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Delayed message and n/a on transcript

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    I filed 2/11 and it was accepted same day (hasn’t been 21 days just yet), but just received the delayed message and same TT 152 and transcripts still have “no record of return filed” and N/A for this tax return. Should I be worried or just ride it out for another week or two and see what happens?

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    @dottie I seriously wouldn’t bank on that! I’m hopeful it works out that way for you, but with the way things are going, I don’t foresee any of us getting ours until mid MAY at the earliest. I feel that anyone who filed before they actually started accepting pathers, (before 2/15/22) got glitched and put at the end. Everyone who filed later seems to be getting theirs. Never again will I ever give the irs an interest free loan. It’s always something with them. Ugh

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    Filed 2/12 accepted 2/12.
    I now have N/A on transcript and delay message. I hope to get a DDD by the end of the month. They sure don’t delay taking taxes out 🙄

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    What a set up! This year really sucks so bad it’s like they’re not working. There’s no way people filed after us and got theirs and they can’t process ours.

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    @Irritated I feel the same way. It’s the same information for me like yours. It’s going on 7 weeks, you call and they say hold for 5-7 minutes while they research. They come back and say wait and check wmr nothing wrong just processing, I’ve heard errors etc. no one can tell me the truth and you can’t rush it because advocates are not available until May this year.

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    This will be the LAST year I wait on them give me my money. From now on they’ll be waiting on ME to pay them a small amount due. I’ll extend it every year to! No more interest free loans to Uncle Sam from me! IRS is useless. Why do they have jobs if they can’t provide accurate information in a timely fashion?! Ughhhh!

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    Filled 1/23 accepted 1/24. Complete and accurate return filled and I claimed the EIC. Received the delay message on 2/14 and it’s been that way since. Nothing on transcripts. Spoke to a representative and they were entirely useless. Could only say they received my return in the 24th. I’m fairly patient, but this is out of control. I’m irritated.

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    I filed and was accepted 1/27. Received the delay message on 2/15. Transcripts are still n/a. No hope in sight.

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    Same. Filed and accepted 1/28. Delay message. I can’t see my transcripts.

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    Ms tax

    Filed 02/04
    Transcript updated last Friday/ Thursday
    To adjusted amount ( increase)
    Able to see 2021 tax summary on irs website
    Codes 971/570

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    Spoke to IRS rep and was told there was an error (couldnt/wouldn’t) tell me what. Stated no notices mailed
    Error fixed 2/28 and placed back in line for processing. Advised up to & weeks.

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    Anthony U.

    Just got off the phone with the irs filed 1/24 delay message. He pulled me up and said that if you have the delay message they haven’t even touched your return. he said the only thing on the account at all was that it was received. He said that anyone who filed early is getting screwed because they couldn’t touch them till the 14th of Feb. when they finally did they had a huge backlog and instead of starting with oldest returns they started with the newest returns.

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    Just checked WMR and no update on DDD and no bar showing when I check status. Only message I get is:
    “We apologize, but your return processing has been delayed beyond the normal timeframe.
    You can continue to check back here for the most up to date information regarding your refund.
    We understand your tax refund is very important and we are working to process your return as quickly as possible.”

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    Same f/a 1/26/22

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    Same filed 1/21 excepted same day bars left said delayed message then past couple weeks it’s being processed no bars no codes amount shows.. I have eic/ctc and advanced with TT/credit karma

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    I filed 1/24 Accepted 1/25. Have had the still processing message for weeks now with transcripts NA.
    I’m a patient person but this is getting out of hand.
    It at least makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one who has fallen into the black hole.

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    Over it

    Same! Filed and accepted 2/7

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    Many of us have this! Filed 2/7

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    I had that message since 2/5 then I updated with ddd for 3/2 on the date of 2/26. Filled 1/15 accepted 1/18

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