Ddd 3/1

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      I finally got my DDD of 3/1 filed thru TT and had them take out the fees

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          Has any one with chime gotten there deposit early my ddd is 3/3 n nothing yet fees taken out

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            Filed 2/18 TT fees to be taken out
            Accepted within 30 mins
            2/24 transcript updates with DDD 3/1
            2/25 WMR updates to two bar
            2/28 SBTG UPDATED TO FUNDED
            now just eating on Bank of America! Probably won’t
            see it until tomorrow.

            Quickest tax season I’ve ever had.

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              Filed on 2/22…so for a whole 5days I was unable to check my status on WMR. It kept saying I was putting in the wrong info (but I wasn’t) I woke up today(2/27) and was able to finally access WMR (with the SAME info I was putting in at first!!) Now I have the 2nd bar with a DDD of 3/1. But SBTG is still unfunded. I will update if money comes early. Which I doubt because I always get it on the same day as DDD. Even tho I have Netspend and suppose to receive my money 2-3 days early.

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                Great news ! I also had a ddd 3/1 sbtpg chime- SBTPG finally says funded ! Alright Chime it’s time to do your thing!

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                  I also got a DDD of 3/1 on my transcripts
                  I filed 2/8
                  Accepted same day
                  TurboTax fees should be taken out so I’m at the mercy of SBTG
                  I’m getting it sent to my Chime so idk if it’ll be early or right on 3/1 with the fees being taken out etc.

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                    @ LaTroya Yes! DDD 3/01 cash app, filed through TT 2/18 accepted same day wmr/transcripts updated Friday 2/24 with ddd.

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                    Monica Miley

                      Chime here too ddd 3/1 wonder if it’ll be here tomorrow?!

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                        Ms. Jazzy is right. Got the WMR update.
                        WMR updated today with the second bar and DDD approved for 3/1. (see previous post).

                        Good luck everyone!

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                          WMR updated today with the second bar and DDD approved for 3/1.

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                            Does anyone have cAshapp wit dd 3/1

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                              Filed 2/16 w TT (fees out through refund).
                              DDD of 3/1 showed up on the transcript on 2/23 (WRM is still at one bar).
                              SBTG shows not received yet of course.
                              Will advise when deposits to Chime.

                              Good luck everyone!

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                                *forgot to mention (see previous post), WMR has only one bar and has not been updated yet though transcript shows 846 code with 3/1 DDD

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                                  -Filed 2/16 with TT as HOH, no CTC, but yes to 1 dependent in college with the college tax credit.

                                  -Transcript updated 2/23 with 846 3/1 DDD (have Chime).

                                  (That was FAST (last year was a PATHER with CTC, been a PATHER for years, but not this year, so I guess that is why all was processed more quickly).

                                  -SBTG is showing the amount to be received, but received of course still shows 0.00).

                                  -I’ll update when the deposit goes into the Chime account.

                                  Good luck everyone!

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                                  Blessed WOG

                                    Thank you all same here my transcripts 3/1/23 but no update on WMR yet says it should update tomorrow as mentioned.

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                                      I got the 846 code on my transcript with ddd 03/01/2023 and no update on WMR yet

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                                        I got in on the transcript today, so prob on WMR tomorrow

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                                        Blessed WOG

                                          Did you all get DDD of 3/1/23 on WMR or TRANSCRIPT?

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                                            Got Ddd today of 3/1 I have chime curious if it’s coming early

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