DD of 02/24/2022 still no deposit

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      I just want to know what’s going on. I have cycle code 20220805. Which is a DD is 02/24/22

      Filed and accepted 2/1/22

      Delayed message still on WMR

      I have netspend

      Claimed EIC, CTC and ACTC

      SBTPG shows unfunded and 0

      Anyone spoke to the IRS and if so what did they say?

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          I have a DDD of 2/24, and still no deposit. I’m starting to get worried 🥺

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            My as of date says 2/28/2022. Ddd says 02/22/22. Sbtpg says $0. Still no refund

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              Then 3/17 is the day you get your refund.

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                @josh sorry scratch that I do have an 846 code but it says 3-17-2021.

                I have an as of date of 03/14/2022

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                  @josh no I don’t have an 846 code at all.

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                    Cycle code has nothing to do with the date. Did you look and see if you have a ddd on your transcript under 846 code

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                      Do you have all your transcripts and a 846 code. If, your taxes have not processed yet.

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