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    My transcript updated today with a cycle code of 20180605 and a processing date of 2/26/18. Am I the only one who has faith that WMR will update in the morning with a DDD of 2/14/18 and the money will actually be in my account by 2/14/18?

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    Hi I filed on Jan 28 and accepted 29th. Claimed Hoh with eic achild tax. Nothing on Irs website it jacksonhewitt. Ordered transcripts on feb 7. Have cycle of 20180505. Just checked Irs website 2/16 and path messages gone and taxes processing so I checked my transcripts again and yes!! Refund code and ddd of 2/22. Irs and Jackson Hewitt have not updated any info. Only my transcripts. Fingers crossed


    Rochelle Banks

    Good evening I saw on one of the forum you could call and get a copy of your transcript within 7 minutes. I ordered my refund return and my Income. I have 846 code refund processing date 02/19/2018 and Refund Issued 02/22/2018. The phone number to call is 1-800-829-0582 ext 652. The rep asked what I needed my transcript for and I told her school which was the truth. I hope this helps anyone who still have the Path Message or Processing message.



    @cheryl Where’s My Refund? ‎on IRS.gov and the IRS2Go mobile app will be updated February 17 for the vast majority of early filers who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. These taxpayers will not see a refund date on Where’s My Refund? or through their software packages until then that came off the irs.gov



    I filed my return early, 1-12-18, irs received it on the 24th.. i have had the path message since the 29th of jan.. with no updates.. actc and eic.. i was hoping since i filed early and was accepted early i would get my refund early however i have no updates at all since the the path message. did anyone with the actc and eic get their returns today? and i see some people have mentioned that 2-15 will be the first day the irs issues refunds for actc and eic.. soo is there a chance i could get it tmrw? i thougt they only issued returns once a week?



    I woke up to this right now. Can anyone tell me if i’ll be getting updated soon or if i won’t be getting any refund this year.

    Refund Status Results
    Print your Refund Results for your records. Take the survey.

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.



    Hey I filed Feb 5 was able to order transcripts Thursday have a 20180605 code processing date of 2/26. With a 846 code saying refund issued 2/14 2018 .so I just woke up to a DDD of 2/14/2018 .. filed CTC head of household



    @mscali82 – Yes that would be nice!!! No I do not have the 846 code yet. :-(

    I see two others that had the same cycle code and processing date as me, but they do have the 846 code with refund issued 2/14. They probably don’t have any credits though.



    Tish do you have an 846 code with 2/14? I have the same cycle date, from experience last year, we wont update til next Friday/Saturday on WMR with a DDD of 2/22. Next week would be nice though, no crime in being hopeful :-)



    @ Unicorn Kisses – yes I’m sure it’s EIC!!! Just wishing that it would update to say 2/14 on tomorrow, but like Lance said, it’ll probably just update to PATH message. :-(

    We’ll see tomorrow!!


    @Tish – (respectfully) are you sure it is EIC? The reason I ask is b/c I claimed that I had EIC and GOT my refund on 01/30. After numerous people telling me I was out of my mind, reviewed by return and sure enough, I did NOT qualify this year (like I did last year) for EIC. I did have CTC (line 35 on your 1040A) — but no EIC or ACTC. If you have a figure on line 42a AND an attached Schedule EIC worksheet…then okay…please do confirm!



    I think you may update to path tomorrow, those with path already most likely wont see any updates though



    No need to get technical guys…….just a little faith and wishful thinking!!! :-)

    I’m really just anxious to see what the update will be tomorrow. My bars are still missing. I hope I update to the path tomorrow since I was able to view all transcripts today.



    @Tish: No one with EIC (or ACTC) will see their refund prior to 2/15. The IRS has an invisible freeze (C- Freeze) on those accounts that will fall of on 2/15.




    How would that happen? The law states they hold it until the 15th and the irs said you wont have a ddd until 2/17 for most people. Also alot of people including myself have a processing date of 2/12 so if anyones going to get an update tomorrow it would be them

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