Does calling IRS make refund wait longer?!

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      Keep hearing that wondering if it’s true?!

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          Filed in January haven’t heard anything. SMH!

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            @Ronnier… Are you bored?! If you don’t know the answer don’t reply lmao. Find someone else to harass… We’re wondering what’s taking so long, ppl who filed in February already have their refund. If you don’t have nothing nice to say or know someone at the IRS. Gtfoh!

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              That is one stupid question you have asked

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              Ms tax

                No I filed 02/04 bugged the hell out of them got. DD 03/09 🎉🎉🎉

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                Johnny boy

                  I was thinking the same thing lol I called same

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                    On hold now…

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                      I’ve called almost everyday. Not getting any info just upset people who filed after me with kids have gotten refunds already.

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