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    For the ones who have a DDD OF 2/14
    do you see any pending deposit already because this is my first year using a netspend card and i was wondering am i really going to get it 2 days before ?

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    Alright now i’m pissed the f*ck off .
    People who claimed credits have got their deposit and haven’t even updated…..
    i updated to 3 bars on WMR and nothing
    i called the prepaid paypal customer service and they see nothing . i got 2 nice people from the IRS that said i can’t do anything until the 20th…. wtf man….



    @mike it seems to be a problem….I’m seeing it a lot with the 2/14 deposits



    @matt we called the irs…they said if we don’t have it by the 19th to call back…it’s so frustrating…



    @Unicorn Kisses Yes i have and she hasn’t seen anything as this before, I’ll call the IRS tomorrow then, Do you have a direct number i can call


    @Matt – oh mannnnn! I sure was hoping that 12:01 would hit and you’d see it. If it were ME I’d probably call unless your bank can tell you or see something on the back end. Have you spoken to your CPA – has he/she seen this before?



    @Autum Can you please update me whenever he see’s it today or tomorrow, If you want my number to text i can provide or on here



    @matt… my boyfriends ddd was for the 14th also, we still haven’t received it…he had an offset so that could be the hold up but still…you aren’t alone



    @Unicorn Kisses still the same, she hasn’t seen it yet and the bank says there is nothing pending on her account. What do we do


    @matt – what is the status??? Did you wife get the refund???



    Update :: WMR updated to “Refund Sent” but i haven’t received it . but it’s good news that they updated before they sent it . so i’m happy.



    As of feb 14 5:19 i still have yet to receive my deposit . and i see a handful of people who file with TT are having this problem with their deposit via facebook



    Thank you @Unicorn Kisses I’ll let you know what the outcome is tomorrow if she finally got it


    @Matt – I wouldn’t worry until 12:01 02/15. It truly simply may be back end ACH processing holding it up…it may also depend in PST, CST or EST…I’m just trying to be optimistic for ya buddy!



    @Unicorn Kisses she has not yet seen the refund, We are worried on what happened.


    @Matt – I got nothin’ then :o( Has she gotten the refund yet???



    @Unicorn Kisses we filed using our CPA and we also filed separately


    @Matt – how did you guys file? Did you have any fees you had to pay and maybe had them w/held from your refund? Making a pit stop to an intermediary bank can make a big difference…

    I’m just thinking of all scenarios I’ve been in…



    @Unicorn Kisses Nothing is shown as pending, she is really pissed right now, there is nothing coming in from the bank, her DD is today


    @Matt – do you see anything pending? It may be (which has been my experience in the past) that due to ACH regs, the funds may be ‘clearing’ and you won’t have access til tomorrow. That’s what happened to me when I used a traditional bank (US Bank) a few years back. It showed the deposit as pending on my scheduled DDD but I couldn’t touch them until it went thru the ACH system.



    My wife is a 2/14 DD and she has not received her refunds yet in her Security Bank of Southwest account,

    There is nothing pending either. is this suppose to be a delay from the bank?

    Is anyone going through this too?



    now i’m starting to worry.. i will never use prepaid paypal mastercard ever again in life ! they slow ass



    Filed: 1/26
    Approved: 2/10
    DDD: 2/14
    Funds were received this morning! (Wells Fargo)

    This was the longest time I’ve ever waited for a return, glad the wait is finally over!



    My vacation money is here!!! Finally!!! Thanks guys!



    Return posted this morning at Huntington Bank. Good luck all. See ya next year.


    Cheryl F.

    Mine posted during the night. Good Luck Everyone.



    😅 i think i’m going to go crazy….. i still haven’t received mine…… i still have later on today tho…



    Mine posted 🙌🏽🙌🏽 good luck everyone



    Same here, I’m still waiting. Hopefully it will deposit later tonight



    Lucky you! nothing here 🙁


    Money now

    Net spend in account see yall next year 😍



    same here @kennye



    Nothing for me yet :( , DDD 2/14 Simple Return using Prepaid card.



    To the people that rcvd dd today congrats. I just had a question did any of you have paths and how did you find out your ddd date? I filed 1/23 with a process date of 2/12 on my transcript. I’m just hoping for a deposit soon.



    To the people that rcvd dd today congrats. I just had a question did any of you have paths and how did you find out your ddd date? I filed 1/23 with a process date of 2/12 on my transcript. I’m just hoping for a deposit soon.



    To the people that rcvd dd today congrats. I just had a question did any of you have paths and how did you find out your dad date? I filed 1/23 with a process date of 2/12 on my transcript. I’m just hoping for a deposit soon.



    DDD FEB 14 it hit Santa Barbara bank this morning but no deposit into my 5/3 bank account. Tommorow hopefully. Good luck everyone



    Netspend deposit today 4:36.

    DD 2/14/18.



    Dd 2/14 my deposit just showed up on my green dot card sometime around 5pm. Good luck everyone!




    Refund hit my bank acct this afternoon! :)

    Original DDD 2/14



    @Blondie, Mine too. My credit union is DCU, whats yours?
    Filed & Received by IRS 1/31
    DDD: 2/14
    Deposit in Credit union a/c 2/13


    Cheryl F.

    Still waiting here as well. So much for Walmart Money Card promoting receiving up to two days in advance. I do get my paychecks two days in advance. Usually the deposit is on Wednesday at around 4:45 p.m. to 5 p.m. instead of Fridays. So frustrating. Good Luck Everyone.



    still waiting over here…


    Lance lance lance lance

    CONGRATS to the early folks still nothing here on my end DDD 2/14



    I have noticed that the WMR website has updated days after the refund was issued, in previous years.



    Mine posted at my credit union a few minutes ago!
    WMR still not showing it’s even been released.



    Filed 1/28
    2 kids
    DDD- 02/16/18


    Cheryl F.

    any early deposits?



    Filed with TT 1/29
    Fees not paid upfront to TT
    Accepted 1/29
    Simple return
    DDD 2/14
    WMR still reflecting only 2 bars




    Sbtpg rcv’d my refund. Thanks @bluedimond35 on the bank time.

    Hopefully it will post to my acct tomorrow.


    whats up

    Update. My wife was right I am an idiot because she just checked the bank and it was deposited. Good luck all. I would think that anyone with a DDD of 2/14 will see it by then.



    2/14 ddd nothing pending in regions bank acct



    Sbtpg received my refund! Let’s see when it hits BOA


    Cheryl F.

    still nothing on my Walmart Money Card. Hoping it hits today.


    whats up

    Guess what I woke up this morning expecting Nothing, and when I checked my account there it said “Nothing”. I swear I’m physic but, my wife she just thinks I’m an idiot. I guess I showed her.



    …..Sbtpg.com updates on the West Coast schedule… if you live on the East Coast, check again between 10 and 11am EST. I am waiting for mine to come thru SBTPG as well and have my fingers crossed… its only 4:35am there right now….



    Update it’s showing as pending in my bank. I have pnc



    Nothing this morning..no pending/rcv’d showing on sbtpg.com

    Filed via turbo tax, 1/30
    Accepted 1/31
    WMR states approved and DDD by 2/14
    bank w/ Members 1st CU



    Nothing yet. I have pnc bank. Nothing showing as pending


    Shelly Lastella

    My refund was deposited on a Rush card!



    bluediamond325 – I have them as well and have never gotten info out of them lol! My deposit came between 4-6 am on my DDD the last 2 years. They showed no record of it until it hit.



    nothing today , maybe tomorrow


    Cheryl F.

    has anyone seen any early deposits on prepaid card for DDD 2/14?



    I have Huntington Bank… apparently Huntington says that they can’t see “pending deposits,” uhhh huh I almost believe that. Anyone know how to weasel information out of Huntington Bank to confirm a pending deposit????


    Alex S.

    DDD is 2/14 going to a turbo tax card. Nothing yet. No fees paid, free filing.



    Filed with TT 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Simple return
    Finally got a DDD 2/14
    Fees not paid upfront to TT
    No notification from my credit union, yet


    Cheryl F.

    DDD 2/14 with Walmart Money Card… Nothing yet. Hope it hits today. My regular paycheck is on Friday’s and I always get my direct deposit on Wednesday around 4:30 to 5 p.m. Central Time. Come on with it. :)


    whats up

    DDD of 2/14 TT. I bank with Fidelity. Nothing yet.



    No deposit for me yet :( DDD 2/14
    @shelly Lastella who do you bank with?



    We have a ddd of 2/14 and it’s going to the TurboTax card but we have no pending deposit



    I paid my fees upfront with TT and had a mysterious deposit of $1.36 today with PNC my DDD is also 2/14 wondering if it was a test deposit


    Shelly Lastella

    I filed on 1/23, Accepted on 2/24, no EIC etc. I sat at one bar until 2/10. Then had Two bars with a DD of Feb. 14th.. So I checked my card yesterday, the 10th and my DD had already been posted on Feb 9th! 4 days early! I also Checked my sons on the 10th which was accepted on 2/6. And it has been already approved, two bars!



    If you paid your fees upfront,you should be getting your deposit sometime today.

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