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    Filed and accepted on 2/12 with a DD date of 3/5.

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    My DD was 3/5 now I notice on my transcript code 841 says refund canceled and code 570 says pending 3-24. HELP PLEASE!!!



    I also had a 3/5 date and sbbt received it yesteday and than sent it to my bank which was in my bank at 4am this morning and it is processing.



    I cannot be the only one expecting something today!? anybody else? filed tt fees out thru sbbt then onto walmart card..had offsets already taken..no refund as of yet…….still waiting..ill update if change comes!


    Kelli H 2014

    @SuperRandy … I looked into it and I didn’t know that I had the same error last year but they fixed it immediately and I got my refund within 2wks. So, since I made the same mistake this year, do you know what the protocol/process is? They have already adjusted the amount of my refund to remove the 630 addtnl child tax credit which is reflected on my AT. do you know what they are doing with it since I had the same error last year? any info is greatly appreciated.



    6weeks from acceptance is what it took for me. But I had a coworker who ended up getting her refund just a few days after me that same year. I suppose it depends on the previous year(s) track records. But I can’t be too sure.


    Christian’s Mommy 82

    Was that 6wks total?



    @Christian’s Mommy – My transcript had no additional codes. It was largely normal. Accepted 2/18, Got my DDD on WMR on 2/28 and it told me 3/5.

    Deposit went through the first portion this AM (Republic Bank to take fees out)

    I had something similar happen last year with me, and it ended up taking about 6 weeks with the child tax credit. Hopefully it won’t be that long for you.


    Christian’s Mommy 82

    I filed/accepted 2/18/2014. I have codes:
    971 03/17/2014
    570 03/17/2014

    I pulled my trans and see that I claimed the Addtnl Child Tax Credit in error (I only have one child). The IRS already took the 630 off of my expected refund amount and it is updated in the AT’s. Under where it shows ‘Tax Return Filed’ on the AT, I have a Cycle Code of 20140905. I got curious about this and called the IRS yesterday. I got a very young sounding girl who did not seem to know much more than I did from the AT’s. She put me on hold and came back to say that ‘bc I filed MFS they are reviewing my Child and Dependant Care Expenses which could take 60days’. She also said there was a letter sent to me last week but that she didn’t know what the letter said or what it meant. I explained about the ACTC and she confirmed what I was seeing. I asked if that was in fact the issue that she was referring to and she said it could be. That led me to ask her if she could see the letter and she said no… I asked if she could see anything besides my transcript and she said basically, no. Then, I asked if it was possible that the ACTC was the issue and, since the IRS alrdy dealt with it, it was possible my refund could already be in process of release/DD and that the system/AT was just not updated yet… and she said that was possible. It seems to me the IRS reps just do not know what is going on outside of the recent AT’s which, to my understanding, are not updated more than once a week.

    Has anyone else had this type of issue? I am trying to be patient and wait and I know the letter is on its way but I just cannot stand the mismanaged way this is handled every year.

    Any thoughts and shared experiences are greatly appreciated :-)


    Christian’s Mommy 82

    @superrandy: can you tell me how you know you are a 3/5’er? did you have any 570’s on your Transcripts?



    I’m a 3/5er but went through Republic Bank to have my fees taken out. As of this morning, Republic Bank is showing the IRS deposit, fees taken out and money transferred to my bank.

    Looks like it’ll either be today or tomorrow for me! Right on schedule.



    H&R e-filed for me on 02/25 and I was notified it was accepted by the IRS within the hour, via email. Somehow by 02/28 my refund was already approved and I have two bars in WMR with a DD of 03/05. I also have reviewed my 2013 tax account transcript and I have 20140905 as my cycle date so everything is moving along smoothly for deposit this week, right?



    yeah Filed and accepted 2/26 dd date of 3/6….last year it came a little early… crossing my fingers

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The topic ‘DD 3/5’ is closed to new replies.