DDD of 2/4 filed with HRB anyone have any updates??

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      The IRS website says my DDD is BY 2/4 however I am curious as to when it will post into my account. HRB still has to take their fees out first. And all they give are very generic answers they don’t even look up your account when you call. Anyone have any more incite? I know I am being impatient…

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        Jonny dollar

          I went through H&R block and had fees taken from my refund this year. My DDD is 2/4. I just spoke with my bankand the rep told me it will be in my account at 6am. So yes they are releasing asap. Btw I bank with Fifth third bank. I live in Louisville Ky. Hope this helps.

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            A user on another thread said he visited his local HRB office and asked them when they will deposit his refund since he had DDD of 2/4/15 and the office told him same day. So lets hope they gave him correct info!! I know sometimes it always just depends on who you talk to. I have DDD of 2/4/15 as well and had fees taken out of refund and to DD to bank. I hope we see refunds tomorrow! Just hate the waiting game, to me when you are told a date it should be that date. I understand not every bank or credit union or financial institute can make things happen as fast as we would like but really with today’s technology, no one should have to wait any longer than one day once the refunds are released. Just my little ole’ opinion ;)

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