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      Filed 1/29/2023
      Accepted by the IRS within 20 minutes of filing using TurboTax having fees taken out sbtpg
      Banking with Netspend ctc, eic, etc that applies

      Update with your ddd as Ill keep you all updated as well.

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          Filed 1/29 W/ TT
          Last week transcript updated
          Processing or whichever is later
          Feb 20,2023

          Cycle code 20230505
          As of February 20,2023

          Been weekly for the past few years
          I’m expecting wmr to update tomorrow for Weekly account

          Congrats to all that have received dd and or ddd

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            Filing with a dependent and claiming the Child Tax Credit (CTC) does not mean you are subject to The PATH hold. The credits for PATH are Earned Income Credit (EIC) and the ADDITIONAL Child Tax Credit (ACTC).

            If you have received a refund date already then you did not claim either of these credits.

            This link further discusses the different credits and where to find them in your return.


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              Path filer. Filed before 1/23/23. DDD of 2/8/23. Never received the Path message either.

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                @quainey: I filed (and was accepted within 20 minutes of doing so) 1/19/23. I have had the PATH message all week long; right before that had one orange bar. My “as of” and “processing” dates on my transcripts this year are both indicated as 2/13/23. Cycle code 20230405.

                For comparison, last year I filed (PATH as well) on 1/23/22; accepted 1/25/22. Cycle code 20220505. My transcript as of date was 3/14/22; processing date was 2/21/22. Got my refund 2/24/22.

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                  Filed late 1/28 in 30 mins IRS Accepted. Checked wmr today path act message. Checked transcripts I’m cycle 20230505 with as of date February 20.
                  ACTC and EITC apply.

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                    FIled 1/28 late night and excepted 1/29 early morning, less than 30 minutes. Used H&R with fees coming out. ACTC and EITC apply.

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                    Autumn Copley

                      Filed and accepted 1/26/23
                      WMR turned to path act today 2/1/23

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