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      There is a system-wide expected delay for everyone filing, at least electronically, due to new IT identity protection system(s) having been implimented.

      (See below.)

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          My interest in debating it is also nil. I am simply informing you and anyone reading this thread that you are incorrect in your interpretation of the article.

          Also, you may lament your role as “messenger” but you are not supplying information to “the masses,” you are supplying misinformation to the masses.

          Furthermore, the criticisms of this thread have nothing to do with the legitimacy of the article and entirely to do with it’s the incorrect conclusion you’ve drawn and the misinformation you are spreading as a result.

          I don’t mean to be rude, but either you are being intentionally or unintentionally unhelpful. Please stop. If it’s not intentional you should reread the article a few dozen more times to understand why this thread is entirely wrong.

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            My interest level in debating this is nil.

            Again: simply supplying details to assist the masses in understanding the delays.

            If anyone plans on calling the Internal Revenue Service do us all a favor and confirm or dicredit both this post as well as the article from CNN,

            Until then, speculation about the legitimacy of the article should be left up to individual readers.

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              Absolutely nothing in the article event remotely suggests delays for electronic filing. If we are to take you at your word, your confidence in your reading ability is definitely misplaced but considering your choice of thread titles, I am more inclined to believe you are trolling.

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                I’m quite cerntain you are mistaken, Disneymanda. As the article reads, per my understanding, the delays will effect everyone in regards to the identity theft system changes.

                This is something I take solace in feeling confident about understanding.

                If I am incorrect, and my reading comprehension skills are eschew, or the jourmalist who wrote the article muddled the details in a less than clear manner for all to understand, then so be it.

                However, all stated, I’m confident in my affirmation of the story.


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                  While it was thoughtful for you to post this. The article does not say that it applies to all filling and the quote that you made refers to future it improvements made for identity protection. It still only said that the delays are for paper filers.

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                    It doesn’t state anywhere in that article that e-filed returns will be delayed in anyway shape or form. No one is trying to shoot the messenger. I just honestly think that you are feeding a little fuel to the fire. I called Turbo Tax earlier about an issue with my state taxes, and the nice lady told me that I had been approved by the IRS for my federal return when I pressed her about it, and should have my money in around 5 days. Now, I cannot say if she was just trying to get me off the phone or if she was sincere, but I will take that for right now. Because I know that in years past, I have not showed an update on WMR until after I already had my money.

                    I think we all just need to relax and roll with the flow. Can’t do anything about it anyways. Us little people have no say.

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                      The part regarding the IT identity system modications is under this section of that story:

                      “Koskinen said the budget cuts would result in several other changes at the agency, including:”

                      This is not addressed as being tied to paper returns only.

                      Do be careful with your aim–I’m merely a messanger, and simply am supplying information to help us all understand the situation.

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                        Its paper file, not efile. FFS!

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                          It says “Due to budget cuts, people who file paper tax returns could wait an extra week for their refund — “or possibly longer,” wrote IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in a memo to employees Tuesday. And filers with errors or questions that require additional review will also face delays.”

                          and about the IT identiy protection systems it says “Delays in IT investments. Among the delays will be those in technologies that offer new taxpayer protections against identity theft.”

                          It says nothing about people who e-filed being delayed.

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                            I just read the article, they are talking about PAPER filers, not electronic.

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                              LIES!!! Shame on the IRS

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