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DDD 2/10/15 update here

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    This thread is for us with a DDD of 2/10.
    Lets keep everyone updated when our money gets deposited

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    Haven’t checked with my in laws if they’ve gotten mine today. Still 2 bars on WMR. I have a possible offset, but still no offset note or topic on WMR. In law confirmed that her BoA typically shows processing in the DD date but won’t post till the 12th. We shall see….


    Got refund this morning around 3am on my green dot card no problems woohoo good luck everyone


    DDD date of 2/10, WMR still says 2 bars, but full refund just posted to account available balance. Used Turbo tax free efile into a TD checking acct


    anyone know what this crap is im a 2/10 opted for them to take fees and dd into my bank nothing yet

    Dear DENIS,

    We’ve begun the process of depositing your Refund Anticipation Check funds into your bank account. This usually takes 3-5 days, but could take longer. So, make sure your money’s been deposited into your account before you try to spend it.

    The current year tax preparation services provided by H&R Block are now complete.

    Thanks for choosing H&R Block. We appreciate your business.


    Wmr still two bars but checked emerald card and its there


    I got a DDD of 2/10/15 still at 2 bars on WMR, and nothing on Sbbt website. Should I be worried? I have state taxes from last year coming out, but no fees from turbotax.


    Still nothing yet, large bank, TD, check again when we wake up.


    Filed and accepted 2/2/2015. DDD of 2/10. Still obit 2 bars, but the deposit just went in the (small local) bank a few minutes ago.


    Got approved 2/2 got a daddy date of 2/10 on 2/6. WMR app still hasn’t changed from approved yet which is horse shit, but thankfully after reading posts on here I called my bank and the full refund amount is pending in my account, the rep at the bank said it will be deposited start of business tmw 2/10. I bank with TD, didn’t split the refund or put it on any card or prepaid acct. I didn’t owe back taxes, just simply used my regular checking acct. I’m hopeful it will post at midnight, but only time will tell. I’ll post again when its deposited..


    Worried does anyone who does not have an offset have the tax topic for it showing up after wmr said approved


    filed TT on 2/2…DD date 2/10 and had on offset…money in the bank pending for tonight :) and WMR only has 2 bars still


    So I have a DDD date of 2/10 and I opted to have Turbotax remove my fees from my refund since I was low on cash…does anyone know if that’s going to delay my deposit at all or should I be okay?


    I have a dd of feb 10 but it’s site still show two bars should I be worried


    Last week (can’t remember if it was Thursday or Friday), I got my DDD of 2/10. I have my funds being deposited into 2 different accounts (one is my mom’s, for money I owed her). Friday she told me her money was showing up as pending, but not available. Today we’re both still at the same place, hers is still pending and mine doesn’t show up at all. Hopefully tomorrow at some point we’ll both be satisfied!


    anyone bank with capitol one 360? I paid fees upfront no luck for me tho


    Guess the rest of us got to wait till midnight lol


    Just got mine!!!! Whoot!!!


    Well I sure do hope so!

    It says they received funds 2/9
    and they sent it to me 2/9

    Hoping in a few hours I can check and it’s in my account! These emails and texts chiming are driving me insane!!!! I know we are hours ahead of them (Alabama), but come on!! I got bills to pay and a new bedroom suit for my son! LOL!

    As soon as I get my money I won’t be back till next tax season, so, wish you all the best of luck getting your hard earned money! Have a great rest of the year!



    Yes I’ve heard that if SBBT sends ur money it doesn’t take long at all for Netspend to post it.
    I had checked SBBT and there was nothing then checked 10 minutes later and they had already took my fees and sent it to Netspend. They say Netspend doesn’t hold anything. They post it automatically so I’m hoping I’ll get it very soon!


    Still waiting used AMEX bluebird


    Had a DD date 2\11 posted today have a account now debit card During my happy dance


    [email protected]

    Is that true? If SBTPG shows we should get it today? It’s showing fees and what I am receiving.


    I have a DDD of 2/10… My money hit SBTPG this morning. Fees already taken out and sent to Netspend so from what I hear I should be getting my money any moment :-D


    A bit off topic, and I apologize before hand. Just a bit of this anxiety is really getting to me.

    On my netspend account I get both text and email alerting me of a deposit. And the same time I received an email and a text. I got so excited. I was washing dishes and was hurrying to dry my hands. Grab my phone and check the text. (all the while preparing myself for the happy dance, ya know? Warming up mentally!) See it’s a reminder for my dental appointment Wednesday…check my email and my mother decides to send me info on why it may be a few months before we receive our state.

    Thanks Dr L and Ma. Y’all have officially caused my anxiety to spike and my heart skip a beat. It’s going to take a while to recover. Anymore surprises like this and I’m done for…

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.


    Still listed as a pending deposit in my bank account. I don’t know what I transcript is in this context so all I know is I have a bunch of money taunting me as pending, haha.


    Still waiting. Using netspend. Filed 2/2. Don’t understand the transcripts. So I don’t know if there is anything wrong. Just waiting for tomorrow…


    Still waiting… Capital one 360


    Still no dd yet hopefully tomorrow morning on tha 10th.


    Anyome have theyre refund yet with 2/10 ddd


    I filed 2-2-2015 and also have a DDD pf 2-10-2015.

    What? Why?

    Going crazy! It won’t let me view transcripts at all! I’ve tried various ways!

    I filed 1/29 and apparently it didn’t go through until 2/2…

    WMR hasn’t updated, still at 1 bar!! Really hoping for a DDD! Just don’t know when I’ll get one!


    ddd 2/10, woke up on 2/6 with approval and ddd. As of now (first noticed it the afternoon of 2/6), the deposit is a pending transaction on my credit union account. Still 2 bars on WMR. I’ve never had a deposit pending for more than one day, it’s always less than 24 hours, but I don’t know if that’s controlled by the bank/CU or not.


    My fiancé has a DDD of 2/10 and his is already pending in his account and says it will be available at 1AM 2/10.


    From past experience pretty sure it will come Tues….sooner would be nice though :)


    filed 2/2
    accepted 2/2
    code 20150504
    WMR date 2/10 today
    account transcript 846 today


    2/3 filed and accepted and 2/10 is my dd day. Come to think of it I always get mine on Mondays, for the last many years that I can remember.


    I filed 1/26 and was accepted the same day. I got caught up in all the zeros on the transcript mess. I got a DDD of 2/10 this morning. I’m using net spend to get my DD. I hope we’ll have it this weekend. Does anyone know if SBTPG works on the weekend?


    i filed 2/2/15 accepted same day…. checked wmr at 8am today and have a ddd of 2/10/15……do u think we will get it saturday or monday?

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