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Faxed 1095-a and 8962

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    Have not seen this thread so far, so I figured I would start one and keep each other updated!

    I was an early filer. I received a letter 1/27 needing my 1095-a and form 8962. Faxed both this past monday, 2/3.

    Had no bars, tax topic 152 and refund is still being processed since last saturday.

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    My wmr updated, but still just says processing.


    So I’ve been watching this page for awhile and was wondering if anyone’s has got there taxes yet my wmr update December 12th


    same for me, transcripts have not updated either


    Still no refund.


    My wmr updated also…


    WMR updated so hopefully this means good news.



    My WMR updated to the same status as yours but my transcript did not and still shows non filer. Hope this means refunds coming soon!


    Finally my transcripts updated yesterday and WMR updated today with the message “we have received your tax return and it is being processed….”. Hopefully will get a DD soon! 🤞🏻Hang in there everyone! Faxed forms in March and they had me fax again in June.


    No updates for me. I’ve pretty much given up hope. I’ll hope for a better tax year 2020🥴🙄😡


    I called yesterday and they pretty much told me the same thing. They seen where ive sent stuff in back in march and with the last letter I got was back in September and 60 days was up. She couldn’t figure out why there is still a hold up with it and same ole same ole wait another 60 days! I am over it also !! This whole year has been complete mess


    I called today, because I received a letter late October which said they owed me more than I was originally owed and I should get my refund in 4-6 weeks. Never did. Today, they said my refund was still being held and they weren’t sure why and it was over the time that they should be holding it. Anyone ever deal with this? I don’t get it. Apparently they sent a referral to that department to release it and it could take another 2 months. I give up.


    We filed in January and got the letter for 8862 in Early Februaury and faxed our papers on February 17th. We still have not heard anything. WMR still shows processing with tax topic 152. Our transcripts still say no return filed. The 17th of this month will be 10 months we have been waiting. I have no idea what to do and now I worry we won’t even get it. Has anyone else been waiting this long with absolutely no updates?


    Transcripts finally updated for 7/22 Calfornia
    No interest added.


    @Dee77 I live in VA and no, I didn’t receive any interest.


    @Dee77 I live in VA & nope, no interest received.


    My WMR status had been still processing until 2 weeks ago when it changed to is being processed. I was in still processing for exactly 8 months. Hopefully I update soon with a DDD.


    Alex, I am the same. Laughing at the fact that we will likely get our 2021 in just a couple short months from now!


    I just got a status update that I’ll get my refund on Dec 2nd and I filed originally in January with faxing 1095 A in February


    What does it mean when the rep says “I see an adjustment has been made”


    Just checked my transcripts. 846 code refund issues 11-25-20. Sitting here crying.


    Same chelsss


    I have been waiting since Februaury. Nothing has updated and when i talked to the IRS in June they said they recieved my fax but have not been able to talk to anyone since then. Every single day i check WMR and it says your tax return is still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available and still showing tax topic 152. Transcrpits still show no tax return filed.. 😭😭


    Literally nothing. Filed February 1st. Can’t get the reps or the advocate to reach out to me. We have emailed them 10 times over the course of the last 2 months since being assigned an advocate


    I had nov 12 date on transcripts and WMR said refund by nov 17th. I used Chime so Two days early which was TODAY! I love chime!!!


    Holy sheet! I checked my transcripts and they are updated! I have an “as of: Nov 23” date, but my WMR is not updated yet. Is that the day I should get it then?


    Congratulations!!Everyone else hang in there..You’re almost at the end!


    WMR HAS UPDATED!!! With new total being higher than expected plus interest! Praying everyone is getting updates!


    Finally some good news this morning. My TA called me today and informed me that I have dd next week. My transcripts populated on the 26 for the first time and updated today with refund and interest. Hope everyone gets their refund soon 🙏


    Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are new here as we are all in the same boat! I am persistent so I have been all over this from day 1! I am happy to help make you feel better if needed ha ha


    @DEE77 🙃🙃🙃🙃 so close yet still seems far away. ! Thanks for checking in!!! Maybe tomorrow it will happen!!!!!

    To the rest waiting, congressman office can’t really help much with pushing the IRS but they can help communicate for you! I wanted confirmation that they did have my fax so I wasn’t just waiting to wait! Hang In there as I filed 01/28 and faxed to Utah 02/23. Transcripts updated last Friday before Halloween with confirmation that I would have DD this week.


    Keep your eyes open!!🙏🏾💪🏾✌🏽


    I found out why my refund isn’t posted yet. I’ve been audited 😂😂😂😂 and have to show proof that my son is my son…. 2020 is one hell of a year


    I’m still waiting on mine! I’ve given up at this point. I will just wait for next years tax return! I spoke to my tax advocate 3 weeks ago for the first time. He is useless and no help at all. His words “if you haven’t heard from us, we have no information for you.” He couldn’t tell me anything. I’ve contacted my congressman he just keeps saying I will talk to my liaison and I never hear back from him.


    I don’t believe any of you are real people. Lol. I give up it is never coming. Its almost time to file again.


    Finally got refund Friday


    How do we know if what we posted went through?


    @Dee77 My big concern now is that we moved (not too far and within same county) back in May and last year for some reason i did not get a DD when I was supposed to like every year before. Instead they mailed me a check and now I am seeing old address on updated transcripts! Nobody has moved into the old home so if needed I can check that mailbox daily!
    Thanks for your positivity!!! It has helped so much during all [email protected]


    Stay positive it’s coming!I learned that when I stopped worrying about it that’s when it finally came!It was in my account before wmr updated,so keep a closer eye on your bank account.💪🏾🙏🏾✌🏽


    Dee77 I totally agree! What a year! Of course there is still time for them to lock it down again before I get my DD ha ha so I am still sweating it! Praying that the floodgates open for all our peeps on here!!!! I will keep y’all updated!


    It’s been a long time coming!! Congratulations!!!I hope everyone’s nightmare is over soon!!!


    Looks like transcripts finally updated also! If you haven’t contacted your congressman’s office and are in the dark I recommend highly!


    OMG FINALLY some news! From my congressman office in Georgia! I faxed to Utah in late Feb

    I hope you are doing well. I spoke to my liaison this morning. The IRS took all necessary action on your case on the 26th. It may take up 10 ten business days to have the system update. It looks like your refund will go out next week. I do not have a firm date yet. I am scheduled to hear back from my liaison again on November 6th. If I should hear something before then, I will be in touch with you.


    @staying positive thank you but I’m not getting to excited yet money hasn’t landed in my account after all this and everything I was told I’ll believe it when it actually happens

    Staying positive

    @Millie Congratulations on your refund. We just re faxed info to kc last week, hope this helps us, been waiting here since early Feb, gotten 3 of the 60 day letters! This has just been the worst.


    Wmr updated over night we finally have a ddd for November 4th


    I’ve not check my transcripts

    Luis Duenas


    Did your transcripts update?


    @seabbxyz I faxed to KC Missouri


    @millie did you fax Utah or KC or??


    Called this morning because they said to call today if we did not get refund or letter by Friday. She said it was sent to processing this morning she said it’s taking 2 weeks but they have to tell everyone 2-4 weeks so 🤞🏻That the wait is almost over will post once we receive it

    Luis Duenas


    I think that you need to call I think it was a mistake from them because when they update they need to update everything else


    @Luis Duenas no, my account transcript did update. It just has everything zeroed out with an As of October 19th date. It appeared 2 weeks ago.

    Luis Duenas


    Ohhh alright yeah that means they haven’t updated yet


    @Luis Duenas No my transcripts still say as of October 19th and they are blank everywhere else

    Luis Duenas

    Congrats! When is your deposit date? And where did you fax?


    FILED 2/6
    FAXED 3/18 & 8/6
    WMR 10/24
    The end is near people, I hope everyone’s gets a update soon!

    Luis Duenas


    Are you serious? So wmr has not updated for you? Wow so I’m guessing there’s still more waiting for me then ugh


    @Luis Duenas mine had October 19th 2020 and nothing has updated at all :/

    Luis Duenas

    Can anyone help me understanding the notice issue part of your transcript? Gives me a date of November 9 is that the day that it will process or??

    Luis Duenas

    Guys!! Whoever sent to Kansas look at your transcripts finally mine updated this morning!!! My wmr doesn’t show anything but on my transcripts it shows by November 9 finally wait is almost over


    ‭1 (800) 829-0582‬
    Ext 652
    ‭1 (866) 682-7451
    Ext 568
    Are the numbers I’ve called and got through but wait time is pretty long so be ready to hold for 60 mins plus


    @Millie what number are you using to get ahold of someone? We can’t get through on any line


    Still nothing if I don’t have money or letter Friday I’m suppose to call Monday to put another referral in it’s been 9months for us


    @Shottyb not the case for me. We’ve just given up hope. Our tax advocate won’t call us back. We’ve relentlessly emailed and called our district representative. There’s nothing else we can do.


    Soooooo quiet on here! Hoping that means everyone is done for this crazy year and deposits are dropping!!!!


    BTW reduced schedule appears to mean that this important agent at the UTAH office is working ONE day per week. FRIDAY! WOW just WOW


    I asked the congressman’s office if I needed to go to my senator or not!

    “Good morning, Mr.xxxxxxxx

    I hope you are doing well. I will be more than happy to check on the status of your claim with the IRS. My liaison is on a reduced schedule for the reminder of the year. If you would like, please contact me on Friday so I can get an update for you as to what is going on. This has been pending for far too long.”


    @Tom 800-829-0922


    @luis D

    Yes, the first time was August 1 and to wait the 8 weeks from that date. Then I called again and the women told me I should have an update 9/26 if not to call back 9/28. I called then the male representative said I just have to wait

    Luis Duenas


    See I was told to wait 8 weeks from September 11 and nothing has updates on transcripts or wmr so I feel like if your transcripts updated you should have yours sooner. Only goes to explain that the representatives are being told to say whatever at this point every time I call and I call a million times they always tell me to wait 8 weeks from that day I call. The first time was back in August


    Filed 2/6
    Letter in the mail 3/18
    Faxed 3/18
    Faxed again in August
    *Transcripts UPDATED over the Weekend*
    WMR stills says processing
    I Called a lot and finally on Friday the representative told me they had finally processed my return on October 8 and that I would have to wait the 8 weeks from that date. I’m just happy the wait is almost over, 9 months later… Hoping all of you out there get your updates soon.


    Anyone getting ddd without wrm updating


    YoungMr – What phone number were you using to contact the IRS about your refund status or update?


    Thanks Dee77!!! I sure could use it right now!


    Your day is near!!!

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