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      Anyone that gets their money before DDD can post here :) What bank, what DDD, Etc.

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          Republic had mine yesterday
          I called my card and they said most likely Monday since that’s when they did the test deposit :(
          I was hoping today

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            my deposit is sitting in my account, but its not available. It says 02/04, not sure yet if my bank will make available sooner. I filed 01/20 and wasnt able to get transcripts until today. WMR has not updated and still says processing.

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              I’m thinking the funds for DDD’s of 02/02 have already been transferred to the receiving accounts by the IRS and it’s now up to the banks to decide when they want to credit them to the accounts. Some are faster than others apparently…and some of us have that luck that others do not. Lol. (yes I’m jealous) ;)

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                Filed on 1/20, accepted on the same day. Transcripts available on 1/27. WMR finally updated to APPROVED on 1/28. DDD given was 2/6. Deposit was received today into BOA account. Hope this helps.

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                  My dad & I both had DDD’s of 02/02. His was in his bank today. Mine, however, was not. He banks with City National.

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                    seems to be netspend releasing early… banks and other cards seem to hold onto them for whatever reason.

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                      My transcript barely appeared today with the 846 codes showing deposits to my 3 separate accounts. WMR has not moved from the 1st bar however, my deposit to netspend posted today in the afternoon. From what I was reading here, my DDD was going to be on Tues or Wens next week. I’m still waiting on my other 2 deposits but now I’m hopeful for Monday. Hope this helps someone waiting on deposits with one bar.

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                        Husband got his 1/27 was supposed to be today. netspend.

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