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Everyone has deposits for 2/6 dd?

Home Forums General Discussion 2015 Tax Season Everyone has deposits for 2/6 dd?

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    Haven’t seen any updates lately just checking in

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    Filed with HRB 1/30 Fed accepted
    same day. Got a ddd of 2/6 on the
    4th. I have the emerald card so i
    called the HRB bank (not the
    same as emerald card ) my RAC
    was credited to the account on
    the 4th. HRB took out their fees
    on the 4th as well. I usually get my
    money the night b4 but i can wait
    until tomorrow. Hopefully it will
    be posted to my card by then.
    Fingers crossed.


    So if your ddd is 2/6, then does that mean it’s probably sent by the IRS on the 4th or 5th?


    I saw that sbbt had my money this afternoon around 2:38… wells Fargo should release it in the morning along with my paycheck… cha ching!! Lol


    @Mandy did you use HR Block last year? I seem to remember getting my refund at around 12:30 AM on the emerald card the morning of my dd.


    No pending deposits in my bank or HRB bank before release after fees.


    I have 2 bars in WMR, 846 issue code and a ddd of 2/6. nothing’s coming early this year i guess so lets see what happens at midnight.


    Also still waiting for mine. hoping to see it first thing in the morning.


    Nope, I thought I was just because I decided not to use chase this year but it seems to be. A lot of people with no money yet…. I don’t know which is worse waiting to get a Approved bar on WMR or actually having to play the waiting game for your money. From what I’m reading not many banks are posting early this year except the few net spend users and a credit union I’ve seen on this site. :/ I want / need my money.. I guess from now on I won’t count on it until it’s in my account….


    It’s not even showing as pending in my bank. I have NFCU.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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