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      Got a DD of 2/4 nothing deposited today called IRS they said they sent it today. Anyone else have any ideas on what’s going on ?!

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          Any updates?

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            same here I just got a 898 for non-irs debt with my whole refund amount…I checked last year transcript it was the same thing followed by 841 refund cancelled, 971 notice issued, 846 refund issued then finally 899 removed refund applied to non-irs debt….so IDK what it all really means but I am assuming that whatever our offset is to whoever we owe will be taken out then reissued for the remainder

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              I got the same thing, everything was great and then I got the last code on their 898 non irs debt and it has date of 2/16/2015 and then 0.00 but right under the words Non IRS debt it has my whole amount, but I don’t owe my whole amount in debt, maybe something wrong and just have to wait and see I guess. I know 1000.00 owe but my refund was well over 5000.00 so IDK either. confused

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                I was exact same everything looked Good said it sent on 2/4/15 then My transcript updated this morning the previous entry was 846 refund issued now today it added paid to non IRS debt and the amount which was all of it. The code was 898 I believe.

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                  IRS states they sent my money direct deposit from the wmr site on 2/4 but I just got off the phone with netslend and there is no deposit??? What’d going on?

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                    Ok so today is 2/6/2015 my DDD was for 2/4/2015. It has been two days and no federal refund. I got my state of ME refund this morning on the same card. So what is taking so long. I have an 846 code states refund sent and IRS WMR says sent refund, but of course the SBBT is saying they have nothing. What is going on. I hate this waiting game really come one.

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                      Make sure yall check all tour info and make sure it’s correct. If your name is off or account or routing number the bank will reject it. My DDD was for the 4th as well… well come to find out, I left the last number off my account number. So now I have to wait for the bank to reject it and send the funds back to the irs, then the irs cuts a check. The whole process could take up to 2 months!!

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                        DDD of 2/4 called Walmart moneycard they say they don’t see any pending deposits so hopefully it comes in later today or maybe the 9th…no offsets and checked my transcript got the 846 code refund issued and on WMR says deposit sent..so idk where my money is

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                          Usually use chase but I used bluebird this year…. And still nothing I think I need an additional day but sbtpg shows they released the money this morning.

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                            Ok so I found something out…I have a dd for tomorrow 2/6 partcial to bluebird amex card from walmart…I went to look so.ething up and read on their page that if you are getting dd from irs your name and social must be the primary tax payer pn the account…if you are a spouse it may get rejected….what? Are you kidding me? So I was told I had to wait until tomorrow morning at 9am to check the account mountain standard time if its not there then I have to call the irs…their customer swrvice reps with bluebird do not have access to any account info or pending dd..

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                              Hey Kassy I filed on 1/22 with turbotax and the IRS approved me on the 26th.. I was kinda curious why I hadn’t got my refund back yet usually it doesn’t take this long so that lead me to find this site and your post! Ok I did what you suggested and checked my transcripts it has a 846 code on it but the where’s my refund thing on the IRS site still says it’s being processed with one bar! You think they just haven’t updated it? Sorry for all the questions your advice was the best I’ve seen so far.. Everyone else just seems to be complaining or asking questions themselves! I’m also wondering if it’s going to take longer because I’m having it go straight to my bank and not like a net spend card or something it seems like a lot of ppl using those have already received refunds lol hell it probably doesn’t matter! Anyhow thanks for the great transcript advice! Oh n were will your DDD be at if you have one?

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                              so frustrated

                                My ddd was yesterday 2/4. My husband and I were on a payment plan with IRS due to a 1099 misc coming after we got our refund last year, which made us ineligible for eic. On WMR and act transcripts it shows that they paid back what we owed the IRS and that the difference was sent to our bank on 2/4. The act transcripts still have 846 with that ant on it. Today WMR updated to three bars with sent with message 201 for taking what we owed the IRS from last year. Here is what it shows: Your refund has been reduced to pay a past due IRS tax obligation.
                                The balance of your refund, $xxxx was sent to your bank on February 4, 2015 for direct deposit. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 9, 2015, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 9, 2015 before you contact us as we are unable to take any further action until then. Where did my money go???

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                                  WMR says refund sent. Netspend says no deposit. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t really need food anyway! Food is for the weak! And i have a special car that runs on mind power so i have no need for gasoline. And my new waterwheel generator means no electric bill to pay either!

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                                    I am in the same boat. My DDD was for yesterday 2/4/2015 and nothing as of today. My WMR site has all 3 bars and my refund was sent. I go to the SBBT website and it shows that they have no information from the IRS with my return/refund. Is there a delay or something? Need my refund.

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                                      Had a deposit split between into mine and my wifes account. She received her’s as scheduled Wednesday morning. Nothing in mine. Use Balance Financial card through Bancorp. Called them and they don’t see anything- nothing pending or rejected.
                                      Any thoughts on this?

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                                        try checking on http://www.sbtpg.com thats where i got my deposit info

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                                          i spoke with jh preferred today because i have a dd 2/4 and sbgt say irs disbursed my funds on 2/3 and still nothing well the lady said THEY HAVE A DELAY AND THE FUNDS WILL BE DISBURSED tomorrow, soo i am impatiently waiting!!!

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                                            Filed on 1/17/15 accepted on 1/22/15 wmr says still processing I am so confused friends of mine filed a week after me and already got there refund.

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                                              I filed with TurboTax and was accepted on 1/26/15. Got a DDD of today 2/4/15. I have an offset that I am hoping wont actually come out even though the offset phone number says it will. I did not get a direct deposit today and wheres my refund is still on the 2nd bar. My transcripts have no error codes the last code on transcript is the 846 refund sent with the full dollar amount. My cycle date is today 20150405 and the other date listed next to deposit issued is 2/16/2015 which I think most peoples say but they typically still get it earlier on the cycle date. I am hoping the offset doesn’t happen and I do get a refund but as of now there is no money in my account. I paid fees upfront so no middle man either.

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                                                iI am with swift tax, had a ddd 2/4/15 but its still only on 2 bars. It doesnt even say sent yet & i havent recieved any money ): Does anyone have this problem & spoken to the IRS or have any idea whats going on ?

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                                                  Amex Bluebird, Turbotax, have a code of 846, still aint found shit

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                                                    I just got my refund Feb 3rd on my netspend card. The where’s my refund tracker didn’t update to say my refund was approved until morning of Feb 4… and it said my refund would be there on Feb 6th…

                                                    but my netspend card shows it was deposited on Feb 3rd @ 8:45 PM!!!!

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                                                    LA Girl

                                                      I filed with TT on the 24 th, accepted on the 24th and still only on One bar

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                                                        With liberty 2/4 deposit no money yet

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                                                          This happened to a group of us called “The 1121’ers.” last year, we were give a direct deposit date of 2/6, and our bars went all the way to “refund sent” and all of us frantically checking our accounts after calling the IRS over and over, demanding to know where our refunds were at. The next morning, we awoke to a lovely “TAKE ACTION: Please call the IRS Immediately. Your refund has been delayed. Please call us immediately and mention error code 1121.” If you have Netspend, and have your refund taken through SBBT, and your DDD was 2/04, you are now in this group of unfortunate people. This year, I filed on 1/23(accepted on 1/23), refund approved on 1/27, and I got my deposit on 1/29. My DDD was 1/30, and I went through Turbotax, had fees taken out from SBBT (which is actually SBTPG), and used a NetSpend card. Some of us, last year…. well some of us are still waiting on our deposits. (!) Others recieved their refunds 2-3 weeks after the original DDD.
                                                          THERE IS NO POINT ON CALLING THE IRS. Check your account transcripts on irs.gov every day, (“record of account”)… when you see an “846” code, you should have your refund within 3 business days. If you get a 971, that is “notice issued.” This is not necissairly a bad thing. You do not want to see a 570 or 4– of any kind on your account. This is an audit. Best of Luck!

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                                                            I got my refund this morning 02/04. I am with BOA

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                                                              File/Accepted Jan 27 with HRblock online, did not pay fees up front. We have had a DDD 2/4 since monday, we bank with Netspend, nothing yet.

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                                                              lary from nj

                                                                Same boat here got approved on 2/30 dd was for today… check my wmr and stock on approve no updates in my jh preferred card from jackson hewitt….call the irs the lady told me if i have a 3 or 4 digit code and i told her no so she say she can’t to pull my information because it hasn’t been 21 days to keep checking the status or call jackson hewitt does anybody have the same problem

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                                                                  I think a lot of people are waiting for dd of 2/4/15 when it is really 2/6/15 because that is what the IRS has in their records.

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                                                                    Used turbo tax and sbbt is the bank taking the fees and I use bluebird. I had a offset but when she looked into it and said that the full refund was sent today. I was thinking they waited so long to send because of that offset. Just a little freaking out this has never happened to me before

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                                                                      I have DDD for 2/4/2015 and nothing. I filed with Turbo tax and filed on 1/26 and back is SBBT for netspend card and their site says nothing has been sent in from the IRS. I am hoping soon even tomorrow really need it.

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                                                                        Sometimes funds aren’t released from your bank until the next business day so midnight tonight

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                                                                          Who do you bank with, who did you file with, and did you prepay, or have your fees taken out of your refund?

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