DDD 2-27-2019

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    This ones for all of us! As this forum continues to lose its regular visitors one by one as each continue to get their return.

    I’ve met some truly awesome people. You never know how much common interests you have with another individual all because of a long ass tax return season.

    How many others received a 2/27 DDD (direct deposit date)

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    Ive got a DDD of 2/27 filed with Turbo Tax and waiting for the $ on my emerald card…Nothing yet tho




    I have walmart money card through greendot
    With a ddd of today, still nothing.



    I have greendot nothing uet ddd date of today anyone else



    Got a ddd date of today i have green dot still nothing any one else have greendot



    Still nothing on my emerald card DD date 2/27 still waiting Michigan here



    DDD date 2/27 on WMR still does not say sent anyone else




    I have PaychekPlus Elite card as well. Same situation. Still no deposit.

    Keep updating.



    I have some news for everyone… the money is coming I just got thru to the irs their bank is backed up and they say millions of people nation wide is waiting and to be patient… its kinda hard to be patient when you are waiting on 12,000 dollars. But they say if it wasnt posted today it’ll be there by 2am tonight. For everyone with the ddd of 2/27/2019 . So im going to chill out and come back before i go to bed. Everyone calm down just relax . ❤️❤️❤️



    How do you do advanced



    Had not gotten my money deposited or anything on sbtpg as of an hour ago…. just checked and it hit account and their site!!!

    Probably wont do advance next year though, took an interest fee and another fee i wasnt aware of ughh


    Sbtpg.. got an advance, they took the fees and loaded rest to my Walmart money card.

    Everyone check yours now!!

    Good luck!



    question called offset number and it states the amount of offset, does that mean that’s what they took are that’s what there trying to collect?



    Good luck to the rest of you, hopefully mine’ll come through sometime before 5.
    What’re y’all planning on spending your return on? Savings? Bonds? Stocks? New stuff?
    I’m gonna be buying my wife and I new iPhones and getting a car.
    Do be sure to comment what you’ll be doing with yours later on!



    @ Justin I’m from Las Vegas well did through turbo you??



    Wmr says my information does not match yesterday it said ddd 2/27.



    They deposit through your the day because my friend got his at 5pm my brother got his at 7pm and my hubby gotten his at 10 pm yesterday!! It’s coming all!! They also have the turbo card and emerald card!!



    I called my bank and they told me my deposit should be in there by 7pm. This will be a long day of very impatiently waiting. At least it’s coming!



    Filed 1/15
    Accepted 1/16
    Path 1/17
    Received Return 2/17
    DDD 2/27

    To those who may not have gotten their refund,
    Check to make sure that either you or the tax preparer entered the correct direct deposit info. I hadn’t received mine, turns out they sent it to an old account number. Thank God, PNC transferred it and I’ll be getting it tomorrow.
    Check right away bc most banks reject the deposit and send it back, and then the check is mailed out.



    12:18pm South Houston
    Filed with TurboTax
    Approved but not Sent
    DDD was 2/27
    I have a Walmart Money Card and it hasn’t been received yet.
    Hopefully it does today, as I’m behind on rent with a 3 year old, why is it taking so long?



    @reina I hope so to amiga i put trust in God on that one❤️ I hope they are wrong.



    @morena I don’t think it’s missing I just think they have a hold on it



    @reina i go to champion tax in houston.. its so bad the phone lines shut down as well as the irs, soooo many people money is missing amiga😢 we might as well try to get thru the day hopefully its there tommorrow. I forgot to mention my status says ddd of today but not sent.



    Trying to figure out whether or not my return’s coming through today or not, I’ve not gotten it yet.
    It’s 12:12pm and I have no pending transactions in my PayChekPlus! Elite Visa, which is what I used on my 1040. Filed thru turbotax… Even their date is wrong. IRS tells me the 27th, today, with my ACTC and EITC credits, all while Turbotax told me I was supposed to be refunded on the 18th. The fuck? This system should just be automated to the extent where everything goes through for everyone at set times and there’s a way to tell how far down the queue you are, that way people can actually, yknow, reliably count on the government and their agencies to come through for once.



    @ Justin I’m from luv as well did through turbo you??



    @morena who did you tax with



    From Las Vegas
    Accepted Feb 6th,
    DDD Feb 27th 2019
    As of 10am, nothing… Wtf



    Will the irs be depositing all day are the banks??



    I think simething is wrong at this point… the irs usually deposits between 12am and 6 an … my tax office said they have never recieved so many calls like today. Like some type of scam but i pray not im praying for everyone too.. its 12 pm Houston Texas ddd2/27 nothing yet ill update again and again until i get it


    Desiah Barnett

    Filed date 1/30
    DDD 2/27
    Simple BBVA Compass

    still not refund in my account. I mean whats taking so long. Simple says they don’t see pending deposit.

    anyone else using simple bank?



    Dd 2 27 19, Filed turbotax no fees, turbo prepaid card, received this morning when I awoke. Good luck to everyone




    I live in NY & went through Jackson Hewitt as well. DDD today 2/27, still haven’t received anything. 😭 still hopeful to get it by end of day..



    I am so impatient lol



    Normally I would have had my return on the day it’s set to send but I filed with HR block and I have this card but nothing yet idk I called they said some time today or tomorrow it should post to my card..




    @james if you had a DDD for today and has long as you don’t have any kind of offset than you should have it today.



    @james – should be today but many people are still waiting



    Who knew as an adult my patience is so bad hahahaha

    im going to try to quit checking every 15 minutes, no promises haha



    I was told by irs.gov that my refund would be sent out today to my emerald card dose that mean I will have my refund today first time using Handr blocks card



    THE REFUNDS ARE COMING!! @jonell it could be by midnight but I don’t think that it will be that long!!



    @Shaynee you are correct!! I have read on these thread some had theories like with the last name social etc none of that is true it also doesn’t matter with who you filed with.



    @jegs it goes through the bank on the 27th but your bank might put a hold on it




    makes sense

    do you think the end of the day means like 6pm? or end of the day like midnight LOL


    Shaynee Taylor

    DDD 2/27 called and was told 27 billion dollars was released so it’ll take a Lil but but everyone that had a date will get them today if your date is today just might be end of the day



    I wanted to give an update I filed with HRB and had a DDD for the 27th and mine didn’t come till right @ midnight last night however I talked to someone today and with all the refunds going out today it is taken a little longer than usual. There was a small batch that went out on the 22nd for most of us our refunds were coming today. Hang in there it’s coming. Also WMR is still saying the same thing with 2 bars and I haven’t not received an email from HRB telling me that they are starting the deposit for my return. I hope that this helps y’all!! If you have any questions please feel free to ask I will do my best to help you.



    Filed 1/31 through Turbo Tax. Accepted 1/31. DDD of 2/27. 2:40am it was in my Wells Fargo acct. Good luck to all


    Garrett Davis

    I bank through Pnc with a ddd 2/27 got email at 4 in the morning from tt saying refund on the way. Sbtpg received funds 2/26




    Something ! My sister got hers this morning through turbo.. and I’m just sitting here waiting for mines 🤦🤷



    knowing i’m not the only one gives me hope, but I sure don’t feel any better UGH come on HR Block, my sister filed threw turbo and go hers this morning


    Angel Coleman

    Our DDD is 2/27/2019 we went through HR Block and are getting the refund sent to the emerald card. Every year we use the same place same card and it never takes this long. Ive read some say they are for sure going to be deposited today. Good luck to all.



    Ddd of 227. Still nothing..



    DDD 2/27 12:00 nothing yet……


    Sandra Lee Casey

    Ddd of 227. Still nothing….uggggg



    I am in PA. Filed Jan. 11th and was accepted Feb 15th. I selected Direct Deposit and it was scheduled to be deposited today. Still have yet to see anything. Very worried!



    Still no refund. DDD is today 27th.
    Live in NY and filed through Jackson and Hewitt
    Any updates for NY area… does it get sent by state or is it random? Getting anxious over here!!!



    Same here nothing on emerald card yet almost noon I’m saying prayers for us all



    11:50 am
    Emerald card




    Update refund was on card at 10:15 am used H&R block. Goodluck good luck guys its coming!



    I was told that,the irs only sends out refunds once a day. That if we haven’t received it we wont today?



    DDD 2/27
    PNC Smart Access checking
    Offset for state unemployment
    No pending deposits after calling bank



    Anyone else go through Jackson Hewitt? Wmr gives DDD for today, but still nothing and bank doesn’t show anything pending. This was my first year going through a tax service company as I needed the refund advance they offer. Usually file myself and have deposit first thing on the morning of DDD. really counting on this money and hoping it comes today…


    carlos g.

    same @erin, have the turbo tax prepaid card with DD of today and still nothing



    I used turbo tax and got a prepaid card have a DDD for today still nothing anyone less



    I used turbo tax and got a prepaid card have a DDD for today still nothing anyone else



    Got refund at 4.30am today! 2-27 DD Emerald Card Kansas last name V Good luck everyone and see you next year WMR still hasn’t updated to received 😊 it’ll come today for many.



    9:32 in texas Wal-Mart card still nothing yet just the ddd of today I’ll update everyone and im in the same boat @ need food :(


    Pat Philbox

    It will definitely be my last year using the Emerald Card.


    Need food

    If u get a paper check but it didn’t come in the mail. Do u still have to wait?



    So I haven’t wrote in this forum yet but, I just want to say thanks for all the people giving updates. I was going crazy thinking something was wrong. My DDD is today and every other year I would have it before my DDD and nothing yet! I live in NY and my bank is a smaller bank so I am hoping that won’t make it take even longer to go through direct deposit. Community Bank Na. Is our bank. Like I said, we usually get ours so fast and have had the same bank for the last 5 years. Hope we get it soon as that is going to be used for our closing fees on the house we are purchasing 😩 good luck to everyone today!



    DDD 2/27
    Nothing yet



    My refund was also supposed to go to my emerald card today 02/27 and I have nothing yet. Ridiculous. Never again will I use the emerald card.



    And where are you located Phil???


    Pat Philbox

    They will be making deposits all day long. I filed HR block free edition and had the emerald advance too, I never receive my refund until the actual deposit date at around 12PM-1PM.



    DDD for today 2/27/2019 and still nothing. Now I’m wondering wth going on



    I filed Feb 4 2019 using H&R block home edition. Did the emerald advanced back in Nov 2018 so had to have my direct deposit through them. I claimed EITC and ACTC. My status changed from processing to approved Feb 16th 2019 and received a DDD of Feb 27th 2019. Every year for past 6 years I have received my refund on the DDD around 1am or 2am CST, this year however I did not receive anything. I know the WMR site sometimes takes a while to update so I check the bank acct directly. I understand why they make filers claiming those credits wait and trust me its worth it ( my son was claimed by a random stranger back in 2014, took forever to have that fixed.) Im getting impatient and worried that my refund is stuck in the abyss. I called H&R block and was told there was no pending deposits but I would most likely have it by 530 pm today. Hoping its there at some point, good luck to all.



    Anyone received on their Emerald Card yet???
    This is ridiculous…



    unpatiently waiting

    Will this be posted?

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