Early filers that are being STALLED by the IRS post your story here!

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    My story is in just about every thread here. I’ll post it here again later when more time!

    What I’d suggest each one of you to do is this –

    1. Get a Tax Advocate if you don’t already have one, although, mine is useless as fck!

    2. Call and or write your local congressman.

    3. Call or email your local news station and bring more awareness to this horrible situation the IRS has caused so many by holding refunds and stalling for bullshit reasons!

    4. Go to Walgreens and get some lube, it’s only June and likely the IRS will still be bending most of us over for a while yet.

    There ya have it. My best advice!

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    My tax advocate called and informed me she got my refund processed. They held my money way too long. I’m like, I KNOW! unbelievable. They’re giving me a whole entire 41 dollars for the 5 month wait I just endured. It feels like a consolation prize at this point.

    She said they are mailing my refund today and to expect my check in the next 3 to 5 days after this weekend. I finally see the “bars” everyone is referring to on WMR – I hadn’t seen it before. It disappeared as soon as I was accepted. Now it says it’d on the refund processed/waiting to send refund part. It will be a miracle once I receive that. My debt collectors are happy to hear the good news, as well. Good luck everyone. Make sure to fIle exempt from here on out. Keep the money in your check. You get more that way anyway. :)



    Got IRS 566-E letter yesterday, 7/3…FIVE MONTHS after filing. It’s a “correspondence audit” looking for verification of my W2 from my 1 employer last year and proof that the 3 kids I have claimed since they were born (16 years plus) and as HOH past 14 years, are mine to claim. They sure as shit aren’t anyone else’s. So the saga goes on. IRS states if I don’t respond they will adjust my refund accordingly (I knew a while back the W2 didn’t match – why did they just not correct it?!) So I will be gathering proof that myself, as my kids’ full time 365 days per year parent, are mine to claim.



    I had to move to a new area last year, due to awful housing conditions (no hot water, rent increases, restrictions, no washer/dryer or hookups even though was promised for 2 years by owner…) and I had a 3 month old son at the time. We moved and realized we were going to need more $$$ to rent in this area than what we had(based on fiance credit…) so we were staying in a tent in the mountains and camping while finding jobs etc. We got jobs and filed for my return. It still hasn’t come. We are now in the car because it got too cold for sleeping outside. The car is over 250k miles and shreds tires and brakes like nothing and we still owe 5k on the loan. That’s beside the point, but basically expected my return within weeks and was scheduling apartment and home viewings. Then I got hit with the review. And another and another and another. Meanwhile, still homeless and eating cheap mcdoads food every day. On top tht, I’m pregnant again now. Homeless and pregnant is an awful life condition and I can’t work now.. not that it did anything to help our situation because gas and other costs took my whole part time pay as it were. Child care for our (now 14 month old) son is not cheap so I stay in the car and watch him all day. Lately it’s been miserably hot so it’s even worse than the cold winter we just endured. I got a TA at the start of June in hopes that it would speed things along because we can’t live like this anymore and I’m expecting a baby in a few months and we have no place to live and our things are 10 hours away in a storage locker. TA so far hasn’t done anything more than anyone else. Cannot believe this is happening.

    2/21 filed & accepted.
    3/23 called IRS wondering why my refund isn’t ready, told 45 day review. Don’t call back until after then.
    4/4 received letter 45 day review done. No refund sent.
    Called IRS and asked if I can send any documents or info to speed up process. Was told no, just wait. Ok???
    4/28 (my son’s birthday) was supposed to be the date the original 45 days was over. Checked mail to discover another 60 day wait letter.
    5/20 started looking into tax advocates because I had a feeling it wasn’t over. Called local office every single day for 2 weeks to not get my call returned.
    6/4 day the 60 days was supposed to be up – nothing. Called IRS to be informed another 60 day wait letter was on the way. I again asked if I can send any verification or documents and was told no.
    6/5 Called federal TA line and got or assigned then. She told me they needed info from my employer they didn’t receive.. nothing to do with my end. That I can fax her my last paystub and she can get it sped up. WHY DIDN’T THEY LET ME DO THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE WHEN I ASKED IN APRIL??? ugh
    6/12 emailed local congressman
    6/15 received email back from congressman literally saying “Thanks for your patience, the IRS is still reviewing your case. Will update with more info when that’s complete” W T F the review is the problem!!! I’ll know when it’s done!!! So much for that.
    6/29 I can’t afford to pay my prepaid phone bill, left message for TA on other instructions to reach me if necessary during next week until a check comes and I can restore phone.
    7/1 TA calls, of course! but refuses to give out info to my mother without a release of info..
    Probably more wait time and excuses anyway. I now have service again but I’m sure the holiday weekend will ensure she doesn’t get back to me again until maybe next week (when her letter says she expects the case to be resolved) so who knows. I’m so done at this point. Filing exempt (so is fiance) from now on. They do not get another dime from me. If I owed the IRS 3.5 grand they would have the SWAT team at my door.. but the other way around, oh well.



    @Nikki your story is very similar to mine just dates a little more spread out.. last year though had to ID verify and it only took two weeks! This year is ridiculous they claim to have sent out the latest and second 60day letter Jun13th that I have yet to receive so if I have the time imma call everyday to be sure no so call letters have been sent and I’m not just waiting on no progress.. 🗣Have to push someone to do something!
    I’ll keep you posted once Aug12th hits and they feed me some more bullshit lines



    F/A – 1/24
    3/15 a 45 day letter
    Called on May 31st, way after 45 days. Was told nothing was wrong and they were going to put a referral in. Last year they did that and got it in two weeks. Well here we are this year and nothing.
    6/29 I got ANOTHER 60 day letter. I am beyond pissed and frustrated.



    I understand completely Whythe90, I’m a victim here as well. God only knows how many others are out there!



    Same still here and nothing and pissed as well currently have my truck for sale that I need for my kids and my wedding dress that I’m calling off simply because ends didn’t meet where they are supposed ya know over 8thousand just sitting on someone’s back burner 😒



    Still here. Waiting. Pissed off.



    @mommato4, I’m glad I could help!! I hope you spend time with us next year. Most folks do til they update lol.

    You take care of yourself and stay safe!



    I’ll chime in. F/A 2/7 (or 6?) been so long I’ve forgotten. EITC, ACTC, same kids, address, job. Significant income drop 2018 due to illness so refund jumped higher. Got 4464c 60 day review notice mid March. Told not to call, no need to send anything, just wait, No letters since from IRS. Back at work now and going to have to take an unpaid half day to get on the phone w IRS. I now have myself as EXEMPT and will never file before March again. I DO think I made a small error on my return as I used my last paystub not realizing it didn’t account for FSA tax free funds. I don’t think a small error should result in my desperately needed refund being held up for 5 months and counting. My error would result in refund being about $400 less than what I filed for. Figured IRS would correct it or make me file amended return.



    With ya there @redacted. I stopped calling the IRS on the 3rd month of my waiting time. After getting off the phone with with two donkeys & getting two different stories. I gave up and called a tax advocate. She wasn’t a huge help at first. But she stepped up & proved me wrong. But hoping this will not happen again next year. I swear. These past months has been a nightmare. Especially with talking to these idiots. redacted you have made a lot of people laugh.You also helped a lot of us. We thank you. It’s gonna be a horrible day when you leave this forum. Been following you since mid March. Your post are life.



    Yea I call the IRS hoping for a fcking miracle. And by that I mean someone honest and with some fcking brains.



    And Why do I just call the irs anymore?? just to have someone to talk to 😩😫😆😂😂 Happy Friday folks good luck to all on updates I have no hopes as the rep said nothing had been done since the referral I put in May21st



    It’s ok guys, the tax advocates this late in the game are useless as fck too. Can’t get straight, honest answers outta them either. It’s all a guessing game and I’m sick of it.

    It’s ok though, I’m enjoying my new exempt status, that extra 104.00 a week is fcking marvelous!



    Love it Marge sounds just grand! I had to let my last two irs reps know hey I’m working towards a psychiatrist by now I’m currently bout half crazy with these inaccurate undependable wait dates Anxiety Depression Anxiety Depression Anxiety Depression Atleast 3 different change dates 😫


    Victoria Rome

    Submitted 1/31
    Accepted 2/1
    Bars disappear a few days later
    March 18th first 60 day letter
    May 22nd second 60 day letter
    June 10th third 60 day letter that the system doesn’t even see
    June 17th Congressmen gets involved only to never call back with updates
    June 18th gets a TA assigned after telling us we didn’t qualify and TA never calls still can’t get in touch with them
    June 21st as of date moves to July 8th
    June 28th zero updates on transcript, from the congressmen, and still haven’t spoke to our TA

    Louisiana is so ridiculous I can’t even get my congressmen to do anything.



    My timeline? Oh JFC…. here we go:

    F/A Jan 20 & 21
    ID Verify online 2/8
    ID Verify on phone 2/22 or somewhere around that
    45 day cp05 4/1
    Referral sent 5/17
    60 days letter 6/11
    At least 6 calls
    5 of them ignorant people
    4 different answers
    3 psychological breakdowns
    2 transcript updates
    And a partridge in a pear tree



    I tell ya what folks. Tonight I’m living like a king. Got me a little Caesar hot and ready most bestest for $6.00 , a pack of real cigarettes Aka Marlboro lights AND a 12 pack of coors lights. Took me almost 2 weeks of saving to enjoy my night off here like a true pimp daddy minus the hos.

    I think I found a dollar in change in the floorboards of the car i May just buy me a lotto ticket tomorrow!! All I can say is thank god for overtime!! No overtime = no beer!

    Oh and fck the IRS!



    @Marigold I’m telling ya as if he doesn’t have his own millions he’s powered his way into his whole life!!!




    Not to mention the fact that old reverse raccoon has been frauding the IRS his whole life 😅🤪🤬



    I took out his name! 😂 there they let me post



    But you can look up CNBC him demanding 4.5 billion more dollars for wall 😅 makes me sweat considering our hold up generated from this shutdown that gave him 8billion already



    @mommaTo4 Thank You all prayers are surely appreciated during this long ride trying not to lose hope! 🙏



    Yes redacted I tried posting a link and facts on the shutdown and our president and why we are still sitting bent over and yeahhh they just don’t like that 😅



    Filed 1/18 accepted 1/22. Been bent over ever since!



    Administration of this site, you should make ole redacted B here a mod. I’ll help ya run this forum. I’ve become a legend here. Hell you already know that tho don’t ya lol.



    Well I commented and as usual these days due to my frustration my comment is being moderated. Sorry mods! Just absolutely fed up!



    Goodness WhyThe90!!! That’s f*cking horrible. Will be praying hard for you and the others who are still waiting on what it’s well deserved,your money!🙏🏼




    And it’s a crying shame we all have had no answers out of these irs reps on the phone but they will happily send you a wonderful 2 month wait it out letter!!! 😒😩

    Filed 2/8 Accepted 2/10 IDVerify 3/11 (9week wait)
    Call us back after May13th..
    5/20 We have no clue why it’s just sitting here I see no errors I’ll send over a referral COULD take up to 60days
    Requested TA same day he did nothing for me
    6/20 Fired TA he closed case called irs to hear this same ol bullshit!!! …

    I DONT KNOW WHY ITS STILL BEING HELD UP YOUR ORIGINAL 60 days is coming up but looks like we just sent out a letter JUN13th saying we need another 60days 🗣ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME????



    Filed 3/22
    I.D verified 4/12(9wks was up 6/17)
    Got hit with 40 day review…then a 60 (3 weeks ago)
    Got a TA the same day I got hit with the 60day review.
    Amend return 5/31 IRS receives it 6/03.
    So now I’ll probably see my money in September after my child is born. Which sucks a**. My TA is kinda helpful I guess. Will just have to see.After this point the IRS can kiss the lips that’s in my damn panties🤣. (Sorry for the colorful statement,just really upset)



    Filed 2/10
    Id verified 3/5
    60 day review 4/2 up 6/1
    Tc 424 5/3
    Got another ta 5/3
    Tc 420 5/10
    Amended 5/24
    IRS received 5/28
    Closed 420 on 6/20

    Now these crumb snatchers still have me waiting still have me waiting ..I swear I’ll never file again early for wait on this refund hell

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