EiC or ACTC Credit DDD

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    Just making this so that the folks with EIC or ACTC credits can alert when they start seeing movement with an actual DDD showing.

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    @Jeromey Have you gotten a letter or call to see if you needed to ID verify

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    1/30/2020 : Accepted
    2/05/2020 : ” your tax return is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available”
    Hasn’t changed since…
    IRS : ” Wait until April 23, if nothing changes then call us back.”
    Help.. :(

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    Wmr is saying incorrect info entered but i know it is the correct info .. Anyone else?

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    Elaina Marie Doak

    Filed 3/5
    IRS Accepted 3/5
    Where’s my refund tool didn’t show any info until 3/11

    Fingers crossed I don’t get pulled for the random review this year.

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    Staying hopeful lol seems all I can do is keep faith at this point . Feel like all that I could do and research is been done just sit back an wait. definitely will be updating if any thing changes! Also nice of you to still be on here after getting your return and letting us know there definitely hope .

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    2/4 Filed, for 1st time since 2016, EITC & moved;
    2/18 PATH freeze lifted;
    2/27 Rec’d 5017C letter to IDV, dated 2/24;
    3/5 WMR updated from “still being processed” to “being processed”;
    3/7 WMR reported DDD of 3/11;
    3/11 DD hit bank before 3 a.m., PNC Bank.

    God is good; be encouraged!

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    I filed mine Jan 24th and on feb 26th my status changed to received and processing and it has been like that until now, haven’t received any update yet. I filed with the same tax person and same info as every other year. A friend of mine filed 2 weeks ago and she received her DD on the 4th of this month with the a few dollar difference then mine.

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    2/20 path changed
    2/5 accepted

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    I had eic and child tax credit and I filed them myself for the first time so i automatically assumed something would of gone wrong but i filed 2/24
    Accepted 2/27
    Approved 3/4 with check nailed date 3/4
    3/4 wmr says check was sent out
    3/7 check arrived by mail and it only took three days it seems like it was faster then some people direct deposit.

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    2/4 Filed
    2/27 IDV
    3/7 WMR updates w/ DDD of 3/11/2020

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    Last week I updated on ssa too. This week I got a ddd for the 11th. I bet for sure you will next week

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    Only updated wages on SSA. Nowhere else tho? Filed 1/27 . Said review set for 3/9? Hoe to update this week .

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    Is there anything u can do If u get a letter saying ur under review 60 days my friend just got a letter nothing’s changed for her just her job she went part time do to school 5 kids filed thru h and r on 1/20 accepted 2/5

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    Still no update. Hoping for tomorrow

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    Any updates for those who haven’t received a DDD?

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    Tiffany G

    @ Valerie why so long. 3 months EEK

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    Can’t access transcript! Can’t verify my phone number?!? I think it might be because we just switched carriers 2 weeks ago? But I dunno for sure. When I call name shows correct on caller ID.

    WMR hasn’t moved but based off others comments that seems to be how it is. So frustrating. I need to pay car payment, rent and a bunch of other crap!

    Come on all

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    It took 3 months to do my ID verification last year

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    Tiffany G

    Have anyone had to do an ID verification? How long does it take? I was just told that I have to wait for a letter in the mail to me then call in to verify.

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    FEDERAL Filed 1/27 accepted 1/27 due 2/17
    Still no movement says processing. Transcript says as of 2/24, it said that last week, and as of today same thing. Says 0.00 under everything. I thought I read the 2/24 meant your update day, so confusing and concerning. Anyone have this same thing?

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    as anyone got a refund yet cycle code 20200705 and. Process date of 3/2/2020

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    Same here. No update. Still says processing.

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    I’m having the same situation. Filed early January – accepted 1/27. Still no update, just says processing. I’m worried. I’ll be calling tomorrow.

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    I filed on 27th of January….. still no update or ddd on wmr…. still says processing…. everyone else says feb 26th on the ddd…. is there a chance mine could be that date as well and it’s just not showing me?? Please some advice?

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    Why do you need to check again if you already did and saw a ddd? Seems pointless but curious

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    Checked this morning, and says I was approved.. DD Feb 26… etc… now I try to check and says my info is incorrect… help?

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    @tiger17.. your refund advance will not cause an offset. As stated below, it can be for other things including outstanding medical bills. That happened to me a couple years ago. When you call the offset line, it will tell you who the offset is going to and should have a phone # for the company that the offset is going to.

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    @tiger17 I dont think so an offset is child support bank loans student loans or u owe the irs money the irs has nothing to do with the money u owe tt they send it to tt bank they take their fees then deposit it to ur account an offset is something different something u owed if u have anything garnished from ur wages sometimes they can take ur return or a portion of it u need to call irs and ask what it is

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    Last I heard some guys were on the way to mrty bees hut with oatmeal pies to get their reward.

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    i’m also soooo soooo glad that black lung oatmeal pie eaten mrty bee got kicked out!!!

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    its going to be good to get the money

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    i got my ddd date today 2/26 i’m so happy

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    I have been getting a lot of information from this site without chatting to anyone would only be right if I shared

    Accepted 1/27
    Ddd 2/26

    Thanks Everyone for the information

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    nettie Jenkins

    Filed 1/28/2020
    Accepted 1/29/2020
    ACTC, HOH, EDUC Credit
    WMR today ddd 2/26/2020☺️

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    So can it still put out updates with ddd after the 6am mark or will we have to wait til tomorrow morning to see if there’s anything.

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    If I was you I would call the offset line cause it would not be for fees or advancement it would be over student loans, past due child support or something that’s owed to a place of business hope this helps

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    Updated to two bars. Direct Deposit 02/26! Does anyone know if they received theirs before the listed DD date?

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    Mine still saying it’s being processed. Feeling worried.

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    WMR still hasn’t updated!!! WHY!?!?!?

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    I had my refund mailed prior years and it usually cane a week after direct deposits were issued

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    Yes ma’am, i understand. But thats the only thing i can think of. Any way the site says by the 2nd of March but i know ill get it b4 then but still. Thanks for replying back to me.

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    Jennifer Starr

    @tiger17, I also got the offset message, I never considered that it might be fees or advance funds. Our 846 code on transcripts shows the full amount, however, I know that SBTPG will be taking TT fees.

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    Amanda =)

    Updated to DDD 2/26! Yay 🎉🎉🎉🎉
    Now just have to wait for it to be sent to Republic bank for fees than my acct

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    Can that be due to the advance thru turbo tax?

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    Ddd before March 2, refund approved.
    Filed 1/31
    Both credits
    And small offset

    Updated overnight

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    My WMR still hasn’t updated. So I’m guessing I’m not getting mine until the first week of March? 🙄

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    Tiger17 topic 203 is an offset hope this helps.

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    If you’ve exceeded your limit on checking the status and you’re married you can use your spouses social to check the status if you filed a joint return. 👍

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    Ok guys ive been watching this site for year s and this is my first post. Can you plz help me. Ok…i filed hoh and also filed thru tt. Woke up not too long ago to an approved bar but tax topic 203!!! And it also says if its not in my account by march 3rd to call. We did get the 500$ advance thru tt. Im thinking thats why i received the code but i need professional opinions from you guys. Plz reply. And have a an awesome day.🐅

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    I have EITC and CHC updated on WMR with bars and a DDD of 2/26

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    I exceeded my check refund status so I see no date but saw my transcripts last night that said 2/26/20. I had submitted my taxes before 1/27/20 but my transcripts said my taxes processed on 2/10/2020. Unfortunately I will get a check mailed and not direct deposit. Not sure how long the mail takes.

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    Yay my WMR have updated. My ddd is 2/26 so happy was worried

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    Filed and accepted 1/27
    WMR updated overnight with a DD date of 2/26 🎉🎉 🎈

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    EITC and ACTC
    DDD 2/26
    Transcripts updated yesterday with846 code
    WMR updated today with approved bar

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    DDD 2/26

    Hopefully everyone receive a.update soon

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    Here we are again

    Ddd 2/26💃💃

    #4367372 Reply

    Ugh Tax Season

    DDD 2/26🎊🎊🎉🎊🎊🎉😘🥰

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    Mine just updated w/ DDD of 2/26!!!

    Accepted 1/29
    Filed 1/29

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    DDD OF 2/26

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    got updated on wmr: Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 26, 2020. If your refund is not credited to your account by March 2, 2020, check with your bank to see if it has been received. PRAISE JESUS!!

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    Yesssss. The system updated and I got a DDD of 02/26 ! If it’s like the last 3 years I’ll have it 2 days early ! Good luck y’all!

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    Lol wow so many typos hahaha I’m sleepy I mean to so thanks in advance lol and @Davie

    #4367158 Reply


    @DavieI hope 🤞🏽 I just checked mine and I have no update I’m nervous now thanksgiving

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    Supposed to update at 3:30

    #4367112 Reply


    No update

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    Omg yall! So I got a 446c4 or whatever letter of review on 2/11. Filed N accepted 1/27 with TT. Cant view my transcripts. I jus called the offset line and they took my lil state money owed as of 2/26 😱😱😱 so I’m getting my monies! I thought for sure I’d have to wait the whole 60 day review. My WMR hasn’t updated yet but I dont even care!!! 🤑🤯🤑

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    Soo I called irs just to make sure I didn’t have to verify anything since I did last year she said my date is the 25th and my wmr hasn’t updated yet soo I’m guessing it will for a lot of us over night !

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    Checked my transcript online today after getting an error message early this morning. Finally this afternoon it updated to show 846 code and ddd of 2/26!!
    Filed 1/27 w/both credits.
    Good luck guys!

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    Accepted. Jan 27. Irs recieved Feb 17th
    I claimed actc & eic. Wmr still says still being processed. Can’t check my transcript. Anybody have an idea when ddd will be. I’m got a turbo tax card refund

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    @ed. What was your DD? I also have Chile. My date is 2/25

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    My chime account just posted my refund !

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    Filed and Accepted 02/09
    I’m a Pather with EITC and ACTC
    Spoke to an IRS agent today and she said that WMR should update overnight and there is a DDD for 02/26 for me
    Also, I am too still showing “your return is being processed” message On WMR
    So have faith I wasn’t able to access my transcripts online either

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