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      Just wondering why do my transcript have this cycle a as of date 3/14…570 3/7…971 3/14… No transcript updates, no letters sent.🤔🤔so whats the issue?!!? Why cant they just send out people money or at least tell people the truth instead telling everyone the same thing smh

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          @Vee facts! Called the Irs told me to wait till April a week after 570/971 codes I updated to ddd of 3/16 I’m pretty sure they’re just saying anything at this point!!

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            Called yesterday about no movement and was told I had to wait 10-20 weeks for my refund due to wage verification. Woke up this morning and got a date on transcript for 3/16… So that tells you by calling irs doesn’t help because they don’t know what they talking about… Now let’s see if the transcripts are on point.. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!

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              @Optimistic mommy
              No my transcript haven’t changed at all and when I click on wages I don’t see any available. I just don’t understand what the problem is. I called the Irs a week ago and they can’t even tell me what’s wrong Smh.. Just frustrating waiting for money that is ours in the first place. We work hard all year it shouldn’t be an issue at all being we’re not getting even half of what we worked for🙄

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                I am going through the same thing, has it cleared up for you?

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                  The 571 code is a hold code that won’t be lifted until either they complete processing of your return or an error is corrected by them or by you, the 971 notice will tell you what you need to do to correct anything on your end (if there’s something for you to do). If they fix the 570 themselves the notice will tell you what they did.

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                    Okay thank you…Although I put the correct amount I received for my stimulus🙄…what is the 570 code with the date 3/7?

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                      Okay.. so how long would it be before I see a ddd? I was hoping soon but I guess not.

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                        @Vee when you receive your notice in the mail from the IRS it will explain what happened, but it may still be pending being sent out and/or in the mail on it’s way to you. 570 3/7/22 is just the date that the hold was placed, and 971 3/14/22 is the letter they sent. They may send that letter any time before 3/14.

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                          @Stormy That’s why I said those are the two most common things I’ve seen while looking. I wasn’t speaking to EVERYONE’s issues, only what I’ve seen and what OP asked about. As to your situation, I’ve seen a LOT of people saying that same thing. You’d think since that’s a simple return you’d have seen your money by now.

                          @Vee It’s a hold the IRS placed while finishing your taxes, either due to an error or missing information or something else needing to be done on their end.

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                            What is code 570 3/7/22? Im sorry y’all but not only is this issue stressful but also confusing 😁

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                              Arreyis, that’s not necessarily true. . I only filed my tax return with a 1098-T, , nothing else. No W2, no ACTC, or EITC, i don’t know any back taxes, etc, and I still got the 20220705 and DELAY

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                                If you claimed less/more ACTC than was sent, or if you claimed the third stimulus when they have record that you got it already (even if you didn’t) they’ll work to fix the error and the 971 is to let you know what they did. Those are just the two most common things I’ve seen while looking around. If you didn’t get the stimmy and they say you did you need to get them to trace the payment.

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                                  The 971 is them sending your notice by 3/14, it’s not necessarily saying it’s already been sent. Lots of people that had this code this year had to ID verify, but since you can already see your transcript it’s more likely an error.

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