Did anyone’s 570/971 codes update?

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      I been with these codes since last week. Did anybody update ?

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          I filed with Tax act EITC messed up my recovery rebate- 2/22 accepted taxes submitted 2/23 accepted. Received the 570-971 3/19 with a post date of 4/4 checked this am to see if transcripts update 571/846 but I have another 970 code with a date of 4/14/22. Anyone else have this issue? should I contact IRS or wait to see if I need to do anything or give it another week?

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            571 issued last Friday. Resolved without having to do anything this Friday. So it took 7 days after the 571 with me being a weekly to see the correction. Hopes this helped never called Irs. Just waited and followed you guys. Accepted 2/5. DDD Finally 3/9. Hold on you guys it’s coming. 🎉🎉

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            Ms tax

              846 for 03/09

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              Iisah okc

                Filed and accepted 2/1. Wmr gave delay message on 2/19. Transcripts updated to 971 and 570 code 2/25. Transcripts updated to 571 code and 846 ddd 3/9. It’s coming everyone

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                  @ Justgowithit I am also a weekly, hoping for friday for that update aswell.

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                    Most people are having to do Id verify with codes 570/971 if you haven’t received code 571 meaning errors fixed!

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                      Hopefully Friday mine will update since I am a weekly. My 2021 tax summary did update and my account doesn’t say that my 2021 tax return isn’t processed anymore! So maybe that’s a good sign..I don’t know I just need my funds thank youuu IRS lol

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                        [quote quote=4518839]lmfao, interest.[/quote]

                        I’m one of those who didn’t claim the ACTC or EITC or anything else. . I know my return was 100% perfect.

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                        Ms tax

                          Or people are messing up the returns due to stimulus/ ctc

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                            lmfao, interest.

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                              lol nope.

                              I contacted a federal attorney who specializes in cases against the Government. I was told that the IRS is purposely holding on to refunds for as long as the law allows them to, because they get interest off of it.

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