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      No update since wmr delayed msg whose with me?

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        I am broke

          I saw someone commented and said the agent told them they are taking the new returns after February 14th and working their way down. It means the early filers are LAST IN LINE. Something to do with people filing that has kids, and they are not supposed to process those returns until Feb. 15th by law. So, people filing before that are screwed.

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            Yes @iambrooke they are messing around

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            I am broke

              Never will I ever, EVER, file before February 15. Early filers have their returns on the “bottom stack.” This is ridiculous!!!

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              I am broke

                E-filed and accepted Jan. 27th. Transcripts still N/A. No update. Nothing. Called them last week to check it, and agent told me to wait 10 more weeks from today. There is nothing wrong and they are still processing. I asked the agent, are you saying I have to wait 10 weeks from Jan. 27th? They said no, 10 MORE WEEKS FROM TODAY.

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                  Filed 1/19. Accepted 1/21. Been on delayed message since like 2/14. Transcripts still say N/A. Was told to give them 10 weeks, two weeks ago.

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                  Goodness Me

                    I filed 1-23 and was accepted 1-23… no movement on transcript or wmr… called and waited the 1.5 hours for her to tell me that there was nothing wrong… no letters.. that to give them up to 10 weeks…

                    Bout to have a drink… its 5 somewhere

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                      Filed and accepted on 2/15 here. Didn’t have any type of movement until Tuesday when WMR removed the bars and my amount total. My transcripts have been N/A the entire time. I know why my returns are on hold. I under-reported the advanced child tax credits that were issued out in 2021. I hope I see an update tomorrow or Saturday.

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                        Filed- 2/16
                        Accepted- 2/16
                        No movement switch to delay message 3/1- still being processed

                        Called last night- Because today makes 21 days filed and they are saying that it has not been processed! I asked do you mean that its just sitting there, she paused and said no it still needs to be processed.. Me rolling my eyes, girl stop lying its sitting there. She is like I can see it! I hung up, those folks are a waste of time!

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                          8777774778 press 1 & then 1 again and call around 4 youll be given the call back option

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                            Your tried calling them

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                              Same here…no movement at all since I received the “delayed “ message. I filed 2/4/22 and was accepted immediately but NOTHING since. I was sent a verify ID last week and went online and completed and it said, Congratulations, you have completed your ID verification. Please allow an additional 9 weeks for processing…..”

                              This year has been the worse, I’ve NEVER waited this long 😕

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                                Same here smh. I filed 2/2 got the delay message right before my 21 days. I can see my transcript but nothing has changed.

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