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DDD 3/2 with SBTGP fees

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    Anyone with a DDD of 3/2 and filing with TT with fees taken out received a deposit yet? I also bank with chime.

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      Chime posted early this morning.woohoo!!!


        My refund was posted today with my bank. Local credit union.


          Chime got it this early morning ! Good luck yall!


            Wisely card hit one hour ago YAY


              My deposit hit Wells Fargo at 6 am.


                Chime just hit for me 5:54am


                  Fees have been taking waiting on Wells Fargo now


                    For anyone looking for the SBTPG info please do not use the link provided above.
                    Use the Google link where it has a verifiable security certificate. Stay safe!


                      nothing popped up on my Chime account today, i guess we dont get the refund early than DDD this year. my DDD 03/02 hopefully we all will get it tomorrow !


                        I am the exact same , just here looking for updates as well. As soon as someone gets anything tomorrow morning can they give an update please. I am TT and has fees with SBTG and mine is funded with date deposited to me of todays date which is 3/1 , and my DDD is 3/2 so lets all pray we wake up happy. BUT ANYONE WITH UPDATES PLEASE LET US KNOW !


                          SBTG says FUNDED when I look my refund up, it says sent on 3/1. So I am HOPING that Wells Fargo will credit my account over night, but who knows….

                          If someone gets a deposit, could you update us here?


                            My sbtpg page says I’ve been funded but still haven’t received the deposit so I’m almost 100 percent sure I won’t see it until tomorrow, which is fine, as long as it comes early cause mama got plans lol


                              Filed with TT, DDD 3/2 with SBTPG fees.
                              TPG status shows funded and paid to me with today’s date 3/1.
                              But no deposit yet on Chime yet. Fingers crossed.


                                SBTG still showing unfunded but there’s more information showing up- fees and what not.


                                  @ Bruno Jupiter

                                  Congrats 🍾 I hope we all get our 🤑🤑🤑 today!!

                                  Bruno Jupiter

                                    Got refund today with fees taken out of sbtpg


                                      Oh it did post. Lol I was posting that for the person asked how to check meta bank. But yup same here no dd yet just says funded now


                                            I had meta bank last year this the website to check


                                                SBTGP is showing funded today for me with a 3/1 date. No money direct deposited yet at my bank. But with a 3/2 date I would not expect at my bank yet.


                                                  Go to google type in eps taxpayer login it will be the 4th one is says check your refund status- my eps tax click that then click step 2 then click check status


                                                      I will give you the steps it’s not letting me paste the website here


                                                        I do


                                                          Anyone know how to check if fees been taken out of metabank


                                                            Fee have been paid now sbtpg says funded and the amount paid to me. No deposit yet though just waiting dd3/2


                                                              Not yet still waiting if not today hopefully tomorrow


                                                                I don’t bank with chime but mine is still showing unfunded. My bank typically releases the day prior but this is the first year I didn’t pay the fees upfront. So not sure how hopeful I am to get it before Wednesday lol


                                                                  DDD 3/2 – Still showing as unfunded on SBTGP website. Hoping I wake up to a funded message! 🙂


                                                                    still waiting for mine, exactly the same !
                                                                    TT , Chime and 03/02 DDD
                                                                    i thought we cant get it sooner than tuesday


                                                                      I have a DDD of 3/2, fee taken out, and I did direct deposit to my bank. It coming early could be a real blessing.


                                                                        I have a DDD of 03/02 and I bank with my college bank but no fees have been taken out yet


                                                                          @sle60 I’ve seen multiple posts by people with a 3/2 DD date stating they’ve gotten their deposits already. So I was just trying to see if that included anyone with fees taken out.


                                                                            I have a DDD of 03/02 using sbtpg for my fees as well but I have a walmart moneycard so hoping for a smooth process.. I usually dont get it until the actual DDD..


                                                                              I have ddd 3/2 and use sbtpg for my refund to be deposited to my wisely card. I’ll updated when I have one


                                                                                I have same except for bank but not sure why you would have a deposit yet if DDD is 3/2.


                                                                                  I have everything u mentioned, except I dont bank w/ Chime, Im a Wells Fargo laddie.
                                                                                  BUT…. I do hope I get my refund by the 5th, alas,hope has NEVER gotten me ANYWHERE w/ the IRS. I live my life broke week to week, & when the IRS decides to NOT be arse’s and give me my money… well, I just pay up all those infrastructure bills I’m behind on.
                                                                                  Lets hope, that the IRS will send out our deposits ON TIME, and further hope, that SBTG will NOT dillydally in passing on the funds…

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