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      I was wondering if anyone has already gotten there return in there bank yet. I always get my paycheck a day early but things aren’t looking good on my taxes.

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          Navy army federal credit union
          Refund deposited tonight!

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          Timothy Woodie

            Anyone with citizens bank? I heard if you put it in your savings account it will come faster. But I haven’t seen anything yet!! And no fees for me!

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              I have USbank and every year it comes when wmr says it will which is tomorrow 1/30, US bank is never early for me.

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                usbank anyone?

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                Kim in CO

                  WMR showed 2 bars, saying that it would be sent by 1/30, showed full amount of refund.

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                    I filed and was accepted immediately Monday this week (1/26)…. WMR shows the 1 bar… transcripts showed n/a until last night then 1 showed up (return). Now this AM I have the other transcript (account) with code 846 for 2/16.

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                      What did you refund status say on Where’s my refund? To all the people that have received DD. We filed on 20th and it was accepted on the 20th and the status still says accepted.

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                      Kim in CO

                        I got mine this morning – USAA always deposits early. I filed with H&R Block, no fees taken out but had an offset for state taxes.

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                          My bank updates midnight to 6am. Just checked. Not there! I have SunTrust and they told me yesterday that they see it and it’s sitting in the “warehouse” until the 30th. So tomorrow it is!

                          Oh, and our VA state finally gave a ddd of 2/2. This is the longest state has ever took for us.

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                            Filed on Friday, January 23rd, federal was accepted January 23rd and state was accepted January 24th. I called my bank and my state (MD) refund was deposited this morning (Thursday) and shows a pending direct deposit for my federal refund for tomorrow (January 30). This is the FASTEST refund in all my years of paying taxes.

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                              I use Netspend and have a DDD of 1/30. I still have not received my deposit. So not all Netspend card holders have gotten theirs. I’m hoping for tomorrow. SBTPG still says your refund has not been received.

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                                Alicia who did you file with and how did you choose your deposit?

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                                  Not yet, but I believe deposits were sent out. Banks usually take longer to verify and do what they have to do before you actually see it in your account. Netspend refunds were sent yesterday even with the 1/30 ddd date. This is what leads me to believe our money is in transit. I am hoping for a Deposit into my account today the 29th.

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                                    I got mine

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