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DDD 2/8

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      Hey guys,

      Getting refund through Credit Karma with a DDD of 2/8. Just wanted to start this to see if anyone with the same date has gotten their refund with anyone yet!

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        Mine hit my CK card at 12:34 last night.

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          First time for me it’s been so fast .. irs accepted on 1-31-23 and I received my direct deposit today

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            DDD 2/8 still nothing yet, filed with TT, used cash app for DD. Anyone with cash app received their refund yet ?

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              My DDD is 2/8 as well and i just woke to it in my account. I bank with chase and filed with TT. My SBTG doesn’t even say funded yet but he money hit! So everyone should mostly see it today.

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                Money is in my credit karma account now! I hope everyone gets theirs soon and see you next year 😉

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                  I knew I should’ve used my Chime account instead of Capital One

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                    did 2/8/23 with chome haven’t got it yet

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                      ddd 2/8 here. bank with bofa . i know for sure we wont see it till tmrw . just seeing if anyone are able to see any pending in their bank cause i know damn well bofa will tell me they dont see a pending.

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                        Oh I know, its just a crock that BOA gets to hold my money for the extra 5-6 days and play dumb when I call “no we dont see any pending deposits”. The real question is, if the IRS sent 2/8 DDD’s last week, why does it not show the third bar on WMR? Is that just an automatic thing that once 2/8 hits the bar will move to “sent”?

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                          PhillyMade the treasury sent intent of deposit files on Friday afternoon for all 2/8 deposits. NHBs will not release early but prepaid cards will. Your bank already has the notification, they just won’t give it to you until the date on the file. That’s why so many choose to use a prepaid card such as Chime for early deposit.

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                            2/8 DDD here. I went back 3 years and matched all my transcripts to my bank account deposit dates…every year its been deposited on the EXACT date the IRS shows, never a day or two early. Depressing, I know. The IRS very well could’ve sent it to your bank already; however, the regular banking institutions (Chase, BOA, Wells) will hold on to it until the EXACT day of release. Which means hopefully I’ll see my money about 3am on 2/8.

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                              DDD 2/8. My CK account not showing it yet. But I had my fees taken out with TT. So I believe it needs to go thru another bank first.

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                                Nope and we won’t see it until tomorrow afternoon at best unless they get off their behind this year. They’ll show it received tomorrow or Wednesday. They’re notorious for holding it. In all the years I’ve used them I’ve never gotten it more than 24 hours early.

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