EITC/ACTC, won't see any updates until after 2.15.19

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    February 15, 2019 First Day for processing EITC and ACTC-related tax returns
    February 16, 2019 Financial institutions must mail out 1099-B, 1099-S and 1099-MISC forms by this date.
    February 16, 2019 The first day Where’s My Refund? ‎on IRS.gov and the IRS2Go mobile app will be updated for the vast majority of early filers who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. Before Feb. 15, some taxpayers may see a projected date or a message that the IRS is processing their return. Taxpayers will not see a refund date on Where’s My Refund? ‎or through their software packages until then.
    February 27, 2019 The First Day the IRS will begin to release EITC/ACTC refunds to bank accounts and debit cards. — if there are no processing issues with the tax return and the taxpayer chose direct deposit.

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    I filed my taxes on 2/14/2019 and bars disappear been on WMR still processing ,and no letter it 03/22/2019 does any body know what going on call IRS no answer there either

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    Not sure why politics have to be brought up, last I checked not a political thread.

    Has anyone received their refund without WMR ever updating after verification?

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    The title of this thread should be changed to “Reply to:EITC/ACTC, won’t see their returns. Ever”.

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    @John WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!!! I bet all the folks that voted for the orange skinned baboon is really enjoying his time in office. Not that this is his fault but all of it is his fault.

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    We filed and accepted on 2/16. No tracking bars after 21 days. WMR says still processing and be notified about a refund date. No other codes except topic 152. Today is 3/11 and after 24 years of filing jointly this is a first for us. Cannot get any answer.

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    Yasmiris Soriano

    Update. 3/1 Stil processing. 🙄

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    I’ve been waiting since 2/5. Claimed ACTC.

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    File 2/19, accepted 2/20 it’s now 3/8 and stil processing. First year that I’m claiming EITC AND CTC. I’m just so over the waiting 🙄

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    F/A 2/6, 1 bar TT152 “received and being processed” until Mon 2/26, then got “STILL processing TT152,” been stuck on that. Received no letters from IRS. Always have had my refund well before 21 days. New job and no time to spend trying to call the IRS. Praying for an update on Mon 3/4 as that will be 1 wk from my last update – perhaps I am a weekly. Very unhappy. I won’t file until March next year.

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    Filed Feb 24th
    Accepted Feb 24th
    Approved March 2nd for DDD 3/6 (week after I filed later)
    I have EIC AND CTC But last year I was stuck on “still processing” for almost 2 months I had to get a tax advocate and I.d verify last year don’t know why mine went through so quick this years… very Greatful!

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    No updates for me, still on the same TT152….I am so tired of waiting and stalking WMR.

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    @kyo – I hear you Kyo. I know returns aren’t supposed to be taken for granted but when you get one every year around the same time for 20 years in a row it’s kind of hard NOT to rely on them at some point. Dumbass gov’t can find a way to fuk anything up. Smh.

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    I filed 1/26. Been stuck on still processing message since 2/14. I have spoken with the IRS and learned they sent a ltr and I need to file a form 8962. I hope this will help some of you….I filed with TT. Apparently there is still a glitch with their software when you enter your 1095A for health insurance. I did not have EIC but I did have ACTC. It took 17 days to receive the ltr from IRS and after they get it back I must allow 8 weeks longer for processing. I have done a lot of research and this is happening to a lot of people. As for reaching a human at irs. After you enter your social security nbr dont push anything. Just wait for them to repeat menus it will redirect you to a person.

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    Still waiting…Filed/accepted on 1/30, delayed with code 1541 on 2/16, updated to received and being processed on Thursday and didn’t update this morning. Hoping it’ll change with tonight’s update. I can’t access my transcripts on line because the system doesn’t recognize my account numbers so I don’t know what’s happening. I got the one I ordered in the mail yesterday but it was dated for the 23rd and I believe they updated again this past Thursday. I’ll never file early again, this has been the worst tax year ever for me.

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    F/A 1/30
    EIC & ACTC
    STILL processing message with no bars
    Transcripts for 2018 say N/A

    I know right, so messed up the people who need it most don’t get it first! I pretty much have given up hope. I have a $800 electric bill that needs to be paid on March 22nd. Looks like that probably won’t happen.

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    I had actc. F/A 2/5. Still NOTHING as of today. Just still processing with generic 152 code. Come the fuk on IRS. Get your shit together and give us hard working folks our money. It’s the ones with EITC/ACTC that need it the most as we have other mouths to feed. Sigh.

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    How do I speak with someone at the irs cause everytime I call it’s always automated

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    Filed and accepted 02/02/2019
    EIC and ACTC
    Had bar “Processing”
    Then disappeared
    Spoke to IRS yesterday. She said no letters were sent so possibly in getting refund by this weekend. Nothing in my account yet. I filed early because I need the money being unemployed. And now this. Has anyone gotten their refund? Is there any hope getting it before 45 days is up?

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    I am so frustrated! I filed very early on 1/8 and was accepted on 1/9. I have the Topic 152 and Ref Number 9001 since then.I received my ID verify letter on 2/15 and verified on the phone the same day. No movement, no transcripts….nothing.
    Everytime I try to call the IRS, it tells me that everyone is too busy and to call back next business day. Then HANGS UP on me! Ugh…..I need this money so badly…..I have both EITC/ACTC. Just needed to vent….

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    Any1 that claimed eic n had 2 verify thier identy got a refund date or got theirs back if so what date ??? Ty

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    Filled on the 1/18/19
    Accepted 1/20/19
    The three bars are gonna an just say prosseing.
    The only addon I had for my taxes this year was a 1098t so I’m totally lost cause its never taken this long before an everyone I know has gotten there returns alreadys.

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    That should be deposit date of 2/26

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    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    PATH 2/15
    Transcript updated 2/22
    DDD 2/27
    Deposit in bank account evening of 2/16

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    Filed & accepted 2/4 then got PATH message until 2/15, message changed to return received & is being processed 2/16, on 2/23 got 2/27 DD date, refund just posted to my H & R Block Emerald card.

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    Filed and accepted February 5th still no DDD bars went away on the 23rd I don’t know I’ve never got mine this late

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    @NeNe I was accepted the same day and have eic & actc.

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    are the people who are getting accepted the same day don’t have eic? (curious)

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    I know people who had the EIC and ACTC who has already gotten their refunds. So this whole waiting till the 27 th is for the birds !!

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    I filed 1/28 as well and am still being processed. No info avail for me either. Been stuck with the processing message since 2/15. I’m trting to be patient but I am definitely beginning to worry.

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    So many people are complaining that they have not gotten their refund yet even though is well within 21 days. The IRS is especially slow this year and many people are delayed. I filed on 1/28 and am still waiting.

    Just continue to try and be patient. Your return might take longer than usual.

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    Update 2/25/19 and nothing !!! Do deposit date and shows still in process ! 2mmrow will be two weeks since filing !

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    I filed my taxes on 2/12 and still no update. My sis n law filed her the same date and has already gotten hers back!!! I have seen nothing !!!

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    Yes still saying my refund is being processed and no update. I’m getting upset because they still have not sent my refund from last year after I sent all my information in for their audit

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    Been waiting like everyone else for the supposed update on the 23rd. Everyone else I know got an update for DD on the 27th and I’m sitting over here still waiting on an update. Very frustrating!

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    Can we get our deposit before the 27th?

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    Updated this morning to a dd date of 2/27/2019. Finally!!!###

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    Hey all! Where’s my refund now shows my DDD as of 2/27.

    Here’s my timeline:
    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Got processing message 2/3
    Got PATH message 2/10
    Lost bars and PATH message 2/1
    Transcript updated 2/22 with a 2/27 DDD.

    When I checked last year, our refund landed in our bank account 2/14 and DDD was 2/15 haha. We filed 1/31 last year. Good luck everyone!

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    Donna… call 18008291040 mine just changed today possible you may not have an update till wednesday for March first. They are moving very slow this year. I was ready to lose it. It’s very hard to get thru. Listen to the prompts carefully.

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    Can someone help please. Still no update for me on wmr. I was accepted 1/25 changed my status 2/16 to the still being processed…blah blah..and today again no change. I have tried calling all nbrs I could find and can not reach a human being. Please what nbr do I call? My transcripts show N/a on the irs website….why is that?

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    Thanks @irsemployee but it looks like WMR updated this morning & I got this message, ”
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 27, 2019.” This changed from “We received your refund & it is being processed.” 2 out of the 3 refund status boxes are checked, i.e. refund received & refund approved, the only one not checked is refund sent. Per H & R block, the refund will load on to my Emerald card within 1 business day:)

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    Call this number if ur WMR didn’t get updated


    Thanks to the person for posting this #. O called refund to hit next Wednesday the 27th.

    Good luck everyone.

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    Go to irs.gov, click on get tax record, click on get transcript. You will have to set up login and confirm identity. Once you are done click on account transcript. If it has an 846 that’s a refund code and will have the intended mail/ddd.

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    Thanks Mommajess

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    Update between 3-6am est

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    Anything yet? it’s after midnight on the 23rd…

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    Mine still says there has been a delay in processing your refund with code 1541. And my wifes just say we are still processing your refund. What the hell is going on.

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    Go to IRS transcripts and u can get them mailed or view online

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    Cheryl Raines

    How do you check the transcript on the Emerald card? I can’t find it.

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    WMR is updating now guys.

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    @Bry I asked the same question a few days ago but didn’t get a response. Where is my transcript & how do I check it?

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    DD 02/27/2019. However it can deposit sooner than that since every year they put a date on my transcripts for refund and its been earlier.

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    How do i check my transcript?

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    I called irs this morning. They told me dd 2/27 wmr is not updating til tomorrow.I have a question tho i have netspend can it deposit early still

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    Oh, and I filed 2/1, Accepted 2/1

    846 for 2/27 on transcript!

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    Emerald Card deposited at 8:37 pm cst last night. Good luck 2/22’s!!

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    Oh and WMR…..has not updated yet so check your transcripts!!!

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    I’m in the same boat!

    Filed and accepted 2/3
    I’m a pather with both credits but NEVER received the PATH message. 2/15/2018 everything disappeared with the message “it is being processed”

    Checked transcript this morning with 846 code and DDD 2/27!

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    Got code 846 on transcript for DDD of 2/27
    WMR still says processing.

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    Katie Sanders

    Wmr still says processing my return and i claimed both credits but my transcript updated to code 846 with a refund date of 02-27-19 good luck everyone

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    Reviewing my transcript, got my 846 code for 2/27. We got the ACTC this year. WMR still shows “still processing” but our refund is approved and we have DDD on the transcript. I wouldn’t put too much faith in WMR until after this weekend.

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    Mine is still saying processing,always gotten mine within 3 weeks.Last year on feb 16th,is it normal to be waiting this long this year? Filed with H&R block,and they know nothing..Any info would be appreciated.I filed EIC

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    FINALLY updated from refund received with. One bar to all bars being gone to we have your refund and still procssing tax topic 152 so maybe tommrrow we all will have dd dates keep hope alive my people

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    I’m assuming they will be doing a big update tonight
    Hopefully we will have a ddd by tomorrow morning

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    J B

    Just to update…WMR still shows processing but checked transcripts AND FINALLY have code 846 for 2/27

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    530 am still no updates been waiting for 25 days
    Claimed eic still saying being processed

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    Meanwhile, you all are trying to debate me on a refund you still don’t have a DDD. Don’t worry y’all will have it between end of Feb and beginning of March lol like the website says.

    #4291830 Reply

    Still notta

    Filed 12 accepted 14 no bad codes and no return being processed wheres mine Mr irs employee

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    @kim marie
    I got mine feb 19th verified on 20th.

    #4292008 Reply

    Kim Marie Chamberlain

    I have the path hold and then received a letter to verify identity anyone else get this

    #4291962 Reply


    That’s the BS line they’re telling everyone! When I brought up how others who have filed after me and claimed both credits got their returns she just kept talking over me saying the same thing over and over again and then hung up on me.

    #4291954 Reply


    After 45 mins on hold I reached a real person at the IRS.
    My refund is being delayed because of the PATH.
    I filed 1/28 EIC/Child Credit.
    Won’t see a DD until 2/27 or after.

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    * people sorry lol

    #4291938 Reply


    You said peiople with eic and stuff doesnt start getting processed till 2/15 and i have both

    #4291923 Reply


    The IRS never knows what they’re talking about come on 😂

    #4291918 Reply


    Hey IRS employee one question. If they dont start giving them till the 28th or 27th than why are some people already getting theirs or already have theirs? Hmm seems like the IRS must not know what their talking about than??

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