Faxed 1095-a and 8962

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    Have not seen this thread so far, so I figured I would start one and keep each other updated!

    I was an early filer. I received a letter 1/27 needing my 1095-a and form 8962. Faxed both this past monday, 2/3.

    Had no bars, tax topic 152 and refund is still being processed since last saturday.

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    @GGirl do you mind sharing what it says? I’m still waiting on mine to get here.

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    Haven’t posted in over a month, wanted to check hoping everyone else had finally gotten there refunds. I got mine 8/8, but I was very persistent with tax advocate. I sincerely hope people that are still waiting get their refunds very soon. I think I’m not alone when saying 2020 has been a shit year

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    Luis Duenas

    Anyone lucky today? Did anyone’s transcripts update?

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    @Luis, I finally got the phone, went to register– they rejected the debit card number I was trying to use, I guess they don’t take debit cards. so now, I waited all the time for this phone, and I still can’t access electronically. I went ahead and requested a 2019 account transcript by mail as long as that’s back up but that’s going to take 5 to 10 days. I e-filed in late jan through tax preparer, faxed to Kansas city like 3/11, STILL being processed, have TA and sent info to state rep

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    I finally got it!!!! Have no idea what it means lol

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    I am 😔 and the WMR website says 30 days and I believe our 30 days is coming up soon

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    Anybody still waiting on the letter from the IRS requesting more information?

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    Luis Duenas


    I access my transcripts everyday and no update. Hope you get your phone too hopefully you get it by Friday since Friday’s and tuesdays are days that transcripts update so let’s hope we know something by that time

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    @Luis, my situation is very similar to yours, I faxed to KC also, I am still waiting. I have no way at the moment to check tax transcripts because I have no cell phone. I finally went ahead and ordered a cell phone to check the transcripts, I am waiting for the cell phone to arrive now.

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    Luis Duenas

    I called to see if there were any errors or anything and they said it shows nothing like that so…what’s going on

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    Luis Duenas

    I filed January 25!!! Faxed March 15 got my letter late, and still nothing I faxed in numerous times. And they said wait up to 8 weeks from August 1 this is the seventh week on Saturday I called and they said to continue to wait. I can’t imagine the people that faxed later than me. I faxed to Kansas City and nothing even though some people from KS gotten theirs already

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    FINALLY got my refund!! It was deposited this morning.
    It was short the interest but on my wmr it says I’ll get it by the 21st. Glad this is over. Wish you all get yours soon!

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    Anyways get any updates, I’m in MASS!?

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    Amen @Dee77 I have given up hope

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    Thank you for that information! Congratulations!!

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    I’m from NC faxed to Utah 3/19 & 6/15.
    Filed 2/14
    Transcripts updated 9/4
    WMR updated 9/12
    Deposit date 9/16

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    Luis Duenas

    Getting updates it gets overwhelming and now that some people have errors and are JUST now getting letters to fix…let’s suppose we fix them then send them back then they take 3-4 weeks to correct them then imagine waiting up to another 8 weeks for your refund ridiculous

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    Luis Duenas

    I faxed to Kansas City, called again today to have a lady be really rude and I asked her what I had to do after I have waited after 8 weeks and she responded with “idk I can’t see the future” Lol wtf who they have working on our stuff…no help what’s so eveR. After seeing everyone

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    From Florida.
    Filed 2/1
    Faxed 3/5

    No change in transcripts since no filed letter

    Got a tax advocate who faxed an inquiry in the 8th of September

    Got a letter today dated September 10th that they resent my 8962 to the errors and resolution department and that is will take 45 days for them to contact me but 4-6 weeks until I either get my return or hear from them. This is BULL SHIT.

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    What the hell are they doing in Utah 🤦🏽‍♀️

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    We get these random success posts here and there but it seems everyone who faxed to Utah is still waiting.

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    Is anyone from NC that faxed to Utah still waiting?I faxed to Utah March 22.I called the IRS to receive no help.

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    Luis Duenas

    Lucky you guys

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    Finally got a uo date from Utah faxed paper work march 25 with dd date of this week

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    My sent in my 1095A form with my 8962 form in March. I checked WMR site today and finally my money will be here 9/16/20. I also recieved interest onto of my original amount owed to me. Hope everyone gets theirs soon.

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    Luis Duenas


    Mine is as if April 22 account

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    Filed 2/6
    Faxed 3/10 & refaxed 7/11
    Never got a tax advocate.
    Transcripts updated 9/4 with 570 code & 971 code without the 846 code as of date of 9/21
    & today 9/11 updated and got the 846 code!
    Refund date- 9/16!! FINALLY!!

    I’m from California
    Good luck everyone!!

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    i just went to check transcripts and NADA! UGH! Still have the Non Filer letter as well as “AS OF May 11, 2020” on account transcripts. SAME OL’ Stinkin Same Ol’

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    @CW that is great news for me as I filed 02/28 and sent fax to Utah after getting letter in mid february.. faxed around 02/23. Maybe that means things are finally moving along in the land of the salt lakes

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    Filed Feb 28. I called because I always get my refund with 9 or 10 days. I never received the letter requesting the insurance forms they said they sent so I faxed to Utah without the letter on March 23rd. My transcript finally updated last Friday with the 570 971 code but no 846 code. This morning transcript updated with the 846 code Sept 16th with interest added on. Needless to say Turbo Tax will never be used again.

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    I filed on 2/20 and faxed my 1095-A and 8962 on 3/31 to Utah sadly after the IRS had already closed. I was finally able to get through to a human using the IRS phone number and was told I should receive my refund on 9/16. I forgot to ask about my stimulus payment, but checked the Get My Payment portal and it was updated to the 16th as well. So glad this is coming to an end.

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    It\’s me

    @Luis Duenas
    March 18th I believe

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    Assuming all of you making progress did not fax to Utah??

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    Will do!

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    Me too glad I’m not in this alone lol but my tax advocate called me and im under the impression we have to sign a paper and send it back So I have hope we will eventually get that money owed to us that was short

    Keep me posted!

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    No still waiting…. 😔

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    I was wondering if you’ve received your letter from the IRS

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    Update: I do have DDD – September 10.

    It won’t show on the WMR app but does on the website.

    Hang in there guys. I thought I’d never see a change or at least not till the end of the month and I finally got my DDD.

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    I FINALLY got an update.

    WMR updated Saturday morning with that long notice about the changes to my refund. I should have it by September 15, but there isn’t a DDD listed yet. It just says “refund approved,” not “refund sent” yet.

    Filed and Accepted 2/3
    Faxes 3/15 to Kansas City
    Never did get a TA
    WMR updated September 5

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    They they they they !!!! details come on!

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    @Luis I have it . Basically non filer notice since they are still apparently getting the sniffles at the IRS

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    Filed 02/04
    Faxed 03/13 & 06/25
    Then finally on 09/05 wmr finally updated with a dd of 09/10.

    Glad it’s almost over

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    Luis Duenas

    I’m just curious on who else’s transcript is there a star by the year 2019??

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    Luis Duenas


    No freaking way!!! Another 8 weeks??! When did you send the papers in??

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    It’s me

    They confirmed they had everything, told me to wait another 8 weeks. Grr

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    It’s me

    Still nothing. We’re in Maryland.. Filed 2/2, sent in 1095/8962 to KC on March 16th. Guess I have to make some phone calls. Completely out of patience at this point.

    Would you guys recommend the speaking to a rep, getting an advocate, or contacting my worthless Congressman’s office?

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    Luis Duenas

    How the heck do you contact a congressman if most times I can’t even get a hold of the irs representatives

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    I filed 2/6
    Faxed 1095-a & 8962 3/11
    Re-faxed 7/11

    FINALLY transcripts updated today or yesterday!!!
    (9/4 or 9/5)

    As of date 9/21

    WMR has not updated. Hopefully we all get our refunds soon!!!

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    Hey everyone
    Filed February
    Sent in 3/17 & 6/30
    I contacted a congressman for my state on 9/1, I’m from NC and use Tom Tillis.

    As of this morning my WMR updated for me with a date of September 15th. Not sure if timing was just right or if Congressman got it done.. either way FINNALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Code 766 acknowledges you submitted your return. … Code 570 means additional account action pending.

    #4435163 Reply


    Where did you fax to and where are you from?

    #4435147 Reply


    @Lane no did you?

    #4435146 Reply


    Anyone received code 766?

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    Still nada here…live in GA and faxed to Utah 02/23 with congressman contacted back in late June.

    #4435140 Reply


    Everything updated today for us.

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    My transcripts updated today!!
    Faxed Utah
    Filed- 2/14
    Faxed- 3/19 & 6/15
    As of date- 9/21
    Good luck

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    @joyce I have almost exact same but I faxed 23rd! Utah is moving awful slow it seems!

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    I was told the samething and the Next day transcripts updated with a refund date and WMR updated that Saturday. Good luck! 👍🏾

    And I hope everyone gets updates soon!

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    Congrats to everyone who has gotten their refund so far.

    Still waiting here. Nothing yet.

    I’m still hopeful because last time I spoke to someone at the IRS they said 6-8 weeks from August 1. We’re halfway there.

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    Luis Duenas

    faxed to Utah on March 21st
    I live in Maryland

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    Just got off the phone with IRS. I faxed to KC on March 18th. They said my fax was processed today. She thinks it is being processed and to give it 1-3 weeks.

    #4435121 Reply

    Luis Duenas

    Too bad we still have to pay taxes on that interest

    #4435120 Reply

    Luis Duenas

    Where did you send fax?

    Congrats @tevzer

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    finally got my refund today plus $110 interest

    #4435113 Reply


    Filed Jan 28th
    Faxed in forms Feb.24tg
    As of today NOTHING

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    Yes hopefully

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    Thank you for that info! I would have never known to do that… I sent a message today via his website, hopefully someone will contact me soon and we can get the ball rolling to get us our taxes!

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    Thank you for the advice!Now I’m starting to see a lil movement from NC whom faxed to Utah around the same time is a good sign.if I don’t get an update this wked I will call them next wk!Thanks again!✌🏽

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    I efiled through tax preparer in late january, faxed 1095/8962 in mid-march to kansas city, “still processing,” got tax advocate in mid-kuly

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    Have you spoken to anyone ever at IRS that confirmed that they saw your documents in the system? If not, I would suggest refaxing. Hope
    That helps, although I got an advocate, I re-faxed prior to getting an advocate and they did confirm it was received when I did.

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    @CarlyM if you are in NC, I contacted Tom Tillis’s office via his website. There is a form to give consent and a young lady named Emily K. Responded the next day and went to work. Took about 3.5 weeks from contact to seeing transcripts. Hope this helps.

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    Congratulations!! How did u get a tax advocate? Do u happen to have a number by any chance.

    #4435008 Reply


    thanks a lot

    today my wmr updated as well.

    code 846 states September 03
    wmr “You should receive your notice and the balance of your refund by September 8, 2020”
    i guess i should expect it by September 3rd right?

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    Congratulations @MGK @Tevzer Utah was the worse!

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