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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund District Of Columbia DC- Share your experience with filing your District of Columbia DC Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check District of Columbia DC Wheres My Refund? go to DC Office Of Revenue

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    Back again! Another year another long wait I’m sure. Literally every year I have to verify my identity!

    #4507180 Reply

    Hey Washitonians,

    Any movement?

    #4391210 Reply

    cheikh. what does your status say on there website?

    #4391131 Reply
    Cheikh White

    Called today 3/9 said my refund was approved DD wait 3 to 5 business days. REFUND was accepted on 2/7

    #4388937 Reply
    Cheikh White

    Wonder if everyone is getting a check this year? I prefer direct deposit. Called yesterday still saying I’m listed for direct deposit… so question is does everyone get checks?

    #4388568 Reply

    I filed 2/4 got my federal back 2/26 but still waiting on state. I didnt get my dc back last year due to me filing self employed and my business not being registered well this year it is and I’m still waiting -_-

    #4384014 Reply

    Thanks for the update Pink. I have the 25 day message. I was accepted on 2/20, so I guess I’ll just have to wait. Normally the deposit just shows up in my account out of nowhere lol.

    #4383968 Reply

    I got a identity verification letter in the mail today. I went online with the pin provided and it mentions waiting 6 weeks. Ugh. I think its because I moved.

    #4375377 Reply

    Still no update. The 25 day message is still there. Filed on 1-28-20. Accepted 1-29-20. My 25 days is almost up. If anything like last year they will update it on the 24th and a half day loll.

    #4375366 Reply

    It feels like forever! I have been waiting since I filed on 1/28 accepted same day. WEbsite still has 25 business days BS… I usually get a check every year. DC taking tooooo long. If I call can they give any info on a date?

    Pink, did you update? I now have the 25 day message. Is that a normal message? tyia

    #4362914 Reply

    It feels like forever! I have been waiting since I filed on 1/28 accepted same day. WEbsite still has 25 business days BS… I usually get a check every year. DC taking tooooo long. If I call can they give any info on a date?

    #4361261 Reply

    Mines hit direct deposit today! Maybe because I use the same account every year!

    #4349454 Reply

    Thanks for the info princess ☺️… I know you all are happy! I filed the 2/7 kiwi

    #4349344 Reply

    I didn’t even check my mail, I’m legit about to check it now. When did the ones who already got your check, file?

    #4349333 Reply

    Mine came today too.. It’s a note attached about identity theft from direct deposits so they sending checks..

    #4349322 Reply

    Anyone file feb 4th?

    #4349162 Reply

    Recieved my state today in a check because of fraud going on. Good luck guys.

    #4348698 Reply

    Updated from the 25 day message like 2 days ago

    #4348696 Reply

    Mine say it was issued out on the 10. Should be in mail soon .. 1 dependent

    #4348253 Reply

    I checked mines this morning and it changed to approved and sent on 2/10/2020. I haven’t got my dd yet. I have dependents too. Maybe they are just mailing out checks. Still waiting.

    #4348244 Reply

    I’m still waiting stuck on 25 business days. I filed on 1/27/2020. I guess it will be the same as last year around 2/26 dd.

    #4348240 Reply

    No he didn’t have any dependents. He filed on 1/28/2020.

    #4348026 Reply

    @princess did he have dependents? When did he file?

    #4346912 Reply

    DC has been mailing alot of state for 2020 because of some problems. My son had dd but still received a check. Here we go DC again.

    #4318792 Reply

    @Verne they said 3-5 business days maybe sooner depending on your bank or if you got a check.

    #4318693 Reply

    Does anyone on this site know when to expect your dc tax refund after it finally goes to 0 and the amount of your actual refund that was in green like I stated is 0 now?

    #4318450 Reply

    Minds was finally approve! Offset of $45 Tho

    #4318434 Reply
    Candy E.

    @Give MeMyMoney
    Thanks again. I got a call this morning and was told I was approved yesterday and to give it 2 to 3 days.

    #4317919 Reply

    Just so happen to check mine once more today and it updated to approved finally! I filed 2-1 accepted same day

    #4317798 Reply

    Took my documents in person to the OTR tax office yesterday. God willing I will get my refund at the lastest by next week. They say there is no backlog. They are consistently working on returns. So its whenever they get to yours.

    #4317795 Reply

    Took my docunents in perdon to OTR Tax office yesterday. Waited 2 hours to see a representative. Only took 3 minutes to review my documents. She said to call or check status by Monday. There is no backlog they work on them when they get to my return. So God willing I will get my refund before or no later than next week.

    #4317350 Reply

    @Candy E Go on Facebook and instant message them. That’s how I got in contact with them. They called me a few hours later put your first and last name and your number and they will call you.

    #4317489 Reply

    Filled my return on 1/31–it was finally processed yesterday.

    After repeatedly, frustratingly calling the OTR–and receiving messages of ‘wait a week…a few days…25 days…just a bit longer’ for the past month, I randomly sent a message to the OTR through regarding the status of my submission. See below for the response I received an hour later:

    Received: Monday, Mar 18, 2019 3:35:34 PM
    Subject: RE: Status of Tax Return

    Thank you for contacting e-Services.

    Your refund has been approved, please allow 3-5 business days from today to receive it in your bank account.


    Good luck!

    #4317485 Reply

    @givememymoney I definitely understand. I did it last Monday and it was approved by last Friday. I had to get it mailed because of a new address but it shouldn’t take long. Hoping I see it by Wednesday.

    #4317349 Reply

    @Bravo same here filed 1/31 just got the id verify passcode today so hopefully, I get it this week. When did you do yours do you remember which day? I Don’t mean to pry I’m just trying to get an idea of when I’ll get my money seeing as though we waited sooooo long this year!

    #4316819 Reply
    Candy E.

    I’ve been trying to call DC OTR since this morning and I keep getting this recording that all lines are busy try back later.
    Is this for real? I have never experienced this before with any government agency. They don’t even give you an option of dialing an extension.

    #4316806 Reply

    @givememymoney I filed on 1/31 then had to do an identity verification quiz last week. According to previous posts, the amount going to 0 means it’s been sent. No deposit yet though.

    #4316722 Reply

    @Bravo when did you file?

    #4316685 Reply

    My balance when I log in has gone to 0 as opposed to showing my refund amount. Does this mean it is about to be deposited?

    #4314368 Reply

    After 25 Business Days DC just sent me a letter adking for documents for my EIC which is crazy because I didn’t make any money. The letter was written on March 8th just received today and tgey are giving me to Marvh 23rd to comply. I was told I can bri g documents in person insyead of mail. All they could say was they wete sorry it took so long. Yeah right you only had my return since Feb 8th.

    #4315148 Reply
    Paul P.

    I was accepted 1/31 and still nothing. Very annoying

    #4315128 Reply
    Candy E.

    Do anyone know what’s going on with DC and the tax refunds? This is ridiculous!!!! I’ve been waiting since February 6 when t was accepted. Their system tells me to wait and check back in 10 days. Then I saw something about waiting 25 days. I even gave them a day for the snow day we were closed and e holiday. How long must I wait now?

    #4312823 Reply

    I been waiting Since January 25 And Still Nothing! What’s Going On??

    #4312622 Reply

    Thanks for letting us know about the refund. Congratulations! I hope mine is deposited soon. I’ll update here. –Jade

    #4312526 Reply
    Y Easton

    Just recieved my refund. I wish the best of luck to the rest of you and hope you got yours too. It’s 3/12/2019. I have been waiting the longest since 2/1/2019. Good luck everyone!

    #4312000 Reply
    Y Easton

    As of 3/12/2019 im still processing. I have been processing since February 1, 2019. I Have Not recieved No Refund yet. I was told this 25 Buisness days crap. Still Nothing!

    #4311977 Reply

    Hello, have any of you received your DC tax refund as of March 12, 2019?
    I Have Not.
    Still waiting since Feb 1, 2019…

    thank you for replying


    #4310563 Reply
    Lulu f.

    Today is officially 25 business days and still nothing. I’ve seen folks on another forum confirm receipt of their tax refund but nothing on this side.

    #4310556 Reply

    GiveMeMyMoney; unfortunately, he just got divorced so that is all the information he has. DC needs to be reported publicly for holding our monies. This is not right. 25 Business days is March 13th for me. I will let you all know if I get my refund. Has anyone received any money from DC.? We need to hear from you

    #4310444 Reply
    Y Easton

    Maybe we will have our state taxes by Christmas because thats how long it seems. I never experienced this ever. Im being patient and im like come on.

    #4310210 Reply

    This Has Got To Be A Joke! Where Is Our Money

    #4310137 Reply

    I just called again and now they saying due to there new system reviews go deeper so i said if i bring in all my supporting documents would that do anything even tho yall not requesting nothing and she said yes if you need your money now that would be your best bet 😑😑

    #4309777 Reply

    @Veryfustrated did he say when she filed? And was it a lot? I think the more you got back the longer they gonna hold it.

    #4309705 Reply

    I filed 1/31 so 25 days been passed im confused.

    #4309596 Reply

    Was just told by a friend his daughter got her dc tax check 2 days ago (Monday). Finally, DC has started giving refunds. They held back everyone’s refund to accrue interest off of our monies. That just isn’t right. I pray God deals with them. Alot of people needed there money during these troubled times.

    #4309595 Reply
    Y Easton

    I spoke with. A representative yesterday and she told me I had to wait 25 Business days. Im like what? I never waited this long before.

    #4309481 Reply

    I talked to a rep today! They said they started processing feb 25 and will won’t see our money until April! Now who lying???

    #4309369 Reply
    Lulu f.

    Just got off the phone with the rep. She said that refunds are finally being “kicked out this week”. It seems as if you have to wait the entire 25 BUSINESS DAYS. Before they will issue a refund. Hopefully, she was telling me the truth. Hopefully we’ll start to see movement this week.

    #4309239 Reply

    I filed Feb 6th. DC told me 14 business days. Ladt week called and it changed to 25 business days but the person said don’t quote me on that. What does that mean. Its over 30 days. Its March got my Fed in exactly 21 days with an EIC. Has anyone received DC tax yet?

    #4308251 Reply

    I am in Alabama and mine was approved Feb 21 2019 and I will have it Tuesday

    #4308186 Reply

    Mines been processing since 2/1/2019 and just this week I was told that they have to process everyone’s taxes for 4-6 weeks before they can start issuing return 😡😡😡 my 4 weeks was yesterday and is still saying processing check basin 7-10 business days 🤦🏽‍♀️ I haven’t received any notices in the mail either

    #4307669 Reply
    T. McGinnis Frazier

    They are full of it. Went thru the path act and got my fed refund and still processing for DC.

    #4307643 Reply

    Nothing been processing since January 25

    #4307538 Reply

    Nope. No update, still processing since February 1st. I haven’t received any notices in the mail.

    #4307475 Reply

    Did anyone receive their refund today?

    #4303715 Reply

    Thanks for the update about DC not processing refunds until 3-1. And I agree that their WMR message should just say so!

    #4303466 Reply
    Lulu f.

    Wow DC! Why have a message that says check back 7-10 days, they know that’s inaccurate. If they communicated better we wouldn’t have to call and wonder. It also doesn’t help when the DC OTR reps just want to get you off the phone. Shame on them this year!

    #4301238 Reply

    My dd for my federal is 2/27 filed 1/31 called DCmultiple times and was told finally today they are not processing no refunds until 3/1 😑

    #4301048 Reply
    Y Easton

    I got my federal and my DDD was for 2/27 wow. Still processing for state. Wow DC!

    #4298815 Reply

    Still haven’t received my DC tax refund. Already got federal. Anybody know what’s going on with DC this year?

    #4297835 Reply
    Y Easton

    I got a DDD for my federal for 2/27/2019. Then an offset omg. This years sucks. Still no State refund. What is going on? Im going to call on Monday. I patiently waited now im like come on.

    #4291770 Reply

    Talk to a service agents at the office of tax and revenue’s today and was told it can take up to four weeks to process first was told its up to 14 days like the website says then told three weeks now 4 to 6 weeks for processing in dc

    #4289903 Reply
    Y Easton

    Still waiting. It still says processing check back 7- 10 business days. It’s been way past that and no change. What is going on. Maybe it will never change like last year. It stayed processing and they deposited my refund on 2/21/ 2018. So hoping for the best!

    #4287200 Reply

    Been waiting for DC to deposit my refund since January 28. The tax portal shows my refund amount in green. As already noted, once the refund amount shows 0, they have sent the direct deposit.

    #4285955 Reply
    Lulu f.

    Nothing yet for me. I created an account on DC OTR portal. Shows processed and refund amount in green. No letters have been sent out. After looking at prior years, when the balance shows $0 means refund has been sent. I recommend that everyone creates an account to make sure you have no letters coming in the mail. Can you all provide updates of what you see?

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