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      DDD 2/10/15 update here

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          Did anyone with a ddd of 02/11/15 not get their money due to a wrong account number? How long until I recieve a paper check in the mail? Anyone?

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            I did my taxes with turbo tax. .

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              Does anyone have a insight card with DDD 2/11 get theirs early

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                I was thinking about getting a NetSpend card this year cause I know they disburse the money 2 days before the DDD simply cause they’re not a bank, so they don’t make money off of interest with your refund money sitting in their control. The only problem though is that I have TONS of things linked to my BoA bank account, probably over 20 different merchants/websites/accounts/etc plus I was doing a lot of reading and there’s lots of restrictions and fees with the NetSpend card (e.g. they charge you to get your account balance over the phone LOLOL). Things like that turned me off from it, I don’t want limitations when it comes to spending my money or taking money out at an ATM, so I just went ahead with depositing my refund in my bank account.

                NetSpend can be great for certain people, not so great for others like me.

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                  So went thru hrb. Dd to be 2/11 to emerald card. Does anyone know if it will b early?

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                    Filed TT with fees. Accepted 01/28. Had an offset for back taxes. DDD 2/11. I am praying for an early deposit!!

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                      Filed with tt on 1/30 accepted same day. approved on Saturday for a 2/11 DDD. Woke up to money in the bank. I bank with Navy Federal Credit Union

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                        I didnt owe any fees. i filed it myself through H&R Block.

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                          I’ve never even heard of NetSpend… is it like a prepay debit card? I have a prepaid card thru another company that says our direct deposits will post up to 2 days earlier than expected and i get my paycheck on this card a day earlier than everyone else at work. So i’m hoping to see my refund tomorrow. My luck i won’t, but i can hope :)

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                            From what I’ve read the netspend people are getting their refunds back sooner BC netspend pays the fee they owe so they don’t have to go through sbbt, which in turn saves time. Don’t quote me on this, just passing along what I’ve been reading.

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                              Actually anyone who wants to hate on netspend, especially the guy named Whatever.. shoot me your email and I can send you a little proof haha. Netspend doesn’t need to be promoted, they do what they say. Most people who have issues is because they did something wrong on their end which is usually an easy fix. People just loooove to complain when it doesn’t go their way!!!!

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                                To the person who said whatever… take a look into net spend. Too bad I can’t screen shot to prove it. At 1130pm California time on the 8th my federal was loaded on even.though I had a ddd of 2/11. I love netspend so talk smack all you want, but it’s a great card and I’ve never had an issue.

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                                  I used HRB free file and I have Wells Fargo Bank but nothing yet.

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                                  want mine to lol

                                    Anyone use h and r block and get your fees taken out?

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                                    tt user

                                      Those who received or have pending has wmr updated to 3 bars or still at 2?

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                                        Thanks Tonij.. @Gene, I am a lady not a broski.. lol.. And yes I am cool :)

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                                          Got mine, I have a federal CU bank, which doesn’t hold deposits.

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                                            My 2/11 deposit is currently pending in my NFCU account. Shows deposit for 2/10….so the evening of 2/10 it will hit. So it will be available on 2/11.

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                                            Gene Taxpayer

                                              i pay me fee upfron i use hr bloc online and done myon and three mexican that live next me in trailer cort. 2/11 is my DDD and im having it put on emral card them mexican get they emeral car maled to em but theys uh guna take longer do since male them to em.

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                                                Heather, did you pay your fees upfront? Thanks!

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                                                Gene Taxpayer

                                                  Parker you sound like you are cool we should hang out some time broski

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                                                    Parker 36……NO !!! He cannot purchase one at the store. If his money is already deposited, he already has an account number. ALSO, the cards you purchase at the store cannot be used at an ATM. You have to wait for the one printed with your name to be able to withdraw funds.

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                                                      DDD 2/11 and woke up this morning with it pending in my navy federal account. Hopefully by midnight tonight it will finish pending!! Thank god because my husband’s truck needs to be fixed.

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                                                        Both my son and I have 2/11 DDD. He used NetSpend that he ordered from TT. He just received the email that his money is on the card, but the card hasn’t come yet. Is it true he can go to the store to get another and they can just transfer to the new card?

                                                        Btw, I have BOA. They dont post the refund to the exact day of my DDD every year.

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                                                        Gene Taxpayer

                                                          Whooped this time over a netspen card i showed them these pasts they said well why you didnt put us refun on the netspen i said i didnt know they hit me. Three times this year ive been whooped for just being a helful neighber

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                                                            Wow, Netspend are really trying to market their cards. Ha! Smh .. But no dd for me yet.. Hoping later today…..!!

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                                                              Got my direct deposit!! Woop woop! Using Netspend!!!

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                                                                We dont have to lie i swear i got my d . Last year i used walmart and didnt get it until the ddd I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE TO YOU . Justvtruingvto help people who wanna be helped

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                                                                  I got Netspend and been having it for over 5 years and they do deposit 7 days a week, so yes I do believe them

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                                                                    Bullshit the people saying they got 2/11 deposits already are trying to push net spend cards on you

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                                                                      No no fees taken out

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                                                                        I need to know if any NetSpend users that got their $$ had fees taken out by sbbt?

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                                                                        Natalie Hudson-Rapp

                                                                          I got mine just now!! Thanks netspend!!

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                                                                            No i didnt have fees taken out

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                                                                              Did u go thru SBBTRAL.com

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                                                                                I got my money too tonight thanks to netspend !!!!

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                                                                                  YES SOOOOO HAPPY I JUST GOT MINE. THANK YOU NETSPEND!!!!

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                                                                                  Natalie Hudson-Rapp

                                                                                    Nothing yet but hoping to see mine tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!

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                                                                                      Nothing yet for me but then again it’s only 643pm here… I have one of those cards that state they get taxes 2 days faster so my fingers are crossed that I’ll get a Monday deposit even though I’m 2/11/15.

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