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Decreased Refund

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    I FINALLY got my refund a whole month after my return was ACCEPTED! However, it’s thousands of dollars less than it should be. I input all of the stimulus AND “pre-credit” payments based on the IRS’s website, so there is NO WAY that I made the mistake! I’ve been trying to get a hold of ANYBODY to explain their mistake for the last week. I keep getting recordings saying they can’t take calls. Does ANYONE have a good number? The numbers given on this site no longer seem to work. I get the same “high volume” recording to make appointment at local tax center and same recording for the tax advocate! It’s almost like they are intentionally avoiding our calls!?!

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      Me too I went to a small refund to owing 650 I went to jh so I assumed it should be correct but naw


        Many people put in the tax credit info from one of the letters the Irs sent. They sent a letter to each spouse and you were supposed to add the amount on the letters together because that’s how much you actually got in payments last year. Is it possible you fall into this category?


          Sorry to hear that call tax advocate office 877-777-4778 option 1 and 1 again. Ask to be transferred to accounts management which is IRS.

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