DDD of 02/26/2014 or later?

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    My date is/was 02-26-14 of course no deposit was made. My bank (TD bank) states they see no pending deposits. I had an offset for department of education for 735. I called them and they have there money. They got it today (02-27-14)

    So here I sit wondering where is the rest of my money (few thousand)… My bank doesnt have it,
    wmr states it was sent to my bank yesturday 26th.

    Anyone been or going through this?

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    If it has truly been mailed, I say by Thurs. as well. Good luck to you.



    Our check was mailed yesterday according to the IRS…. I called them yesterday afternoon… this morning i checked and the WMR shows that it has been mailed…. now to play the waiting game from the mail!!! I would think that it should be here by Thursday at latest… Usually mail from outta state people to us from michigan (we live in NC) takes 2-3 days max! Heres to hoping!!! :)



    Still nada for me either.



    I’m in the same boat. My bank rejected my dd now the IRS is mailing me a live check by the 14th.



    still no refund received! Not happy!!! almost 2 weeks past now! filed on Feb 1st!



    No update for me, still 1121, 841 refund cancelled. I looked through posts from the 2/6ers that had the 1121 problem. It appears it took approx. 2 weeks for them to get a deposit after the 1121 showed up. Most that were supposed to get it 2/6 got it 2/21, which was a Friday. Who knows, no rhyme or reason behind what the IRS does.


    Melissa Taran

    Still no deposit hopefully maybe tomorrow



    Just checked wmr again… now says was an error in deposit and will be mailed on the 10th!!! Yet we gave them correct info and called bank and they said that there was no deposit attempted…. not happy!!!



    Better make sure it isn’t the 1121 code, check WMR. Also, I wouldn’t be too alarmed considering this is the weekend. It may show up in the A.M.


    Melissa Taran

    March 2 and no deposit…netspend is making me mad…I want my money



    Well now I have an 841 on trans and 1121 on WMR.

    Who knows what they are doing. Sounds like the same problem 2/12ers experienced.

    Check your trans and WMR



    I still do not have a DD either. So it is evident that 2/26 was a farce for a lot of us. I am calling Monday if nothing happens, which it probably won’t. So they can give me the “we sent it but your bank rejected it, so we have to send you a paper check”, knowing that they never sent it in the 1st place. That’s fine, send me my check.

    I would advise you guys to call on Monday as well 3/3 is the date we have to call. All of this is by design, I see through the murky water.



    DDD of 26th and still no deposit…. called bank and they told me to wait 3-5 business days… if not in account to call IRS theres nothing they can do.



    2/28/14 Friday still no deposit and no sign of where it is… This is now getting frustrating. Why have a DDD if it is not going to be there.


    Melissa Taran

    My ddd 2/26 still nothing netspend hasnt recieve my money yet..



    I sure will keep you updated, thanks.



    Thanks for your post! I’m sorry to hear you are going through a very similar issue as myself. So at this point i guess there is no option other to “wait” until at least Monday.

    Well hopefully it arrives before then. I’ll update this post if anything changes. (can you please do the same :)



    I too had a DDD of 2/26, no refund. 846 code refund issued, no offsets. WMR refund issued, called my bank, no pending deposits, nothing in the sweep or warehouse. Called the IRS today. No holds, refund issued, verified bank info, says it is correct. Told to call back on Monday at that point, if not received, they can trace it and not a moment before then.

    I used to be a weekly, only deposited on Fridays for years, so it was surprising to see a mid-week deposit date.

    Hopefully tomorrow.

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The topic ‘DDD of 02/26/2014 or later?’ is closed to new replies.