either.

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    Where’s my refund now says information does not match.

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    They screwed us all! Im still waiting on my check since 1/27. This isn’t fair.

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    I sent in my forms March 18 and still nothing for me, mine still says processing. I tried contacting IRS customer service but no ones answering. I don’t know how to get in contact about my refund. I checked now but My account is now saying that the info I entered does not match after weeks of saying it was processing. This is crazy.

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    #4407282 Reply



    They have men updating. It’s been doing it to everyone a lot lately. Still no changes for me. I heard irs returns to offices on may 4. So I’m prepared to know I’ll get mine after that

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    My account is now saying that the info I entered does not match after weeks of saying it was processing. Maybe its a good thing or maybe they just lost my stuff.

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