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Eligible for 3rd stimulus no date yet? Anyone has the same and saw change post h

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    So I checked payment system showing I’m eligible for 3rd stimulus date not available will update when becomes available. Anyone else has the same issue and if so did you saw change or got date?

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    Like where the hell is everyone else’s stimulus #3 payment when it says we are eligible and a date will be provided and shows the bank information?

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    We are unable to provide the status of your payment right now because:

    We don’t have enough information yet (we’re working on this), or
    You’re not eligible for a payment.

    Stays like this just like on 2nd stimulus payment, never changes.

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    Just noticed on on my transcript that I have received three direct deposits in past 12 months beginning with first stimulus on 15 April 2020. Since then I have received 2nd stimulus in Jan 21 and 2020 refund on 17 March 2021. IRS policy starting in 2015 was that no more than three direct deposit is in an account in any 12 moth period. If that is reason guess i will ll have to wait until after 15 April to get the third stimulus. Make sense?

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    Same message today: “You are eligible for the payment. Once we have your payment date, we will update this page.” Thirteen straight days. What the hell is going on?

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    Same here – Received tax refund last Wednesday by direct deposit but still IRS website says same thing that I qualify and will be deposited but still nothing yet

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    Need my money

    I got that same message when I checked wmp site on the 13 March. On the 20th I updated to a date for the 26th. So yeah be patient and im sure u will update to a date soon. Or later who knows but u Gucci tho😊👌 I am still waiting for whatever payment hopefully Friday the 26th like site says. Good Luck tho @

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    Had this status all last week until Friday
    “You are eligible for the payment. Once we have your payment date, we will update this page.
    We will deposit your payment to the bank account below.
    Bank Account Number: ***********
    Friday updated to “We scheduled your payment to be mailed March 26th 2021 to the address we have on file “Today my Stimulus Check was delivered the check is dated for 3/26 I’m in NYC hang in there guys they’re coming guys

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    Thanks for the info, that guideline shows a date of 2015, being that these payments are because of the covid, they should’ve bypassed that rule and get the money to all the people who needs it right away. It’s frustrating that we see no updates anywhere while millions of people have received theirs….just plain [email protected]#$%^id..

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    Just found this info, so hopefully this will help some….
    White House comments states from yesterday the following:
    March 12th through 15th first deposits are made
    March 15th through 31st remaining direct deposits will be made and some checks mailed
    April 1st through 15th checks and cards arrive

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    EIP cards and checks have been sent due to limits on how many direct deposits can be made in a 12 mo period

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    @sri Thanks for info but the agent’s denial that 3/17 refund date has anything to do with delayed stimulus payments doesn’t help much.. Better if she told you what the reason for the delay actually is. The parameters IRS is using to determine the stulus processing batches is beyond comprehension. Seems that lot’s of folks who have already received stimulus deposits are struggling to get their refunds while others who have received their refunds (like us) are in stimulus limbo. .

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    what a f**king joke. waiting on piece meal funding from a government that obviously does not care. We should have been getting monthly payments like most other developed nations during this pandemic. They tell us to stay home and keep safe but how the f are we to pay for our bills and lives??

    They say help is on the way but then its this painfully slow roll out. Greatest country on Earth and this is the best they can do??

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    @helpme. I was told they can’t/won’t take your stimulus for any tax debt, whether it be state or federal.

    Only thing they said about who can take it is people who have judgements against them from a creditor or someone who’s had they’re bank account frozen or levied by a creditor.

    I think you’ll be fine bcuz hubby owed federal taxes this yr and they didn’t touch is stimulus he received on 3/17

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    Same message here. Have used same bank account on taxes for a decade. I was one of the last people to get direct deposited stimulus last time. Looks like that’s going to happen again this time, regardless of what the media and IRS are saying about payment dates.

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    Does anyone know if they are doing deposits throughout the weekend or only this morning?

    I have the same message of being eligible and nothing has been deposited yet…

    Thanks in advance,

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    I just called IRS, and they mentioned that if portal is saying you are eligible for stimulus you will receive in next couple of weeks .
    She denied the reason for delay is tax refund on same day 03/17. let’s wait for couple of weeks.

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    Do you owe any debt to private companies. I read somewhere that they can keep your stimulus payment if you owe anything. I am wondering if i havent received mine because i owe state taxes, which i pay monthyl on

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    I’ve had the same message on mine since the law was passed. It says we’re eligible and that the fundS will be direct deposited, but we haven’t seen a thing in our bank account. I filed my 2020 taxes 3 weeks ago and we already got our federal refund in the same bank account. It is also the same bank account that they deposited the other two stimulus payments in.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one having the same issue, makes me feel somewhat better.

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    Nick T

    Still the same message and no stimulus yet again today. WTF?! I don’t understand why it’s being delayed so much. My ex has gotten hers and for one of our children, and I just keep waiting for mine along with our other 2 children. So damn frustrating!

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    Same situation-“eligible but no date.

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    I got my refund over a month ago and both stimulus checks when everyone else got there’s and I still don’t have my 3rd stimulus. I have the you are eligible message. This is ridiculous!

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    Has anyone reported to the irs that people who got there taxes on 3/17 hasn’t got there stimulus or update?

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    Interesting, have to wonder why they would mail it rather than direct deposit. But better than nothing,

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    Had this status all last week until Friday
    “You are eligible for the payment. Once we have your payment date, we will update this page.
    We will deposit your payment to the bank account below.
    Bank Account Number: ***********
    Updates to your payment are made no more than once a day. We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment”
    Updated on Friday to this
    “We scheduled your payment to be mailed
    On March 26th 2021 to the address we have on file for you “

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    @nickT Guess that kills my theory.

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    Nick T

    Beginning to wonder what the hell. I haven’t even filed for 2020 and I still have eligible but no date. Can’t be refund related in my case. I just keep hoping it shows up someday.

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    I am beginning to think it might be an IRS computer software glitch perhaps coding the 17 March tax refunds as stimulus payments thereby preventing a new date. Truth is I have no clue but one way or the other, by the law, IRS must make the payment to eligible tax payers.

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    I am also in same boat, recvd tax refund on 03/17, but still no date for stimulus payment(just showing status as I am eligible).
    Not sure if they can able to fix this issue or not

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    I am also still in the 3/17 tax refund club with the eligible message and no date. Same message eleven days ans counting. Getting ready to contact Congressman.

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    Still no update to my status today– (rec’vd return 3/17). Called bank and they don’t see any pending deposits. Very concerned

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    I am also in the 3/17 tax refund club with the eligible message and no date. Is it just a matter of time or could it be held up until next year?

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    Mike M.

    Still says eligible no payment date. No one to talk to so frustrating!

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    Did you get tax refund on the 17th of March?
    I see that many people like myself show eligible with no date. One statement that repeats is that I like many above received their Tax return on the 17 th of March. I think the IRS may have a problem in their program, preventing duplication of checks.
    I hope they find away of correcting this or other problem any will be able to send check sooner than latter. .

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    Received Refund 3/17, no update on status for Stimulus still– do not have the stimulus updated to my transcript either. :(

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    Same here AmandaO , why can’t they send the third stim this way ??

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    I have the same thing and still no update

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    Just recently it changed or this morning

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    Mine husbands finally updated to DD on 3/24/2021 today!

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    Still saying I’m eligible, but no payment date!

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    Mike M.

    Checked today for update NOTHING changed says I am eligible and they will let me know when date is available. This is freakin ridiculous!

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    I will get mine Wednesday!

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    Another day and no update. Still says eligible but not date.

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    I went from payment not available to check mailed March 26. My husband went from eligible for DD to check being mailed March 26 as well. Very weird. He always gets everything in his bank

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    Status changed, DD on March 24th!

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    Received half of stimulus dd last Wednesday. Under my husbands ss# it’s been showing eligible/ no date yet. At 3:00pm status was still saying no date yet. Between then and 11:00pm it has updated and shows dd for 03/24

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    has either of your dates changed? I just got that Once we have your payment screen…

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    Wanted to let you guys know that my husband & I have had payment status not available since GMP opened for 3rd, however I checked my bank account & we have a pending/hold for 3/24 of the full stimulus amount!!! So good news, it it’s coming, sucks to wait I know!! But we’re up guys!!

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    Mike M.

    Legislation rushed through by President without consulting how each CITIZEN IS TREATED EQUALLY in this situation. Really shows the ineptness of the government. Could be waiting a long time for this!

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    Mike M.

    Posted earlier today, just spoke to IRS rep, who was basically useless. Couple of things I did find out. They have no set date for the next distribution of stimulus checks, the rep told me they have the entire calendar year of 2021 to issue these checks. When I pushed harder as to why 90 some odd million got their checks on the 17th and what the parameters were for getting that money, she really had no answer. That update could come next week, next month or six months from now.

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    P.S. I received my tax refund deposit on 17 March so seems that is common to some of us. Perhaps stimulus update will be forthcoming over night. Hope so. IRS needs to do a better job of communicating. The “get My payment” tool just causes confusion.

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    Just got tax refund on Netspend still nothing on 3rd Stimulus

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    Same message with no updates. It feels like being in boat paddling upstream and getting no where. Would be nice to know the parameters used to chose the order of deposits..

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    I can’t get through to anyone what number are you calling

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    Chose Amex Serve from TaxAct for Stim 1 & 2. Big mistake. Only works online, no ATM will take it. Was worried about Stim 3 posting on it too. Called Direct Express today and was surprised and pleased to hear Stim 3 pending for Mar 24, bypassing this pathetic Serve card. Will be so happy to cancel and cut it up. No clue how IRS decides these things, but Stim 3 may not come the same as Stim 1 & 2 despite what you may read. Get My Payment still has no info, didn’t work last year either.

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    So I finally got answer to 3rd stimulus this morning
    I was told when I called IRS once your refund is processed and deposited to your account, they process your 3rd stimulus a week later since they were told to go by 2020 tax return if 2020 not on file then only are they to go by 2019 return. My DDD is scheduled for 03/34 and I was told my 3rd stimulus should be issued to my 2020 account by 03/ 31 if not by week from refund on account I have to call in regards 3rd stimulus.

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    Still says I’m eligible and date will be provided, I did check my transcripts this morning (I’m weekly) and my as of date changed from 3/29/2021 to 4/5/2021 so I thought maybe I would get a date for stimulus soon but I just checked transcripts again and the as of date changed back to 3/29/2021. So frustrating, basically everyone I know has already gotten the 3rd stimulus.

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    There are a couple people saying they just got their stimmy with no changes on gmp, hang in there.

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    Have Netspend and still nothing on stimulus payment, also 2020 taxes are still pending, should have waited before I filed my taxes as that has delayed mine even though NOTHING has changed since 2019 taxes filed !

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    If that’s the case they need to notify people now so they know they’re not receiving it instead of being so vague

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    Do you think we might be getting our stimulus checks taken by debt collectors? I know myself and my boyfriend have stuff in collections. We both got all of the last stimulus without problems. This one says my boyfriend is eligible with his bank number without a date and mine says payment not available. I am really nervous! We could use this money right now.

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    So I got my stimulus when the first deposits went out (this was before my 2020 taxes were processed) and my husband and I filed separate in 2019 so my stimulus was only for my son and I. Well since the start my husbands WMP has said he is eligible for a payment and a date will be provided when available. I am hoping we get the other half.

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    I received my return 3/17, used TurboTax. Does anyone have any updates on this? No updates to my status since the where’s my payment tool was put back up and running

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    Is it possible this “letter” they are sending is actually a check? Why else would they need to take an extra step and send a letter? Mine has the last 4# of account for dd but it’s the Turbocard….. Received tax refund 3/17 on turbocard….but I saw others get both refund and stimulus3 on the 17th!

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    This is ridiculous!!
    The government rushes to pass this law and the President signs right away only for the irs to take their sweet time. Why do they just deposit on certain days??,
    It’s like dealing with the DMV…

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    Thank goodness I am seeing all of you with the same message on the IRS website. We got our last two payments right away so I was worried when I saw that we are eligible for the payment but no date listed and everyone else I asked got theirs on the 17th. Hopefully, we will all get ours soon.

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    If you meet the criteria to be eligible then you are getting the stimulus. It’s not really a question of if, but when we will all get it. I just read a USA Today article that states the IRS said they will be continuing to send out direct deposits “in the coming weeks”.. And that GMP is the only way to check status, not to call. Not much helpful info there but for those that worried they weren’t doing anymore DD, they did confirm they are still sending them over the next few weeks.

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    I really wish they would tell us if that the case if there is a connection to the two , because that’s not fair to leave a lot of people in the dark as to wether they’re getting money or not. I’m assuming that’s the case we got our federal on the same day. I checked again today nothing has changed.

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    When I check online my status still says eligible but no date for release still and gives my account number.

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    I’m getting the same message, no date, just eligible but I too received my federal on 3/17. Maybe that’s the issue? The stimulus and our federal are causing a delay? Maybe they’re holding ours to confirm we are in fact still eligible to receive the stimulus? This seems to be the most common situation. All others we received on time via DD and nothing has changed other then we did make a lot less last year and I did receive unemployment.

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    I also got the same thing. Still no date. Does this have to do with unemployment or changing bank accounts for DD?

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    Honestly we will most likely get a deposit or pending deposit before GMP or transcripts update. At least that’s how it’s been going for everyone that did get it.

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    Does anyone have the 3rd stimulus payment showing up on account transcripts yet?

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    Robert H

    I have had the same status since last week. I know they say GMP updates daily, but I am starting to wonder if it updates along the same times that WMR does based on your cycle, which if that is the case then cycle 5 should update tonight over night. I guess we will see tomorrow. I honestly feel that the IRS should be more equipped to handle this being as they are in charge of auditing people’s taxes(I know they are busy right now).

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    Showing the same for me. Hubby got his Wednesday and the last 2 stimmies, we both got on the same day. I wish there was someone you could talk to cuz it says “unless it’s mailed or there’s a problem… most, if not almost everyone has already received it” 🤨🤔 Sounds fishy to me. 😡

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    Got my taxes the 17th but for the stimulus it says eligible but no date im set up for DD i have 5 kids my AIG WAS LESS THAN 3000

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