Which banks have an early direct deposit of a tax refund?

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Early Direct Deposit of Tax Refunds

Early Direct Deposits

We all know that direct deposit is quicker than snail mail. If you are expecting a tax refund, you probably want it as soon as possible. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your tax refund earlier than the date expected given by the IRS?

The good news is that some people can get an early direct deposit of their tax refund. It depends on how you choose to have your refund sent. If you are getting a direct deposit of your tax refund, some banks will post refunds up to a few days prior to the date that the IRS indicates you will receive your refund.

Choose a bank or prepaid card

Choose a bank or prepaid card in advance or while filing your tax return. The early direct deposit refund table below helps find banks or other financial products that can process early tax refunds.

Traditional Financial Institutions (TFI)

These are typical traditional banks. Generally speaking, traditional banks do not post direct deposits early. Some do offer early deposits for payroll. A TFI typically post tax refunds on the day shown on the IRS Where’s My Refund tool or account transcript.

No Hold Bank (NHB)

These banks or financial products are called No Hold Bank (NHB) because you could receive an early direct deposit of your tax refund up to 5 days. Typically list tax refunds 1-3 days earlier than the day shown on the IRS Where’s My Refund tool or account transcript.

*It is important to know that some NHBs only post paychecks early and not early direct deposit for tax refunds.

Credit Union

Credit Union direct deposits are often shown as a pending transaction early; but, available either later in the afternoon/evening or next day.

Third Party Bank

If you chose to have fees deducted from your tax refund or used an early advance product your tax refund is typically processed by a third party bank. After they receive your tax refund it is typically sent to you the next day. In these cases adjust the deposit by 1-2 days.

Some of the 3rd party institutions will show the refund early and are noted below, but the transfer to your bank can take up to 24-48 hours.

How early do direct deposits post?

You might be wondering “how early” a direct deposit of your tax refund could be posted. Use the early deposit table below to find the timeframe for which prepaid products, credit unions and traditional banks post early. If available the approximate number of days and time is shown.

Table of Early Direct Deposits for Tax Refunds

The days and times shown below are based on what we have been told by users or by the products advertised early deposit timeframe. The times are shown “as early as” we have seen deposits released. Some have special conditions that apply to make you eligible. Also some advertise early direct deposits, but only for payroll and not tax refunds. Read the terms carefully if you sign up for any of these methods.

Most of these dates and times are considering that you paid your tax preparation fees upfront. If you selected for fees to be deducted from your refund or took an advance, these are adjusted.

Ally BankTFI* However they offer direct deposit up to 2 days before for Spending Accounts.
Account Now2 days early; ~1 pm
AMEX BluebirdUp to 5 days faster for refunds received between Feb 1-29, 2024.
AMEX ServeFor refunds received between February 1-29, 2024, or up to 4 days faster for refunds received between March 1 – April 30, 2024
Axos BankH&R Block Customers, 2 days early
Bank of AmericaTFI*
BrinksUp to 5 days early
Capital One2 days early for payroll; User reported 4-5 days early tax refund, but users also report not early for tax refund. Toss up.
Card.comQuick Pay, 2 days earlier
Cash App2 days (website says 1-5)
Chase BankTFI* The site says 2 day early. As a Chase customer mine was never early.
Chime2 days early; ~4 am although website says up to 5 day earlier
CitizensUp to 2 day early
Credit UnionMany credit unions offer 3 days before
Credit KarmaWebsite says unto 5 days early. Our experience is 2 days.
Deep BlueUp to 2 days early
Emerald Card
H&R Block Customers; Paychecks Post Early; but not Tax Refunds
Fifth Third BankTFI* But the website says up to 5 days early.
Global Cash CardTBD
Go2BankUp to 2 days
GreendotUp to 5 days
RegionsUp to 2 days
Republic Bank1 day early (3rd Party Bank)***

ACH transfer to receiving accounts in approximately 8-24 hours after fee deduction

RushCard2 days early; ~8 pm CT
Netspend1-2 days early; begins ~4 pm EST
Navy Federal Credit Union1-2 days early; begins ~2 pm
PayPal Pre-Paid1-2 days early; ~1 – 4:00 pm; but website says up to 5 days.
Regions BankTFI* however website say Early Pay up to 2 days
Safe Credit Union1-2 days early
SoFi2 days early
Serve1-2 days early; website says up to 5 days
SBTPG1 day early (3rd Party Bank)***

~8 am CT, then ACH transfer to receiving accounts in approximately 8-24 hours after fee deduction.

T-Mobile Money CardOffering up to 2 days early
USAA2 days early; deposits are made twice daily at ~ 6 am and 6 pm
VaroUp to 2 days early
WalMart Money Card1-2 day early
Wells Fargo2 days early
Woodforest1 day early; ~3pm

What if my bank or card is not listed?

If your bank or prepaid card is not listed please leave a comment below. It’s important that we try to keep this list updated.

You can get help in the live discussion or check our Banks & Prepaid Card Forum because there are other banks included where people have opened topics.

The table above is an ongoing IGMR project. We are continuing to gather information from our users and verify how early they receive their tax refunds.

Please also leave a comment below if you have experienced something different or have an additional bank or product we can add.  To ask others, join the live conversation and ask about early direct deposits.

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  1. Bethypok

    Upgrade should be on this list! I get paid Friday but they give me my money Wednesday nights


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    Envision credit union wasn’t on the list


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  3. Kaykay2024

    Any info on when SRP FCU could see deposits drop!?


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    What about US eagle credit union for New Mexico ?


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    @BR3NTL33: I use money lion too 846 refund ddd feb 22 we will see if it comes early though first time using them for taxes


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    @Tee: If capital one updates I shall let y’all know, let me know if you get it lol


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  7. Tee

    @Arny22: same here hoping early


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  8. Arny22

    I use capital one. I have a DD date of 2/22. I got my 846 refund sent this morning. I’ll keep y’all updated. Typically I get my paychecks and other direct deposits early so we will see

    Path – accepted 1/29 – eitc – ctc


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    Huntington isn’t listed


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    One – site says up to 5 days early. 🤞


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    BancFirst isn’t listed


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  12. PapaKountry

    @Avery Schofield: up to 2 days early for our bank. I have VCU too


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  13. PapaKountry

    Vystar Credit Union does early DD. Typically 2 days early. But whatever day they get the refund, Vystar will make it available that day


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  14. Peach999

    @Thatgirl: current deposited at least 3 days early for me last year…they are one of the first to release since they are a NHB


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  15. AAP1205

    I didn’t see Metabank. I was given a DDD of 2/23 last year and I received it on 2/17.


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  16. Nexus card

    What About Nexus card they are a prepaid card as well with early Access.


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  17. Avery Schofield

    My bank is not listed. It’s VyStar Credit Union


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  18. Extra and humble

    Spruce card isn’t on any of these lists. They are sending an email saying up to 6 days early releasing as soon as payment instruction is received. Not sure if that’s the official notice of DDD when transcripts update.


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  19. Thatgirl

    @Meme: current please :) I did direct deposit with them!


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    Venmo isn’t on here which is who I’m using this year. Current isn’t either and I’ve used them for the last couple of years.


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    Wisely Card is not listed


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  22. Stacey

    Community First Credit Union

    3 days early


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    I never get early direct deposit


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