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      I filed and was accepted 01/20. Have had no progress and no transcripts since. WMR had one bar until now. I have a message that no info can be returned and to allow 4 weeks for return. For more info call and mention code 9001. I found a tax attny site that lists all codes and it says this just means I entered wrong TIN number and if not no action is needed and it could take an extra week. I did not enter wrong SSN and I can’t call until Monday. Has anyone gotten this code?

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          Anyone have the message We cannot provide any information about your refund at this time, wait 4 weeks… 9001 reference code. My status updated to that this morning. I was able to order account transcripts, but not return. Never had this Happen. Any one have experience with this please feel free to comment. Thanks.

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            I got the same message today, but was able to order account transcript by mail. Anyone have an update on this. Thanks

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              Got the status bar for a week and now going on several weeks I am getting the 9001….and I am a victim of tax fraud :( my SSN was already used to file! I got the erroneous check so the jerk didn’t even do it right. Now I can’t even talk to the irs for 120 days about an estimated refund date! ::sigh::

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              gregory smith

                This is to stop FRAUD so you need to call them. This does NOT mean you are being audited. Its called manual review. Thank all the people stealing refunds!! Just call the IRS.

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                  -checked WMR today & has went frm code 9001 to u have entered the wrong information !! Still can’t access my transcript…… Have anyone received there refund with the 9001 code???? Puzzled3/12/15

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                    I received error code 9001. Called Monday and verified my identity. Those of you that had this code and had to verify, how long til you received your refund?

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                      Filed on 2/1/15 and was accepted on 2/5/15. Got error code 9001 & no bars on WMR!! Called & talked to IRS & they stated it’s was nothing I need to do & that they jus had to do some verification on there end!! Received a letter to verify my Identify on 2/25/15 went into IRS office & was told they could not tell me any information until I receive the second letter which I received today 3/11/15 which stated the same thing as the first letter!!! Ughhhhhhh…… Have any one received their refund whom have dis 9001 crap!!!!

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                        Some people have gotten this code ad they have called to verify identity but I called and they didnt ask me to do anything, when see my transcripts I see that they have not input any information so its blank for now!

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                          I called today and they told me my return was fine and that they dont see any letters. That its look ok but that am going to have to wait 6_8 weeks processing time. Code 9001 is crap, its just a way of delaying the tax refunds!

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                            I filed 2\7. Got 9001 code a week later. I’ve done plenty of research …it’s not a audit code. I plan to call Tuesday but I know its nothing. The code itself is under the refund section in the IRS manual.

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                              u have to call to verify your identity

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                              Debbie smith

                                Can some one please tell me what that code 9001 means I got it and can’t get through to no one

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                                  I filed 2/5 and got this reference code like 2 days later. I called them yesterday and the lady said didn’t see anything wrong with my return, it was still processing. Checked wmr this morning and my 1 bar is back. I’m head of household with no spouse.

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                                    9001 Systemic error/issue Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM.

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                                      WMR didn’t mention a letter nor did the irs rep they said they saw nothing wrong. I received a letter Saturday stating I was under review. Have anymore received there refund as of yet, after receiving that dreadful 9001 reference code?

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                                        9001 does not mean you’re under review. If you were under review WMR would mention that or you’ll receive a letter.

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                                          Can anyone with this code access their transcript?

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                                            Has anyone found out anything new about 9001 code just got this code Friday.

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                                              I filed on Jan/ 25,15 my return was received on Jan/ 26, 15. I received the 9001 last Sunday. Yesterday I received a letter stating my return is under review. Which is crazy because all my info is the same as every other year except I moved to a new state. Hopefully that’s all and I will receive it sooner than later! 9001 means under review

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                                                I woke up today with this same message. Has anyone gotten any updates? I filed 1/28

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                                                  Hi everyone.

                                                  I am very frustrated. I have now had ref number 9001 for a week (since last Wed), and I have been searching all over and keep getting either old posts from a year or two or three, or generic posts that have the definition of the code, which says something about the wrong SS # or TIN. I am entering the correct SS# and I am single and the only one on my return.

                                                  Can anyone PLEASE, tell me something new. The generic explanations aren’t really helpful. There has to be someone out there who really knows what is going on. I filed on the 19th of Jan and accepted Jan 20th. Had one bar and then got this annoying 9001 ref number. When I call it the automated system, it routes me to a rep, but I hang up because they are pretty much liars or don’t know anything.

                                                  Please help! So frustrated…Thank you in advance!

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                                                    I have been getting this same come for over a week now. I filed 1/6/15 and got accepted 1/14/15 and its been up on WMR since Jan 20 saying accepted and processing then a few days later it started giving me this error code message which is freaking me out. I am on the phone now waiting to hear from someone at IRS. I too have been hearing its either a system updating or checking too much but its still got me worried. I will post with an update soon!!

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                                                      Got the same 9001, not sure what it means at all. Hopefully nothing serious.

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                                                        I also received this code 9001 as of today…I filed on Jan 16th..accepted on 16th…All week WMR site said accepted and processing but with no DD date…now I am getting this code…I called turbotax and they said it’s a generic code usually means you tried to sign in to many times or they r doing updating in their system…they only update in the evening and on there is no need to check more than once a day….I get locked out all the time for too many attempts. .I hope they r right and it goes back to the bar soon with a DDD…good luck

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                                                        blessed one

                                                          I got my refund on wed 28th that night but my daughter got audited saying it needs further review with topic 151 everything is same as last year on her return anyboody else got this problem?????

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                                                          blessed one

                                                            I got my redund on wed 28th that night but my daughter got audited saying it needs further review with topic 151 everything is same as last year on her return anyboody else got this problem?????

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                                                              I just got the same code. Accepted 1/20

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                                                                To clarify, 9001 supposedly means I entered wrong TIN into WMR system.

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