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    Has anyone, anywhere heard of a DDD yet? Can anyone order trascripts yet? I am itching to see one today, from anyone, at all!!

    Also, do we know the actual time wmr gets updated? Im in Eastern time & wondering if I have any chance to see an update

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    got my date earlier… BOOM!

    E.D.Harrington Jr.

    H&R Block says my federal return is expected in my account on the 23rd of february (which is today). IRS says that my return would be issued on the 25th of february. Who I listen to? Why would the IRS and H&R Block give me two separate day to receive my return?


    I filed with H&R block on 1/29 and got an email saying my return was accepted. When I check WMR it says I have to wait 24hrs and its been well over 24 hours. should I call and ask what’s going on?

    Accepted and transcripy

    My return was accepted on the 21st and transcripts are accessible. No update on on ddd? Filed my son’s on 26th and received his return on 31st? Confused



    Just since I see a lot of question, but few updates.

    My status bar disappeared 2 days ago and it went into the generic “your refund is being processed topic 152” speech. I did some research and found that most people say that means you are in review. THAT is not true. I talked to the IRS yesterday and she said it just started processing 2 days ago (when the bar disappeared)

    Today I woke up and have a DDD of Monday

    Also, I always thought payments were on Friday so since it is Monday maybe this is good news for everyone that it is speedier than expected.



    Filed and approved on 1/22/15 still nothing. No transcript no ddd. Hope not much longer


    I have a question. Why did so many people file as early as the 8th of January when the irs announced that they wouldn’t process returns until the 20th? It seems there are a ton of people who filed before the 20th and they’re having a lot of problems getting progress on their refunds. On the other hand, there are a ton of people who filed on the 20th and a few days later who are getting their refunds tomorrow. I’m in that group. I filed on the 23rd and got a DDD for the 30th and my state refund was in my bank this morning. 7 days from filing to refund is something I’ve never experienced until this year. Just wondering if by filing so early did something to their returns.


    I filed on Jan.20 and was accepted with in an hour after filing….and still has not been up dated….but everyone that I know that filed after I did all has DDDs of Jan 30





    Filed 1/18 accepted 1/20. 20150402 cycle.
    Transcripts available as of Tuesday.

    No ddd.

    Anyone else in this cycle not updated yet besides me?



    I prepared my friend’s tax return Tuesday 1|20|15 (night), Accepted with in two minutes, Approved Wednesday 1|28|15, DDD 1|30|15, she is in Georgia, I used


    Just got my ddd for 1-30


    Still no update for me, I filed with TT 1/8 was accepted 1/12 with my fees coming out of my refund no update with SBBT. Can anyone tell me what time they are seeing the DDD show up? I checked at midnight, again at 3am and again at 4am after seeing all of the people getting their DDD’s.


    Just checked WMR, DDD of 1/30. Filed 1/19, accepted 1/21/ Filed with TT. I didn’t have any fees taken out, but I took advantage of the 10% Amazon Gift Card Bonus for a few hundred, and I use BOA so I am not expecting money in the bank until Friday at the earliest.


    DDD JAN/30!!!! EXCITED!!


    Jan 30th also, State refund still says they never received return though.


    Woo got a ddd for fri…. I’ll be able to rent a car now until mines fixed instead of borrowing familys…mine stopped starting 2 weeks ago….. the small things keep me happy. To bed where I live we have a winter storm watch just issued in the wake of the blizzard.. yay maine :-/.


    I filed on the 21st, was accepted on the 21st, got DDD of 1/30 on WMR this morning. My bank (USAA) usually releases funds early, I’m hoping to have them today or tomorrow.

    I hope everyone else gets good news soon!


    Ok so I got our date but it says to be mailed. It also gave the tax topic for possible child support offset and such but we shouldn’t have any offsets we are pretty basic people with no support stuff. Also apparently turbotax blanked out our choice and info for direct deposit so now ours is being mailed did anyone else find this issue? I put dd info in since we have a bank acct and have never had this happen. I’ve always used freetaxusa but they had issues submitting so we switched. Just completely confused. Says it will be mailed next wed


    Yesterday when i checked the state site it said it was released on the 27th and would take up to 48 to hit my bank account. My bank is usually very good with releasing my money. But different banks have different timeframes i have WF.


    My bank has a pending deposit set for Jan 30 for my federal refund. I paid the filing fee up front so I didn’t go thru TT bank. However, no state refund yet. I hope nothing is wrong because I’ve seen a few other people already get their state refund and they’re in the same state as I am (MD).


    Gina…I too am in MD. I was hoping my state would’ve been in my bank this morning, but I checked and it wasn’t there. It looks like I’m exactly a day after you. I filed on the 23rd, accepted the 23rd and have a DDD for January 30. I wonder why state is taking longer for me than it did for you.


    I filed and was accepted on January 23 and this morning received a DDD on WMR of January 30. I am cautiously optimistic that it will be there on Friday. I’m skeptical only because that’s only 7 calendar days from filing to refund and I’ve NEVER seen it happen that quickly. Anyone else see progress so quickly this year?


    Filed through TT January 22, got accepted for federal January 22. Got accepted for Md state January 23. Got my state January 28 and my ddd for federal is January 30th. Hoping they release it to sgtg soon or i won’t get it until sat.


    I got second bar…ddd jan 30 no update on sbbt yet. Filed tt with fees through sbbt.


    Sorry guys – had to move the screenshot, the other link will no longer work:


    Just got my DDD! January 30th!! I had filed the 14th, accepted 16th, was just able to get transcripts yesterday morning, had the 20150402 code! Looks like lots of others too!


    I am so happy for you L Williams..I’ve been in that situation where I had to walk to work due to vehicle issues


    Right. I agree there is no need for anyone to get pissy and irate. I’m hurt that my other half got his before me and I filed before he did lol. 10 days before he did. What I have read I that all those who have their money use netspend and didn’t have fees taken out or paid upfront. I hope everyone gets theirs soon, including myself. I saw it with my own two eyes on his phone. Hit his card at 9:55. Nobody has to screenshot to prove it. Just go to the Igotmyrefund Facebook page and you will see. Everyone have a great night.

    L Williams

    I filed with on 1/22 was accepted on 1/23 and i just got an email from Netspend (Brinks Prepaid Mastercard) saying the Irs made the deposit 1/27……i am beyond shocked….wmr is still saying processing with one bar…..i have never gotten a refund this fast in all my years, i praise God because my transmission went out a week ago & its been a struggle to get to & from work. I actually was sitting at the bus stop upset because i missed my bus & had to wait an hour for the next one when i checked my email & saw the brinks email (by the way Brinks is a division of Netspend, i believe) im so grateful at this moment, i figured i had at least another week on the bus….Man i tell ya…,God is able..headed to the dealership in the morning….Good luck to everyone of you


    Why are you grown ass people being rude and disrespectful? Listen i got a date of 1/30 for my ddd. I filed on the 8th and got accepted on the 12th. My mother filed her on the 12th and fot accepted on the 12th.., she has netspend and has received hers. How I HAVE NO IDEA. I GOT A H AND R BLOCK CARD SO IDK HOW LONG IT’S GONE TAKE FOR ME. I HAVE NO REASON TO LIE SO DON’T TRY THAT DISRESPECTFUL SHIT OVER HERE.


    Calm down little man. Screenshot of…What? I don’t need to provide a screenshot, plenty of people here have said their transcript code of 20150402, which comes out to January 30th, 2015. Cool your jets, hombre. No need to get all pissy because some get their deposits before you.


    It is entirely possible that people are getting deposits and DDD on the same day. That has happened to me before. I think you all should chill until tomorrow when it is likely you will get at least a DDD. My guess is either ppl are getting DD tomorrow or DDD tomorrow and DD by Friday for those who were accepted on day one. On one occasion it took 10 days but it is usually a week for me, that has been my experience.

    Ur moms boyfriend who is really ur dad

    @impatientlywaiting screen shot or ur full of shit


    Look, genius. The transcript code is set to deposit on Friday. They moved the money on Monday. If your financial institution releases early (3-4 days for Netspend, 2 for rushcard), then guess what??? Netspend Will get it on the 27th, and rushcard on the 28th. Why is that so hard to understand?

    The bitch from highschool who rode everyone

    @impatientlywaiting who told you this? Rush card??? Because the IRS was told not to tell anyone… So ur full of shit or they are


    Well someone is mad!!! Yes, it is true. I use Rushcard and they told me that they’ll start depositing today (the 28th). Rushcard deposits 2 days early, Netspend deposits 3 to 4 days early.

    The bitch from highschool who rode everyone

    My boyfriends sisters cousin twice removed, has an uncle how talked to a guy at a shell station who’s moms uncles brother has a buddy from vietnam who’s Mother went to school with Obama and her sisters uncles cousin used netspend and had his money for this years return in 2011

    Di ckn urmo uth

    Anyone claiming a direct deposit already is full of shit. It’s all BS don’t buy thier crap they just want attention. The real ones who filed before the first day of acceptance which was befor 1/12 and were accepted 1/12 have not recieved their deposit so they have not either. They are bunch of little fuck tards looking for attention


    Mine hit my net spend card at 9:50 eastern time. I have no updates on wmr and was able to get transcripts earlier.




    Listen to this. I filed my boyfriends return on Friday January 23rd. He got accepted the same day. His money just hit his account an hour ago. He uses Netspend. I can’t pull his transcripts and he is still on one bar on WMR. Hope everyone starts getting their money

    Jesse h

    How do I get my transcripts. I went to site and registered. When I logged in to see transcripts it says 2014 N/A. Is there another way to get transcripts?


    @Seahawk fan

    So I just called and talked someone and she told me my Direct deposit will be going out on 1/30. I filed on 1/8 and got accepted on 1/12.. I was worried for a while. But they are not updating the system until next week.. I wasn’t able to see my transcript so i called. I went through Turbotax so i will be going threw sbbt

    Seahawks Fan

    Anyone else able to see transcripts and got projected dad for 1/30 that had money sent through sbbt?

    Leslie M

    I am in TN, on Central time. I have the Netspend card also. I am so anxious now!!!


    I’m on the east coast and yes my transcript said that . I use PayPal prepaid which is a net spend account Always get my DD 2 days earlier than a traditional bank account

    Leslie M

    @Soliv, what coast are you on?


    Soliv– Does your transcript say 20150402???? mine do and i got netspend.


    Alize- FIled the 19th on TA accepted on 20th my WMR bar still on Accepted. Able to order transcripts today.

    Prove it!

    Post a screen shot of the deposit!! I’m excited for mine!


    Soliv– When did you file?


    My best friend also received her refund tonight on her Netspend card! She filed 1/16 and was accepted 1/20. I am so jealous of her right now haha. Her WMR did not update either


    Just received my refund ! :) but WMR still on first bar guessing it will update till tomorrow . I’m a net spend user btw


    I can only access wAge transcript. Does that mean it’s still processing?


    A refund date will be provided when available…

    Does this mean my refund is in manual review and it will be weeks now? I saw this on a few websites, but I can also find information that contradicts this.


    So I just called and talked someone and she told me my Direct deposit will be going out on 1/30. I filed on 1/8 and got accepted on 1/12.. I was worried for a while. But they are not updating the system until next week.


    I taxes were accepted on 01-20 and my bar disappeared today and it just says that it is being processed. 2 years ago this happened when there was a problem with the home-buyer credit and education credits and it took weeks after my submission even though it was e-file. I have also heard that this happens right before they give you a DDD…

    Any similar issues this year that have changed for you?


    Don’t know how true it is but someone on Facebook just reported that Chase Bank is showing their pending refund and said it should post in one or two days


    I’m pretty sure 02 is the day code for Friday.

    tax depot

    Based on replies, I guess it’s just luck of the draw. Fingers crossed I’ll be next. It would be nice to see it before the weekend, but if not then it’s still good that we’re not seeing an excessive delay.


    I filed the night of the 19th. Accepted by lunch time on the 20th. No update on WMR since the 20th. Unable to pull transcripts on my pc but was able to pull them on my phone.
    846 refund issued cycle 20150402 2-16-2015

    I took a look at my return info for last year 846 refund issued cycle 20140804 and i received my DD on February 25th.

    So Im going to expect this years to be DD by the 3rd. Earlier than that, we shall see.


    @tax depot

    I filed on 1/20 and was accepted on 1/20 shortly after, I filed with TT and have my transcripts with the 20150402 cycle on them.


    I filed with H&R Block on 1/20 accepted on 1/21 still no transcripts and only on bar on wmr.


    Sorry that was last post was intended for tax depot not drew. I am on my iPhone and it was a long scroll to the reply box.


    Drew I also used hr block and have received my acct transcript.

    tax depot

    Thanks Drew. Wondering who others filed with. I went with H&R Block. Beginning to think their refunds are slower than others.


    @Tax Depot: I filed on the 21st and was accepted minutes after the e-file was submitted through TaxAct. Cycle is 20150402.


    SO if WMR is ONLY updated 1 times a day, how come when we all got notices that we ere accepted we suddenly could see that on WMR…Wouldn’t that mean its set to real time. I know on 1/20/2015 when I checked in the morning It had no information but as soon as I got my acceptance email and checked it, it was showing online…I am confused.

    tax depot

    For those of you with a DDD of 20150402, what day was your return accepted? I filed on the 20th and was accepted on the 21st. Still can’t view my transcript though.


    I filed and accepted on 1/23. Still on one bar, I was able to order transcript across the board and saw a cycle of 20150402. I have the 846 code and it says refund date of 2-16-2015.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but should I be expecting my refund this Friday/Monday? Thanks and good luck to everyone!


    2/6/14 was a Thursday by the way


    Just a couple of questions, hopefully someone can assist.

    I filed and was excepted on 01/20/15-only one bar in WMR, and cannot access transcripts

    Does anyone know how often the system is updated for transcripts and WMR? Should I just check for updates once a week instead of once a day?
    If I cannot access my transcript, does this mean that there could be issues with my refund?
    Does the IRS only send out refunds on one specific day in the week? If so what day is that?

    dark dante

    @Shannon Monday vs friday… who cares if it is off by one day… really? The deposit is on the way no one cares if the date is off by one day at this point.


    I was looking at information that was posted not long ago regarding the refund cycle. This is what one person stated:

    Code 846 is refund and 2015 is year, 04 is the week of the year, and 02 the day. (01-01-2015)
    IMF Daily Processing
    IMF processing will be daily except on weekends. Some transactions post to IMF on a daily basis as opposed to during the weekly cycle.
    IMF Cycle Date is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit number indicating the day of the week (YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:
    01 = Friday
    02 = Monday
    03 = Tuesday
    04 = Wednesday
    05 = Thursday

    I looked at my transcript from last year and my refund cycle code was – 20140601 – Using the above information – 2014, 06 is the 6th week (1st week of February) 01 – Friday.

    This would make my deposit date last year the first week of February on that friday. That date was 02/06/2014, and that was the date I received my refund. It certainly adds up :-)

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