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      Does the IRS only update transcripts overnight or all through the day?? PLEASE HELP..

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          Irs has received info ssince2/16 and are still reviewing. Dates on my transcript has change 3 times. Every time I called the are still reviewing and I should not pay attention to the dates on the transcript. When will this be over.

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            Mine usually updates Thursday night into Friday morning then on Saturday morning WMR updates with DDD.

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              Heather, I’ve followed my transcripts and their posting for over a decade – they can update any time of day although I have only had them update on a week day. I’ve stalked them and have them update in the morning, afternoon and this past year at 7pm est.

              They are not updated like the wmr website, because they are part of your irs account, they update and they work on your account.

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                I’m no expert but from reading several diff. sources, including this forum, I *think* if you are daily, transcripts update at midnight Monday through Thursday. If you are weekly, then once a week at midnight on Saturday.

                Friday/Saturday/Sunday either don’t process or don’t provide updates. I’m a little unclear on that part but it’s my understanding if you don’t see an update when you wake up friday morning, you won’t see one again until tuesday morning if that makes sense.

                For what it’s worth, I filed 1/19, accepted 1/20. I can see all my transcripts and have 896/570. Cycle code 20150402. No further updates for me.

                I’ve also read that tonight we should see a big update but no idea if that’s actually true.

                In my dream world, i’d update tonight with a DDD for friday.

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