Faxed 1095-a and 8962

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    Have not seen this thread so far, so I figured I would start one and keep each other updated!

    I was an early filer. I received a letter 1/27 needing my 1095-a and form 8962. Faxed both this past monday, 2/3.

    Had no bars, tax topic 152 and refund is still being processed since last saturday.

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    JJ Wilder

    Refiling rejected. So much for the they cleared the cache theory.
    I think it has something to do with 4.15

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    Same filed/accepted 01/28 got letter early feb while traveling so faxed back 02/24 and same still processing since then…… now it is not a match WTF

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    JJ Wilder

    I also getting a do not match error. Filed 1.29, faxed docs on 3.13

    Using this opp to try to submit again E-file.

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    Update on my end. The State took what I owed them because of Turbo Tax. I barely survived because stimulus came into my account. Aparrently, there’s something in the program that sets a date to pay the bill, if you have any. I talked to my State’s revenue dept. They said they couldn’t stop the payment. I barely dodged a bullet. No word on my return. Filed 2/10 – accepted same day. Sent letter 1095a on March 3rd sent docs around March 7th. No updates. Just FYI on that last part.

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    This is whack

    What are the chances I cant log in to irs2go because my refund amount changed and it’s processing and not that the app is just messed up lol. Faxed late 3/17. Tt wouldn’t refund me either.

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    Where’s my refund now says information does not match.

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    They screwed us all! Im still waiting on my check since 1/27. This isn’t fair.

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    I sent in my forms March 18 and still nothing for me, mine still says processing. I tried contacting IRS customer service but no ones answering. I don’t know how to get in contact about my refund. I checked now but My account is now saying that the info I entered does not match after weeks of saying it was processing. This is crazy.

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    They have men updating. It’s been doing it to everyone a lot lately. Still no changes for me. I heard irs returns to offices on may 4. So I’m prepared to know I’ll get mine after that

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    My account is now saying that the info I entered does not match after weeks of saying it was processing. Maybe its a good thing or maybe they just lost my stuff.

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    A lawyer needs to be contacted to see if there’s a legitimate case which I think there is. I’ll look for one and repost. It’s so unfair over 10 weeks waiting cuz TT sucks. They make millions of dollars off people that can legitimately file for free too. If you use them once they make it seem so easy to import all your previous years info but for people with 1095-a’s we got screwed even more

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    We were all screwed! How do we pursue a class action lawsuit against them ?

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    I believe it means no one has worked on your return because mine is the same way and wmr says still being processed smh

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    So if my account transcript for 2019 is showing in the transactions as “no tax return filed” even though I filed 1/27/20, what does that mean?

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    faxed 3/13 still nothing

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    Yeah I thought it would do more harm them good so I didn’t touch anything. I did fax in my forms 3/16 but still no return

    I want to look into a lawsuit as well because they aren’t admitting fault and there are so many tt user that are screwed over now

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    I really want to look into a class action lawsuit against TT. They screwed so many people because their software wasn’t updated. My credit score has dropped so much cuz my credit cards are almost maxed.

    I’ve been working with a woman from my state representatives office since last week. I’ve just given her all my info and signed a release hopefully she’ll be able to do something for me

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    I wouldn’t amend your return id fax form 8962 with 1095-a that’s what the letter from the IRS tells you to do.

    TT customer service reps are not tax professionals, one guy tried telling me to check with my bank after I told him repeatedly my return was in error resolution dept. This was before I knew what the problem was. Finally I said ok I’ll check with my bank cuz I was getting no where talking to him

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    When I spoke to a TT representative she suggested I amend my 2019 tax return if there were forms missing but I am afraid to do that since it can take up to 16 weeks. On another forum some said irs workers were sent home and error fax are just sitting in office while few irs workers work from home.

    I keep thinking what if I am in the next update pool and I amend my taxes then get even more screwed

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    Has anyone tried amending their return? Faxing it clearly isn’t getting us our return faster

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    I am currently in the same boat, filed with TT 2/6 and got a letter in the mail from IRS 3/18 to send 8962 and 1095a, I faxed it over that same day and my refund still says its being processed and TT has now charged me.

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    Man I’m glad I’m not the only one. I used TT, filed early received my letter in early February. Faxed my 1095a 8962 forms in early March. Still no update

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    I completely agree! I just can’t believe that this many people are having the same issue, due to their negligence, and yet they take no ownership! None at all.

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    They fed you a bunch of crap.

    Ppl are still receiving their refunds for sure. Maybe that depends on the department. Maybe the rejections team are off but they spoiled still be able to process. This is so archaic if they don’t have access.

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    Spoke with TT and was told this wasn’t their error! If I KNEW I needed to enter my 1095 A information and TT didn’t print me to do so, I should have called. They have no blame in this, WE made the filing error and are still financially responsible for the filing.

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    I spoke with a tax advocate last week. She said all campuses of the IRS was shut down, and won’t be returning to work until end of April/1st of May. She said very few employees actually had the ability to work from home or remotely. She was able to confirm that my forms had been received , but haven’t been touched since.

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    Same 02/24 faxed and last year they sent me a check becuz TT F’d up!

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    I’m in the same boat with TT and the 1095A I mailed my info to the IRS and had them sign for it on March 7 but no movement since then. Let me know if some one starts that class action suit.

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    This blows! I just wish i had some clue what is happening.

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    There’s a Facebook page with people who have been getting updates every Saturday. So there are people who are getting refunds. Another stinger…ppl who are just now filing and receiving refunds in 2 weeks.

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    It’s so unfair and has made me sick. TT should be held accountable for screwing up people’s finances. We PAY them $ to file our taxes and get SCREWED for their negligence

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    Has anyone gotten a refund without WMR updating? Are they still updating with this going on? I faxed my 8962 and 1095 over on 2/29 as well and have seen zero change. Called before they closed they told me nothing! I of course used Turbo tax as well. This wait is hell.

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    This is very ridiculous. The thought that so many people trusted this company, and we are now penalized as a result of. Who knows how long it will really be before IRS employees are back to work, and our returns are processed.

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    Definitely needs to be a class action lawsuit. Everytime I would put in company codes for free or reduced filing, it wouldn’t process.

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    My tax return is literally on a desk waiting to be processed:(

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    I think there should be a class action lawsuit against TT.

    TT has royally screwed up affecting so many people’s finances. I know my credit score has gone down substantially because my credit cards are almost maxed. Have only been able to make minimum payments because I haven’t gotten my refund yet Now I can barely do that

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    I’m beyond pissed, called TurboTax a few weeks ago about a refund and they had the nerve to say I should have waited to file my taxes and they wouldn’t refund me.

    Filed 1/31 how did I know TT software wasn’t up to date to include Form 8962. I’m going to call back but I haven’t had the energy to call yet.

    Been in communication with my state reps office since Wed, and missed a call from TA yesterday.

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    I filed with TT for 8-9 years straight. Never had an issue except for the last two filing years. I heard people say tax slayer is good, and received more $$. I’ll look into them

    Yes I officially sent doc 6 weeks ago, I don’t think I’ll be seeing my money anytime soon tho

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    I’ve been coming here reading posts since my bars disappeared on 2/16.
    This is my first time filing with TT. NEVER had this issue in the past!!!! Will NEVER EVER use them again.

    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/3
    Bars disappeared 2/16 No letter until 3/12
    Faxed form 1095a 3/13
    No movement, I’ve been waiting ever since.

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    Wow 2/29 and still no movement! I’ve seen posts on here that they have faxed after that and supposedly got their refund, wtf!

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    I think the only way would be to amend your tax return but that would probably take longer at this point

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    I tried to go in on TurboTax and resubmit, it allowed me to update forms but doesn’t allow you to “submit” because it was previously submitted. Unfortunately , we just have to wait knowing the money is coming. Frustrating.

    I faxed my docs 2/29

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    Completed Form 8962 and 1095-a along with coversheet

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    What is defile?

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    @Rylee83 What paperwork you had to fax over?

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    I filed through TT on 1/31 and AM STILL WAITING TOO. I have a son and earned income too. I emailed my state rep and someone got back to me a couple days ago. Yesterday I filled out a release so they could look into it. This is not fair! I faxed my paperwork on 3/14 also. When did others fax their paperwork? Just out of curiosity

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    I wonder what would happen if we went in through defile and started from scratch. I was told my documents we’re received, but will not be processed or updated until the IRS returns to work, hopefully the beginning of May. Only certain offices and employees are set up to work remotely.

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    TurboTax finally admitted the system wasn’t ready for 1095a when I spoke to them earlier this week.
    I demanded a refund as they not only pulled the funds but overcharged me

    I also reached out to my congressional office and TAS who will look into my taxes. TAS informed me the IRS is doing little to no updates as they “are working from home”. Hopefully they closed my file before irs closed so they are able to release my funds. TAS said they will try to have an update in 30 days.

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    How many of you guys filed through Turbo Tax? And IF we were filing, claiming dependents, and stated we had health insurance through the market place….. Why didn’t turbo tax have us upload the 1095 a information and fill out form 8962 as part of our tax return? It isn’t our fault! If this had been handled upfront we would have our tax refund. Instead we are on delay, and the IRS is closed.

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    So everyone that is having this same issue, has seemed to file with turbotax. What the heck did they do, to delay everybody this year? I filed 1/27/20, accepted 1/29/20, got a letter first week of march asking for 1095A and 8962 form, faxed it in and as of today it has been 4 weeks with no change to WMR and my transcript for 2019 is N/A. So irritated, i really need those taxes back.

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    I have no updates on WMR. I filed in late January. Recieved the letter on 2/15 sent my forms back on 2/18. And I’m still waiting. This a absolute garbage. I called them on 3/26 and they said they are mailing out a letter on 4/6 explaining what they did. Will TA help. I really need my refund. I will never use turbo tax again. Absolutely frustrating.

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    I filed on 1/31 with TT, faxed info on 3/14
    No update on WMR and transcripts are still blank
    Does emailing your congressman make a difference?
    This is crazy and has been making me sick for 2 months
    Hope everyone is safe and healthy

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    I read on FB people reached out to their local congresswoman/man to help get that extra push. So I emailed this morning. Sunny know what would come of it, while the world is shut down (except for these bills). But I tried. I don’t have a local tax advocate number, so I’m not sure what to do about that.

    Hate to complain but I can really use that few thousand!

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    Ok thanks, I been following you a little on here and know you can’t order transcripts so I just wanted to let you know that maybe you’ll have one too. 😊

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    @justwondering2784 4/9 is a Thursday DDD which is a Sunday update for WMR. Someone stated that to me yesterday. I would check Sunday for a update

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    My transcripts updated over night and WMR still says being processed. I have a 846 code for 4/9

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    @WTH tell me about I’m like idk if I should get a TA or just wait. I been waiting since I filed 2/21 IDV 3/16 been stuck on “we received your tax return and it is being processed” msg. Transcript line recognized new address on Friday but that’s about it. I’m so over this whole entire year

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    @wth same here

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    Another Saturday with no movement.


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    My concern is the IRS is currently delayed in processing tax refunds.

    I filed my taxes on 2/1/20 with Turbo Tax, faxed additional paperwork on 3/11/20 and status states still processing on the website.

    Turbo Tax also requested payment for using their services, which will be automatically deducted from my bank in April.

    Citizens are unable to speak to an IRS representative and we wait on an update of our refund status.

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    They are still processing refunds and working from home. The last time I spoke to an agent was last week before the phones went down. She couldn’t confirm my fax “shocker” but did say that if your fax was received before that department shut down and was uploaded they are able to work it from home. Also I demanded a refund from TT and got it! I don’t feel like I should pay them for their f up

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    They are still processing refunds and working from home. The last time I spoke to an agent was last week before the phones went down. She couldn’t confirm my fax “shocker” but did say that if your fax was received before that department shut down and was uploaded they are able to work it from home.

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    Interesting because I thought all lines were closed. It’s been 5 weeks since faxing and I over two months since filing. No movement anywhere 🥺

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    Rodtree lying as I know several agents and they have confirmed that zero resources are taking calls and all lines are forwarded to IVR! Quit making fake news and scaring folks!

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    That’s terrible!

    How did you speak to someone?

    #4399024 Reply


    I spoke with an irs agent about why I couldn’t see my transcript, he informed me that it wouldn’t be available until mid-may or longer due to this covid-19

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    Blank transcripts also

    #4398923 Reply


    Accepted 1/31 used TT
    Never got letter until after I faxed on 3/14
    Still no update
    Anyone with any updates???

    Any info greatly appreciated, thanks
    Been going crazy for over 2 months now

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    TurboTax also! got a 21 day defer on payment due!

    #4398915 Reply


    SAME here Jayme! I got accepted 01/28/2020 got letter around 02/14 and faxed on 02/24/2020 BEEN stuck on Still Processing FOREVER and blank transcripts!


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    I filed via TurboTax on 2/3 got accepted on 2/4. I got the letter on 3/2 and faxed docs same day. I have not received an update as of today 4/1.

    #4398635 Reply


    @jayme I have the exact same dates! I actually got through yesterday but all she said was can’t confirm fax, you just have to wait 6-8 weeks from fax date.basically hung up on me after that

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