Dead cyclers, weeklies (05ers) any good news this morning?

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    Has anybody seen any updates yet that had a dead cycle code and/or knows they are a weeklie (04ers or 05ers)?

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    I apologize everyone for not getting back to you quickly I have been away this weekend.


    Your cycle date 20150505 determines the deposit date which will be Wed. the 11th :-)


    It is possible, have you heard any news? If your as of date shows 2-16-2015 it is possible you will see a refund sometime this week.


    20150505 means refund on the 11th (wed)


    I am sorry to hear that, hopefully it will be quick but try to get in touch with them Monday and see what they say.



    Filed 1/29, accepted 1/29-ddd 2/11/15 Yea



    And of course, it’s Saturday and they are closed.



    Well…was hoping for a 2 bar update on WMR since my transcripts showed up yesterday (with code 846). Logged into WMR and I am under review! My heart has sunk.



    My Husband and I filed on 1/28 got accepted a few minutes later. WMR still hasn’t updated and I can’t get any transcripts. I am beyond stressed. We have never had to wait this long before. We filed with Tax slayer thinking it would be quicker than going to H&R! If something was going on wouldn’t they have contacted us by now with a letter?



    WMR updated last night! DDD 2/11/2015!!!!



    Transcrip finally updated completely got a cycle code and date of 20150505 02-23-2015

    SO we should be getting our refunds next week? I have a 846 refund code My faith in the IRS is restored.



    MsTori – my transcripts are still blank but I’m definitely and 05er – have been for 3 years…. I do have 2-16-2015 listed…. Can you tell me what this means? Also is there a possibility my transcripts may update over the weekend? Anyone with answers please feel free to chime in.



    I GOT MY TRANSCRIPTS!!!!!!!!!!


    I just wanna run around screaming OMG OMG!

    So relieved.

    Cycle 20150505.



    I filed and was accepted 1/29 with tt. Checked trans this am went from n/a to 2014 on all four..however cant view to error 122….should j be getting excited about a wmr update soon, or no? *have been weekly for a few years*




    Filed 1/29 with TS. Accepted a mere few minutes later on same day.
    As of this morning, still 1 bar on WMR with code 152

    Didn’t bother looking for transcripts until a few minutes ago:
    Can see my return and account trans w/ refund amount and code 846.
    Cycle date of 20150505 and a deposit by date of 2/23/2015 (which means they didn’t actually accept them until 2/02 and not 1/29????)

    Next week deposit, maybe? When will WMR update?




    I’m an 05’r and…. Oh my flippity FLIP FLIP FLIP! So I was accepted 1/20, no bars, no transcripts, yada yada yada… Well, after not being able to view ANY of my transcripts all morning due to “technical difficulties” (per the IRS website), I was just now able to get in and ALL my transcripts for 2014 are now available and complete. No zeros. I haven’t checked WMR yet, but woooooo! Finally!




    It SHOULD update tonight, but sometimes it is slower to update on the weekends so might not until Monday. Don’t sweat it if you have all your codes.



    @mstori thank you for being so helpful through out this process!

    I finally am able to view transcripts! 20150505 and I got the 846 code!

    Is WMR suppose to update tonight?




    Yes, 20150505 is Wednesday. People are getting confused by the 2/23/2015 code, but that is just their deadline to post funds to your account not the deposit date for those who are worried :-)

    @Amanda C

    Great news! You should be seeing $$$$ on Wednesday. Let us all know!


    Do you have an as of date on your transcripts? Something for later this month maybe?


    You’re very welcome. Trust me I understand that it is even more frustrating to not know what is going on and then be tossed a bunch of legal/tax language you don’t understand. They seem to forget we are humans, not computers, but we all know customer service is not their strong suit.


    If they just accepted it on the 2nd then you should see some updates either Monday morning, or later in the week. Hopefully a refund around the 12th or 13th.



    MsTori, ok. Did what you said, I wasn’t actually accepted until Feb 2. Mind you filed the 28th wmr said accepted on 30th. Still processing, then she gave me the 21 days blah blah.




    Thank you so much. You have given the most best and easiest answer to understand.



    Oh, I hope that includes me. My account transcript became available this morning (filed 1/29 and accepted same day supposedly) but has been reading 000s. Just checked, still 000s, no codes, no tax return filed.



    I haven’t read thru all of the responses on here but wanted to post real quick to give some home to others that are waiting.

    Filed 1/23, one bar on WMR since then. Finally could see the blank transcript last Friday with all 000s. This morning around 5, I could see all of my transcripts with the info all filled in but no codes other than 20150505. I was thinking oh crap, it’s gonna be another week before I see something. Just checked again at 10:20 and I now have other codes including 846 with my refund amount. So keep checking thru the day and don’t give up hope!!!!!



    Ok guys they are updating transcripts in real time , checked an hour ago and 00s as of February 16th, just checked 1 min ago and 846 refund issued as of 2/23/2015 cycle 20150505 which I believe is Wednesday so hang in there, it’s on the way!!!




    I don’t have that code.. See this link and search for 570.. Looks like could be a freeze for something.




    I had an offset on last years return which was paid in full. I have code 971 $0.00 and code 570 additional action pending 0.00. Which makes me totally nervous since I’ve read 570 can mean they’re holding on to your money for a long time. =(( i pray like hell thats not the problem.



    Making sure Iunderstand this…. I’m a weekly filer, accepted the 29th. Today I can view my account transcript, but it’s all zeroes and the As of is 2/23.

    So is there a realistic chance I will update further this weekend? Or am I stuck in limbo for a week?

    Stupid weekly cycle, my sis is daily, filed at the same time as me and got her refund this morning.




    971 code on mine is showing notice sent $0.00. I had an offset and it shows right after that.. Thinking it is a notice that your offset of somekind has been paid in full



    Anyone have code 971 and 570 on their transcripts?




    Great news! We should see some updates on WMR this weekend.



    Happy Dance!!!!!!!

    I can see my transcripts! Cycle date is 20150505 which should be a Wednesday 2/11/15 deposit.

    AND I woke up to my state refund in my bank account! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    WMR still says my refund is being processed with the 152 message.
    Transcripts show 846 refund issued ☺☺☺☺☺☺




    Wednesday, Feb. 11th, 2015 :-D



    20150505, Wednesday Feb. 11th, 2015.




    Ok my code cycle is 20150505, what DD is that?




    Take a look at my longer post that starts @patty

    Check your return transcript for the cycle code (exact deposit date). Mine is 20150505, Wednesday Feb. 11th, 2015.




    Try to find out if you were re-sequenced. If so (and no other issues) ask when the IRS received the return because a lot of us got bumped from our original sent dates. Let me know what you find out and I will try to help you determine when your refund is coming :-)




    You’re welcome :-)

    Everyone else who is confused about cycle codes and refund sent dates. Just to clarify, the RETURN transcript (most commonly viewed) will give you your cycle code which determines the exact date of DD. It is located near the top under all your personal info. When you see your filing status, followed by form number (1040, 1040A, etc) it is the next number below that and has 8 digits (20150505).

    The week for the IRS runs Thursday-Wed. We are currently on the 5th week of 2015 (201505 part). The last 2 digits are for the day, but not the 5th day of the week. Since the week starts on Thursday and they do not count the weekend it goes. Thursday 01, Friday 02, Monday 03, Tuesday 04, Wednesday 05.

    To look for your 846 Refund Sent code open up your ACCOUNT transcript. The codes are at the bottom under Code Explanation of Transaction. The very last code should be the 846 Refund Sent code.

    Sorry for the confusion, but you will not see an 846 Refund Sent code on your return transcript, which like I said I never have and it is the most commonly looked at transcript since it is the first one :-)




    I have the same thing it said 2/16/2015 now it says as of 2/23/2015 and my refund codes are there with a date of 2/23/2015 will I not get my refund till
    Then? That seems a bit much.




    It shows 20150505 there on return transcript and also on account transcript.. What deposit date is that?? Thanks




    Filed 1/29.
    Accepted 1/29

    Return tran available 2/6

    no update on wmr

    Hold tight! The light at the.end of the tunnel is getting bright




    My ACCOUNT transcript updated this morning with the 20150505 code and also 846 refund issued. I could view return transcript yesterday which had all data and date of Feb 16th, this morning all dates on Return-Account transcripts show Feb 23rd.. Not sure what that means???

    WMR has not updated and hoping to figure out the date it will post…?? any thoughts



    I will do that! Thank you :)




    I’m sorry I missed the 2nd half or your post. 2/23/2015 is the latest they can send it. To get your cycle code for the exact deposit date you need to look at your return transcript and look at the top under your name/date/etc. Right under your filing status and form number it will give a cycle posted code.




    Sounds like you are not a weekly updater. Have you contacted the IRS to see what is going on? Best way to get info is to tell them you were disconnected from someone else who was telling you that you may need to submit information from a review. They will definitely look into your account if you say that :-)



    Also, are you viewing your return transcript or account transcript? The account transcript will give you the 846 code for return sent, but it will not show on your return transcript so there is no need to worry about that. Like I said I have never seen one on my return transcript.




    That is good news and a first time I have heard of that with an 05er. What is your cycle code on your transcript Jan22nd? Is it 20150505? That code means 2/11/2015 (Wed)



    My last 3 cycles are all different. An 01, 05, then 04. I’m broken lol



    For those of you who cannot see anything, keep in mind that more transcripts will post tonight. I usually do not see anything happening until Saturday, but I was able to see it today. This is my first year filing joint, so maybe that pushed me up on the list. With system updates throughout the weekend you may not see updates until Monday morning.



    Return and ACCOUNT transcript just updated for me with 846 refund issued.. It shows 2/23/2015.. I am a 05.. When will it be sent to me?

    Filed 1/22 with Turbo Tax



    Good morning everyone, I apologize for not posting when I was up at 4AM, but my youngest wouldn’t go back to sleep until 6AM and I feel like a zombie today. BUT I got good news just like many of you! Transcript shows 20150505, but not WMR update yet. That will probably happen tomorrow or Sunday.

    For those of you who are not seeing the 846 refund sent codes on your transcripts, you most likely won’t because you’re a weekly. I have noticed only the dailies are seeing those codes and it is updating. I have never seen an 846 on my transcripts or any other 05ers that I have looked at. So do not worry, I always get my funds on Wednesdays which is what my code says on my transcripts.



    Hey guys my transcript was finally available this morning and it says 20150505. When does this mean I will get my refund? Please help I am so confused. I don’t see an update on WMR



    I’ve been able to view full scripts since last Monday. No movement whatsoever until least night. 846 refund issued 2/23. I did owe back taxes from 2011, I did have the aca penalty, but I did not have the 570 freeze code.



    My as of date on blank account transcript is Feb 23. I have dd set up, when should I get mine. I hope not the 23rd…



    Filed 1/15, accepted 1/20. Could view account transcript last week but had all 0’s no returned filed. Today is the first time I’ve been able to view my full return transcript! My acct transcript still has 0’s and says no return filed. I’ve been an 05’er past years. Last year I do remember the day I could view my return transcript, I got my DDD the next day. So idk. I’m thinking Tuesday possibly my DDD.

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