DDD 2/16/18

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    Mike V

    WMR updated this morning, says “your return will be deposited by 2/16/18, if it is not deposited by 2/22/18 you may call the IRS.” Does anyone know if I’ll get my return before or on the 16th? Or does it mean I’ll have it by the 22nd?

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    Mike V

    @Christina I filed and was accepted February 1st



    When did u file?



    I’ve a friend who filed after me with EIC and CTC. She got her refund this morning.

    I filed 2/1 and accepted same day. She filed 2/3 and got her federal today. She said her where’s my refund never updated or anything. She said she got notified by H&R Block.



    Ugh….on the ddd not red* I need to spellcheck.



    Depends on your bank. Years ago I banked woth Woodforest and they made funds available 1-2 days before the date wmr had for my ddd. I now use Suntrust and they don’t release the funds to me until the exact date WMR states.
    Most banks release on the red, few lucky ones release early and i haven’t heard of too many that deposit late.


    Mike V

    @Unicorn Kisses I’m getting it deposited in my traditional bank, and also no I did not owe any fees I did mine on TurboTax. Did you get yours deposited in your bank too?



    Do u have either credits?


    @mike V – it depends…are you having it deposited on a pre-paid card such as Netspend or a traditional bank? My refund hit a day before the DDD on WMR and didn’t update (even after I got my refund) for 2 additional days.

    Also, do you owe any fees FROM your refund for processing through someone like Turbo Tax?



    Do you have EIC or actc

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.