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      I filed 2/8 on tt , got accepted withing hours. Was expected to come march 1st. Got the delayed mesdage the saturday before. I called i irs i had a small error they were able to fix. Now they said about 8 weeks had any got theres earlier from what they said

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          @ozzy stay patient

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            @jahnai no i have N/A

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              @ozzy are you able to see your transcripts

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                I filed 2/1 and got the delayed message 2/18. I called thia morning and was told that my refund was in errors department, that i had to wait 10 weeks from the date they received it witch is 2/1. She couldn’t tell me what the error was or even if there was an error, they could just be checking for errors. Maybe since i claimed a new dependent and the stimulus that came with it it when straight to errors for verification 🤷🏾‍♂️

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                  Transcripts showing 846 code with date of 3/9 this morning. Wmr still showing delayed.

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                    [quote quote=4518982]Same situation same story
                    We can’t all be in the errors dept
                    Filed 2/7 updated this past Saturday to delay
                    No movement[/quote]

                    We aren’t all in errors department. IRS is holding refunds to collect interest on it. Which should be illegal, but it’s not.

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                      Okay thank you everyone i appreciate it

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                      Ms tax

                        I was in errors now I’m out I created a post explaining my tax situation called last update for 1 day. I can answer questions there. Well anyways good luck until next year

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                          Same situation same story
                          We can’t all be in the errors dept
                          Filed 2/7 updated this past Saturday to delay
                          No movement

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                            If you will look on about every post there is information on this. It won’t take 8 weeks. That is very common for the IRS to tell you that. You should see movement soon if they truly fixed it.

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                              Oh, and I’m still NA on transcripts

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                                I filed 2/5 w TT. Same thing. Called IRS. They said there was an error. Wouldn’t say what it was or what was affected. Said it had been fixed already and I was re accepted on 2/25 and to wait 8 weeks. I really hope it isn’t that long.

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