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DDD 3/1 Post Here When you get your Deposit.

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    DDD 3/1 Post Here When you get your Deposit.

    Accepted 2/14
    Approved 2/25
    DDD 3/1 on Transcript
    Red Circle on SBTG

    Credit Union – nothing yet

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    Got mine too. 3/1

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    Refund deposited into my account this morning, was sent to bank by SBTPG on Friday.

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    I got mines

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    My son was DDD 3/1 and he got his deposit on Saturday morning

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    3/1 DDD, Been pending in my account since Wednesday. 3/1 now and still not released.

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    Accepted 11th ddd 3/1 bank secu still nothing

    I bank with SECU as well, they said that it won’t be deposited until the actual DDD. They suuuuck.

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    Still no deposit for me SMH. DD 3 / 1

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    DD for 3/1 hit account at 12am 2/27

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    Filed 01/29/21
    Accepted 02/11/21
    My deposit was put in my Dave Banking account
    My dad hit my account at 1am eastern time 02/27/21

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    I’m sorry. Hopefully it will give you info and a deposit soon!. The irs is bombarded with tax returns at record numbers as compared to recent years. I read a few articles to that effect the past few days. They are supposed to be stepping up and getting them knocked out quicker. They have been getting a lot more done lately in the past week from what I can tell .it’s crazy this year.

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    Its me

    Hell mines never updated…

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    @its me
    It finally changed to show my ddd this morning. I read transcripts when they FINALLY showed up Wednesday. morning as available that gave me my ddd. Just today wmr changed and this afternoon my emerald card states my pending deposit.
    Wish they’d just give it to me smh

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    Its me

    @hoosierMike does your wmr still say accepted?

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    My emerald card automated message when I called updated to state that my funds are set to be deposited on 3/1..this was around 3 pm. Still nothing but being HRB and emerald card It prob won’t hit till Monday the 1st. Kinda $hitty others with later dd dates are already posting to their accounts. Happy for them but $hitty mine ain’t showing yet. Good luck folks I know we All need it!

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    SBTG shows deposited to my account.
    Nothing in account yet.
    Green circle with red sliver.

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    Transcripts and WMR show DDD 3/1. SBTPG shows refund received by them, fees taken out, and refund sent to my bank today. Nothing in bank account (BOA) but anticipating I’ll see it tomorrow morning, Monday at the latest.

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    Accepted 11th ddd 3/1 bank secu still nothing

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    Anyone with ddd of 3/1 have their refund hit yet? Still hoping for mine to post early but doubt it will post before late Sunday.

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    Anyone who banks with boa? I think DDD will be tomorrow which is 2/26 if not then it’ll be on 3/3 or 3/4.

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    Me thinks tomorrow

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    WMR updated this morning with our deposit date of 3/1 I’m sure we won’t see it till Monday cause one we got a refund advance and two, we bank with Wells Fargo and always get ours the day of. We were accepted 2/12 EITC H&R Block

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    Filed and accepted 2/16 and just got DDD on transcripts for 3/2 but WMR still shows at one bar.

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    Filed and accepted 2/20
    DDD 3/1

Viewing 24 replies - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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