Does H&R Block deposit refund early?

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      Im wondering if H&R Block deposits your refund earlier than the WMR says? For example i got a DD date of 2/11, will they deposit it before like 2/9 or 2/10. because it seems that a lot of people are getting thiers before the WMR says. Please and Thank You

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          Thank You. If i dont get it early. ill be ok. whats a few more days waiting

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            I file with HRB every year and I always get my $$ days before WMR says. It’s not on HRB, but your bank. HRB releases funds as soon as they get them. I usually have the emerald card and get my $$$ before the DDD. This year I’m using my credit union and it will probably be 2/11 or a few days after before I see anything.

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