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    I spoke to a lady at the IRS who looked up my account and said it had been put in to the “errors” group? Has this bullshit happened to anybody else? Also I used Jackson Hewitt and it’s been a disaster do I have any recourse with them? They have some bullshit error fee guarantee I think. Do I have any options

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    Well I didn’t have insurance but didn’t make enough to have to pay a penalty so I’m really confused about all this. Speaking to a person at the IRS seems to make things worse.

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    @Jon the ACA is the affordable cares act. It has to do with health insurance…doubt so many are in the “airs” department because of health insurance!

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    Since it’s AIRS department you said it has to do with “aca” what exactly is that? I was told they can’t give me any informstion until the 21st day blah blah. But I have no idea how thrte could be any issues with mine it’s as basic as it gets. I have one child and two W2s but that’s about it.

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    Oh thank God I was corrected that helped me figure all of this out! Thank you! I’m so glad there are people who have so much time on their hands they can make sure to correct strangers. Thank God i was corrected. Everybody is the AIRS department. Clearly not one person knew what I was talking about. Not one single person.

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    Anyone seen anyone with ddd of 3/4 or 3/5? I usually get refunds on Thursday and don’t see anyone claiming ddd of 3/4. Wondering if one who have still processing will see refunds. We know irs short staffed so they just did same message to most of us.

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    AIRS group, not errors.

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    I called this morning and was told the same thing. So all of a sudden everyone has errors🤦🏻‍♀️

    I filed with TT on 2/1 accepted 2/12 Texas

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    rip kobe

    It’s “airs” not errors. And it has to deal with the aca.

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    I’ve filed over. 20 returns s as nd they all still being processed, 😆 the irs gone stop actin like courage the cowardly dog w my fundinis

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    Called and was told I’ve been put in the errors dept. 1st guy told me expect a letter in 30-45 days, 2nd agent told me 10 weeks for processing. I called and got a local advocate to hopefully expedite the process :/

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    Ya so same with mine and I finally talked to someone at irs but she told me she couldn’t disclose anything until 21 days which is Friday blah blah blah its a bunch of crap

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    @Jon yes, this is happening to me also, filed Jackson Hewitt, just got off of the phone with guy at IRS and he said it was in the “errors” group. He couldn’t tell me anything else.

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    The number on here. That says talk to somebody at the IRS. I don’t see how it can have errors but they can’t tell me anything? This is bullshit. My refund is basic. Nothing unusual. The lady I spoke to didn’t seem to know what she was talking about so who knows.

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    I was also told my return was put in the errors dept since feb11th….she said it had a weird code …check back in 10 weeks!!!!!! I used turbotax

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    What number did you call to talk to someone and what extensions??

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