DDD 2-27-2019

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    This ones for all of us! As this forum continues to lose its regular visitors one by one as each continue to get their return.

    I’ve met some truly awesome people. You never know how much common interests you have with another individual all because of a long ass tax return season.

    How many others received a 2/27 DDD (direct deposit date)

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    Danielle d

    MEANT IT IS NOW HANDLED WITH BASS&ASSOCIATES never heard of them before and last month when I was talking with a man about getting my loan out of deferment he called me from a totally different DOE so who really has my loan wth


    Danielle d

    My question is for the people who had TT 203 DOE how do you know your entire refund was taken? You called the offset number and it said your entire refund Both federal and state taken? And you called the school and they said your taxes weren’t applied to your loan? Then what is the next step… What do we do? I haven’t called the DOE because they have high call volume right now and it would be pointless to wait. Its not with BASS&ASSOCIATE’S


    Danielle d


    Ya that was me that said my balance was down then back up. It tripped me out. Last month it was 16,000 checked it coupler days ago after I found put about my offset of 2857 and it said my balance was 13,000 something. Now yesterday it went back up to 16,000 like Wtf. I’m getting worried because everyone who had the DOE offset and got their refund taken…they call the collection agency and the agency says they haven’t gotten a payment. Unless it takes a couple business days to actually show up Then Idk what’s going on. I have no clue if I’m getting anything back. At this point I’m not going to plan on it but it would be nice if they can actually apply my refund towards my DOE AND SHOW ME PROOF but everyone is saying it’s not showing. I bet by March 4th it will all come out



    @deepAlms I was talking about the border wall lol



    @Danielle d
    see smh and haven’t heard not a damn thing about this wall since taxes have been refunded !! And I keep hearing they don’t take taxes until like 5-6 years after completing school end of last month had made two years for me I’m sure that’s where our money has went to because I seen some people say idk if you were one of them that said their balance went down and then back up. That’s all weird and some have said they called the agency and nothing has posted yet which that has to be bullshit TRUMP took our money lol



    @Enick if your refund went to the wall…? Clarify this please



    Filed with TT but had funds dd on my emerald card. DDD was 2/27, call the offset # they sent me to the DOE collection agency FH Cann. I called them yesterday and they said nothing was put on my account.

    I checked WMR this morning and now the site says refund sent and hotline said it was sent to my account. I called emerald card and nothing is there.

    On my WMR it has the same amount it always has. I have no clue where the money is!!!!
    Honestly WTF is going on, if I find out my $ went to that BS wall Im gonna flip my fuckin wig.

    Anybody else get their refund yet? i hope we all do


    Danielle d


    That’s exactly what I said about trump a couple pages back lol I think its funny too how he wanted this wall So Damn bad an now everyone has a offset. I had my student loan since 2012 and its just now taking my taxes AFTER 7 YEARS


    Danielle d


    Same here… I just have to sit and wait. I’m not sure if they took both my federal and state refund for my TT 203 DOE. I am thinking they just got my federal because when I call the offset number it says I have a offset in the amount of my federal loan. It didn’t say anything about my state amount So crossing my fingers they didn’t touch my state. I called CHASE bank right now and they don’t see anything pending in my account so looks like I’ll wait till the 4th. Keep me updated



    Ok I have a big #netspend update I was missing my dd 2-27 so i checked the account number on turbo tax that it was sent to. Netspend sent a new card to activate,. so account number changed. money got sent to old account number. that was closed. you can transfer to new account if you have netspend call specifically about that account number on your tax file



    @Danielle d

    Thanks I been following this thread for a week now and I just started commenting today because I seen people say people with the 203 got their money some didn’t it’s just a mess I guess after the 4th I’ll really know if there was even a chance of me getting it back thanks for your response


    Jennifer Starr

    Ok everyone, I’ve been reading a little bit through this thread, I have some answers for you, I don’t know everything.

    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/28
    PATH message 2/2
    Refund received – 2/27

    I had TT 203, it was from the State of Illinois saying that they overpaid my husband unemployment, I ended up getting less than half of my refund. That is another story in itself, the point is, unless they are taking your entire refund, the remainder should not be delayed going into your account. My bank actually received the deposit notice on 2/22. If you have TT 203, call the offset line 866-297-0517 choose option 1 first for non IRS Government Debt, go through everything, then go back to the main menu and choose option 2 for consumer Debt. Our offset to Illinois was listed under option 2. It will tell you an amount and give you contact information for the agency offsetting your taxes. Hope this helps.



    It seems that a lot of people who have the 203 TT, are already on payment plans, or making payments of some sort. Maybe i’m wrong, but I thought they couldn’t collect on debts where you’re in a payment plan?

    That’s the situation with me. I’m not on a payment plan. But I have an pending appeal. They are not supposed to collect on that, either. So why are they offsetting??

    I had the same debt last year, a different appeal pending and I received my full refund. I didn’t have to go through all this TT 203 nonsense.

    Further, a lot of people, more than usual seem to have this TT 203 and on the TOP system.

    I wonder why everyone is getting hit with offsets, especially those who are not supposed to be. Maybe they’re cracking down on debts.



    I used a tax preparer this year (“Tax Experts”), Long story short WMR says refund sent 2/27, SBTPG says states rec’d 2/14 BUT NOTHING for my federal. NO OFFSETS and no freaking money!! HELP! Please! ANYONE!!?????



    I called a tax advocate, which I found on irs.gov. She told me that since I have EITC and dependents, I could be looking at late April or early May before I get my federal return. She instructed me to print off a 911 form and a page explaining why the delay is causing me a hardship. She said that this MIGHT help speed up the process but there is no guarantee. The reason they are being held is to verify wage and income with the Soc Sec office and will for sure take up to 2 months for the refund to hit your bank. So disappointing and frustrating but I hope this help someone. CALL AN ADVOCATE NOW


    Danielle d

    FWD: Your refund was sent to your bank on February 27, 2019 for direct deposit.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by March 4, 2019, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.



    Danielle d


    I have offset code 203 WMR website says my refund was sent, checked my bank and nothing. People have commented previously in this thread stating their refund status said sent but the IRS did in fact take their whole refund. So yes it is possible to say sent and you end up not getting it. Sent probably means ya it got sent but then it got taken because you owe the government money



    I think our biggest question is if you have an offset can the irs site or app say your money has been sent to your bank and it really hasn’t ? I think that’s what us 203 coders would like to know but when you call the collection agency they have to record and I hope all that still owes money signed up for monthly payments !!


    Sheena Cobbins

    I called my tax place its a big mess going on she said there nothing at third party the havent recieved anything yet so wth is going on im in chicago wtf so everyone says sent but no money


    Sheena Cobbins

    I called offset number it says as of today i have no debt or anything to be offset 800 3043107



    My refund has been with Santa Barbara bank since yesterday but they show no record of it.
    If I do not get paid today I’m done with f’ing turbo tax.
    Sbtg should not be holding money period, it should go right through them and to my bank.
    No shockingly, there is zero way to contact them and speak with someone.
    I’ve spoken to the IRS my money was issued yesterday


    Sheena Cobbins

    Hey my refund says sent but waiting on 3rd party bank an you have to get in deferment with your loan so they want mess with it its clled repayment plan


    Danielle d





    yes fingers crossed but I’m losing hope honestly ! And the people that did get their taxes back with the 203 code disappeared on us I wish they let us know something I owe 9,000 n some change but with interest I owe 11,000 n change … also it’s funny the irs website they may take … I know I’m all over the place I’m just stressed and keep forgetting what I was told … I also was told but the collection agency that she seen people get partial taking she seen people get the whole refund taking … I guess we just have to wait til March 4th being with all the delays and etc etc to see if it’s really really gone try to relax your pregnant ! But trust meeeee I know how you feel I really do



    why waste the time on hold with the IRS and/or the bank??? you know what they are going to say, they cant help you till after the 4th of March, im due back a good amount and I am counting on it, fingers crossed because IRS site says offset but neither me nor my wife have any offset. Now that is weird….



    That’s what I thought too! I had an outstanding amount due to the irs 10+ years ago and had it taken out of my refund 5 years later. And it was paid off. But I figured it’s only been a year and half since I left school I would still get my refund this year. I’m trying to stay positive. I saw a post earlier that if someone had a TT 203 still will receive their refund but might own back next year. But their situation might be different.



    Yes I would be glad to keep
    You updated I didn’t want to say this and People get offend but my cousin told me they take your taxes 5-6 years after school … how funny is it that trump wants this damn wall !! And now everybody has a offset !! I never banked on my taxe money and this year I really was banking on it I got really sick last year and almost died missed so much work and I had a sickly kid soo my gross was pretty crappy for last year ….. I just find it funny that this is happing mines says it was sent to my bank like everybody else said that’s misleading ! We are thinking we are still getting money and it’s looking like we aren’t 😩


    Danielle d

    Technically the IRS WMR site does say if we don’t receive it by MARCH 4TH then I think that’s all when we should panic. A lot of people’s refund are saying it was sent to the bank but they have NOTHING. I think the banks are backed up so it will take time to process. I would give It till March 4th like WMR says Then start panicking after that if you still haven’t received it but until then I’m going to chill out lol



    What option numbers do I press when calling IRS to get directly to speak with someone



    On wmr it says i had an unpaid tax debt so they took part of my refund, but it said I still have a part of my refund still coming to me. DDD was for yesterday, went to 3 bars sometime after 4am eastern time, but still nothing on my netspend card. Wth is going on? Called IRS automated line and says sent to my bank yesterday.



    I’m in the same boat. I’ve been out of school since 2017 and it went into default and to collections a few months ago. But I know I’ve seen ppl say they haven’t paid there student loans in 5-7 years and had it finally taken out this year. I’m wmr is saying sent as of last night but I still have nothing in my account. Please let me know if you hear anything. We are all in need of our refund. I’m pregnant and due in May. I was counting on that money.



    My wmr status states ,We” have received your tax return and it is being processed If you have filed a complete and accurate return your refund should be issued in 21 days from the receipt date “. Topic 152 ) Does anyone have any clue as to what this might be or could mean ? Thank you in advance


    Danielle d


    I understand you called the offset number. But have you called the DOE number to see if your student loan payment went down? That way you are able to tell if your 6k was applied to it or not? I called DOE and my balance is still the same but offset set they are taking my federal amount So Idk what’s up



    The question is, however, for everyone saying that the bars were complete, but their refund was take , what was your DDD? If it was 2/27, it may still come. As I previously posted, the IRS was sending refunds very late into the night. I’m not sure if it means much or not. There are a lot of people who don’t have TT203, who have yet to receive their refunds.


    Danielle d

    I think if you have TT 203 and WMR says sent. I dont think it means sent to your bank I feel like it means ya it got sent….but sent directly to DOE. Lets pray that’s not the case. Just strange aive done my taxes 7 years in a row with having a student loan and they have NEVER taken from me. Now this year DOE is taking from everyone. Guess trump really wants us to pay back every oenny we owe so he has more money towards the wall…asshole


    Danielle d


    If you scroll down and read everyone commenting has already checked their offsets. I do owe to the DOE but when I called the offset hotline it said I have 1 offset in the amount of 2,857. Well that amount is ONLY MY FEDERAL REFUND. I still get a state refund in the amount of $2,420 and the offset never said anything about owing that amount. So I am thinking they took my federal income and I am going to get my state. Otherwise why didn’t the offset say the entire amount together it only said they took my federal amount



    Hello I had a ddd if 2/27/19 according to the irs site I had a tax code 203 for student loans . I called the collection agency was told your account goes in default when you don’t pay . They only had my account for 5 months that got it last sept. I’m confused because people haven’t paid in years !! And now just getting their taxes taken I been out of school since 2017 . It’s not fair according to the collection agency you can stop it for next year . I also was told they tried calling me but they had a old number and that they don’t send out letters that’s not fair to us yes it’s our fault that we didn’t pay out loans the way we should have . Also about two weeks prior I received a letter for wage garnishment . Anyways refund says it has been sent to the bank nothing on my turbo tax card .



    I just want everyone on here still waiting for their refund to know that they need to check the offset hotline to see if they have anything they owe for. I had a DDD of 2/27 and when I checked this morning after not receiving funds yesterday it said that they were deposited into MY bank yesterday. I called my bank (Axos bank with emerald) and they said there was nothing on their end. I called the offset hotline and they took $6,000 for student loans. That also included my state. I am not trying to make anyone worry, I just want you to make sure because I was on this website for the past couple days trying to stay hopeful and found out I will not receive anything. I hope this is not the case for anyone but double check to make sure. Good luck to all of you!!



    So me and my husband did our taxes with h and r block. WMR says it was sent DDD 2/27. I called H&R this morning and they said my refund was received but since we didn’t pay for their service at the time our refund was sent to a temporary bank so they can get what we owe them and the rest would be deposited into our bank account which might take 3-5 days. I have never had this happen before an we weren’t told by H&R that this would happen. It’s insane and as of 10:30am I’m still waiting to see if it is deposited into our account. Philadelphia here


    Danielle d


    No letter about the offset was received. I noticed the offset when I checked wheres my refund page then it was moved to approved but with a Tax Topic 203. Says everyone will receive a notice in the mail about the offset in a couple of weeks. Is your offset for a student loan?



    @Stevie-Lynn when I called them a few weeks ago they were only going to be taking about 1500 and they said the rest would come to me. If i had anything I else I owed wouldnt it show me?


    Danielle d


    You said your federal and state come Seperate correct? What said sent for you was that your federal income or your state? I’m in California and I requested my federal and state get deposited together. I checked my federal refund on WMR and the bars are moved to sent. But when I check my state refund a
    It says it is still stuck on processing. Haven’t received anything



    Danielle did u get a letter?? About the offset? I surely haven’t.



    @sandy it will still say sent even if they took your whole refund unfortunately



    Danielle they took all money too but my bars don’t say sent. It just says approved and will be sent to my bank by 2/27. I called the offset line and doe took it all. Wtf!?! Wth do I do now.



    i had a tax code 201 from when I owed the IRS but they reduced my refund. it said it was sent today but i still have nothing….im so confused



    @danielle d I had my whole federal refund taken. But I live in NY and state refund doesnt come
    At the same time as federal for us so I still don’t know if I’ll be getting a refund from ny state. But the bars did go all the way to sent although nothing was deposited into my account 😫



    Has anyone gotten a deposit and has meta bank? Netspend? Mine said sent as of midnight and Netspend doesn’t see a deposit made


    Danielle d

    I wish the people who had TT 203 amd still got there refund will come back to this page and comment. I just want to know….all my bars on WMR have moved to sent but I have nothing. So to the people who had TT 203 an got their refund… We’re your bars moved to SENT? Please come back and comment haha




    SBTG will only have your refund if you paid fees. If you do not ha e fees, it comes directly from the IRS. Things are held up and behind. We’re all waiting, too. Supposedly, refunds were still being sent very late last night. It may just take a day or two for the bank to process the refund before releasing the funds. The IRS is also all backed up and not getting things done like they have in previous years. Check tomorrow, or later today to see if it’s there.



    I spoke to the IRS this morning, they said they sent my refund out yesterday. SBTG Has nothing.
    Dunno wtf I’m supposed to do.
    Every single other year it’s instant in one out the other and to me. Taking a full day in inexcusable



    Okay everyone, here’s the scoop. I just called the IRS. I waited about 1/2 hour and finally got to talk to an agent who transferred my call customer service. Unfortunately, I got a recording that said, “due to extremely high call volumes on the topic you’re requesting, we are unable to take your call. Please call back later.” Grrrrr! 😕 So, I basically got nowhere. Even getting through to a human at the IRS who can give us some answers may not be possible. Everyone is calling.

    The only option, it seems, it just to wait and see what happens. Maybe someone will come through and provide answers.


    Brick B AG

    Just have faith and it will come.


    Danielle d


    I am trying to find out the same thing if peiple who had TT 203 did their bars go full across to sent? If so did they get their whole refund taken or just their federal. But I don’t see any answers on that. If you find out please post answer thank you



    @Joe call the offset hotline and press option 2 to make sure it wasn’t sent somewhere else.



    @Veronica not everyone owes the same amount to the DOE, but the arrogance with no compassion is what people don’t need. With what you are saying is right, but to slap them in the face isn’t.



    I have ddd of 2/27/19 irs says refund sent to bank I have Walmart money card and as of rite now nothing in my account




    I agree.

    We’re angry because of the confusion, not the fact that we expect money. We have heard conflicting reports all along and it really is mass confusion, especially since some people who had TT 203 and were told by TOP that their refund had been taken. Yet, they received it anyway. Some have not. Some people received nothing and their refunds were taken.

    What I would like to know, is for the people who actually had an offset, if all three bars were on wmr.

    Mine happens to not be a DOE debt. It’s for a different agency. But I’m in the same situation with a refund as all the others.


    carlos g.


    The ONLY reason any of us with TT 203 are wondering if we are getting a refund is bc we have heard from multiple people on this thread or from people they know about those who had the TT 203 and still got their refund. There’s only anger bc of the confusion of that fact, were that not the case then this thread would be different in the way people comment or respond



    Why are people expecting to get money when they know they owe the DOE? Be glad you are getting a chunk of your debt paid off.
    You chose to go to school/take the loans – you have to pay them back. I don’t understand the anger about it – but I can see the confusion!
    I certainly agree that it should be stated better on these sights (and I’d say by your tax preparer, or the software you used) that you won’t be getting any/some of it, if you have these debts.



    There is a refund hotline # 1(800)829-1954. I may try to call that and see what they say.


    Danielle d

    Call 1800-621-3115. for DOE balance and last payment received. Maybe check and see if your payment went down? Mine went down 3 days ago and now the balance is right back up and everyone i try an call it says they are experiencing high call volume so I rather just wait before I open a window by speaking with DOE



    3 bars
    Nothing in the bank
    I have no offsets


    Danielle d

    EXACTLY @Im1278 I am thinking “refund sent” means sent straight to your DOE not bank account for those with TT 203. The line for DOE said it does take a couple business days for the payment to reflect on their end so that may be the case when people are calling their DOE and no payment was applied to your account…I just think it takes days to show up on their end. Everyone with TT 203 let’s just pray SENT means sent to our bank and not the DOE that would be very misleading. But that offset number that I called did tell me how much my refund is being offset for my student loan and its my whole federal amount. I think they got my federal but not my state. We will all see cross fingers



    If u still waiting call the department of education and treasury they taken student loans and if u owe they taken full refunds. Truth.




    I tried to call the IRS at 7:30 am est. All I got was a recording saying, “our office isn’t open.” Yet, their hours start at 7am. If anyone calls, please let us know what they say. I have to go to work, so I can’t call from there.



    Well, I have read the same thing on these forums, that some people with TT 203 did in fact, receive their full refund. Others have not, at least yet. I wish the IRS could just be straight with us and specify whether or not our refunds went for offsets, rather than stating, “sent to bank.” I have also read that some people with offsets didn’t get all three bars on wmr. TT 203 on wmr says there may be an offset. But rather than saying “sent” when it updates, it should tell us whether or not the refund was sent for an offset. It would save a lot of aggravation!

    Someone on this forum said last night that the IRS was still sending refunds dated for 2/27 up to 2am this morning. So if we are getting any money we may not see it until tomorrow, depending on the bank.

    We just have to wait, I guess. Definitely if you don’t see it in your account or on your card tomorrow, then contact the agency you have the debt with. They’ll be able to tell you if there was an offset.

    With me, it’s even more frustrating. I know exactly what my debt is and have been fighting with these people for over a year. Finally they were able to tell me that my appeal is pending. I know that if an appeal is pending they cannot collect on the debt until a decision has been made. Yet, I am being told by TOP that my refund was offset. So, I will be getting a tax advocate of my refund was seized.


    carlos g.

    has anybody had a chance to call the IRS today and see what’s going on? yesterday, some of the people on here called and they were told it’d be late last night or early this morning but seems there’s still some delays going on and it seems to be with people who have a tt 203 and those who don’t, which makes it even more confusing bc those who dont owe anything should’ve at least got their already. just been weird when a mixture of those with TT 203 and those without got their taxes yesterday or the day before. there’s nothing, no pattern, to help the rest of us know if we are getting our refund. called again this morning and the collection agency hasnt seen where my refund was credited to them


    Danielle d

    Weird though because theres others on this forum who had TT 203 and says they still received their full refund but then there’s people like us who have same TT 203 refund Says sent and nothing. I’ll be patient and wait till the end of today and if nothing I’ll call IRS tomorrow to find out for sure my DOE was taken if so then I’m calling DOE that’s some bullshit



    Wmr is now saying sent and the full amount is still there but so is the tt 203 . I used turbo tax to file but used dd on my emerald card . Nothing on my card yet though. I called the offset yesterday and then called doe then they had me call fh cann but they didn’t show any $ put on my account so I’m hoping it’ll hit my card at some point today but I thought all dd went on emerald cards at 6am…. let’s stay positive people everyone is in my prayers


    Danielle d

    Call this number is the DOE. Make sure you press option 2 after she checks your social and birth date that way she can ready off your balance and see if anything was applied. I just trips me out how a cpuple days ago my balance went down to 13,000 and now its back up to 16,000 and my WMR says refund sent. I haven’t received my federal or state taxes yet. My sister is in Washington. They only get a federal income she has no offsets her turbo tax has been saying sent gor two days now and she has yet to receive her refund and she has no offsets. She bank with bank of America and I have CHASE. 5:15 am here and nothing. I don’t want to speak to anyone about my loan just in case they didn’t take anything I don’t want to give them an option to do so since I’m calling in lol

    Call 1800-621-3115 for DOE balance and last payment received



    I don’t understand why they don’t just tell people what is going on.



    So I had a DDD of 2/27 had tt203. Have advance and fees coming put. Wmr says refund sent. What happens with advances if I don’t get refund.


    carlos g.

    Im1278 that’s really what i been wondering or waiting to see, if someone who had TT 203 still got their refund. I see a lot of people are calling the debt collectors and even they havent received anything. At this point, i just wish i knew if holding on to hope is necessary bc it seems that no matter who you call, they dont have any answers.

    I will say this, i have seen where they can take state refunds to pay for any offset amounts which is even more confusing bc i have already received my state, had no problem with it so i guess i wonder why they wouldn’t have taken that too if they are gonna take my federal. trying to stay positive but it’s getting harder and harder too


    Danielle d


    Yes exactly same here. When I check my state refund it’s still stuck on processing. But this is What is super weird…I was on the phone with DOE last month and the guy said my loan had a balance of 16,000 some thing well when I checked another number for my student loan itbhad my type in my social and it read off my balance which was now at 13,000 some thing so I assumed they had taken my federal refund. Well yesterday i called that same number and now my balance is back up to $16,234 so I have nooo clue what happened. I can give you that number if you like it different from the offset number you punch in your social and date of birth and the automated system will read off your loan and tell you your balance and who its with. Mine was originally with great lakes…then went to DOE and now yesterday it says that BASS Associates now has it

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