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      Anyone know anything about the AOTC and 1098 T delays. I have not only mine on my return but my sons also. So two sets. I had read from numerous places that there would be a delay (possibly until May) until the IRS can verify the enrollments at the schools. I have done research over the last couple days and have found various information. Some say that they will release the refund portion not pertaining to AOTC.
      What have you guys heard and are any of you also affected by this. Has anyone with these credits already received their return? Please, some info is desperately needed.

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          I have 2 1098Ts and the AOTC credit. I filed on 1/28, accepted that day. This morning my transcripts became fully available with a cycle code of 20150505. I also have the 846 code and am getting my expected amount. Looks like things are moving along. In my experience, my refund since qualifying for the student credits does take a full 14 -16 days. after date accepted.

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            @ViewsfromSebas All information I read came from January and February of 2015. The link I posted was published Jan 14 2015.
            This is current information.

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              Jesus People read the dates of your articles before you post information

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                This is a link to one of the websites that had the information re: the AOTC delay. I don’t know how credible but it was in a few others as well dated for this year.

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                  I did AOTC and I had no delay filed 1/31 NY DD is 2/9.

                  Delays for education credits were only last year , they are processed normally this year

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