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      Have any of you Emerald card users received a deposit as of yet? I think Im going to use netspend next year!!

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          I sure hope its on there today! DDD is 1/30 but as Brooklyn69 stated it would be hell of a lot better to receive it today!!

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            @gardner I was think’n the same thing, it might come tomorrow. Irs is suppose to release funds today. Liberty tax bank JTH claim they dnt hold refunds but they havent rerecieved it yet And the emerald card said they deposit immediately. While Friday is not bad Tomorrow would be a hell of lot better loL good luck to all

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              I have been using the emerald card for the past 9 years and I receive every direct deposit on it. I remember last year talking to customer service for the emerald card and asking if they release tax returns right away or do we have to wait for deposits to process and they told me as soon as the IRS sends the deposit it is released they do not hold it. So if you are like me & have a DD of 1/30 and the IRS sends the deposit to your card account tomorrow it will be on your card tomorrow. Last year my DD was 2/13 and I got it on 2/8. Also you can go to any H&R Block and request a new card they can give you a new card that is connected to your account information that you used for your deposit.

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                Is there a way to find out if a deposit is pending on the Emerald Card? This is my first year to use one so I was just curious.

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                  Filed 1/19, accepted 1/21..I got second bar on wmr with a ddd of 1/30!! Still haven’t received emerald card to check balance, though…hoping it comes in today!!

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                    I don’t think it has anything to do with filing early because I filed on Jan.5…with JH and I have a DDD for the 30th but u may get an update soon I don’t think it will be a long wait

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                      E-filed on 1/17; accepted 1/20 at 11:30am using HRB. No transcripts, one bar. Think I’ll just wait until February and not even bother filing early next year. I know it’s only 8 days but I was hoping this year would be different. State of IL hasnt even started accepting returns yet either so no help there. havent even got the personalized Emerald Card in the mail yet,,,,not that it appears there’ll be anything on it anytime soon : /

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