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      Ok guys, I’m gonna try to explain the daily verses weekly cycle to the best of my ability.All of this comes directly from the IRS manual. Daily accounts post within 4 days, weekly accounts post within 7. Most taxpayers will fall into the daily “accelerated” processing. If you are in a weekly account…your refund will “post” within a week of being accepted and your DDD will be scheduled for the following Thursday. Account conditions that prevent accounts from being marked daily are conditions such as (list is not all inclusive):
      1. ITIN Accounts
      2. Foreign Addresses
      3. Campus Addresses
      4. Identity Theft Indicators
      5. Prisoner File
      6. Related MFT 31 Account (e.g., Bankruptcy, Offer-In-Compromise, Installment Agreements, Innocent Spouse)
      7. Criminal Investigation Activity
      8. Civil Penalty Account (MFT 55)
      9. Tax Module History (two years prior) with CI, Exam or Collection Activity

      Now, this part is how I believe we will see this play out for the early filers. All early filers are treated as though they were accepted 1/31. Therefore, if you were accepted 1/31, on a weekly account, and the IRS finds no other reason to hold your refund, then your refund will “post” to the master file on Friday, and you should be updated on WMR by Saturday night/Sunday morning for a DDD of 2/13.

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        sorry posted twice!


          I filed my tax on TT on 2/13 but I haven’t receive anything yet. When I check WMR it always says we received your return and its being process… you will get refund within 21days… yesterday was 21st day, so I called IRS and asked them the status of my refund. I was told that the day I filed my tax that their system was down and it didn’t get filed/received until the 26th. I went to see if I can check or download a transcript to find out what’s goin on, but it says non-filing 2013*, does it mean that they didn’t receive my return? how long after they supposedly accepted my return can I get a transcript? I also want to know if I’m daily or weekly account? I dunno what that means, I read ur post and none of this pertain to my situation, so what am I? sorry, Im just really frustrated I just want something or someone to at least give me some info about my tax coz IRS doesn’t seem to have or the Cust Serv doesn’t have anything useful for me. I just want to know if my return is on process or what’s going on? Pls help! thanks


            I filed my tax on TT on 2/13 but I haven’t receive anything yet. When I check WMR it always says we received your return and its being process… you will get refund within 21days… yesterday was 21st day, so I called IRS and asked them the status of my refund. I was told that the day I filed my tax that their system was down and it didn’t get filed/received until the 26th. I went to see if I can check or download a transcript to find out what’s goin on, but it says non-filing 2013*, does it mean that they didn’t receive my return? how long after they supposedly accepted my return can I get a transcript? I also want to know if I’m daily or weekly account? I dunno what that means, I read ur post and none of this pertain to my situation, so what am I? sorry, Im just really frustrated I just want something or someone to at least give me some info about my tax coz IRS doesn’t seem to have or the Cust Serv doesn’t have anything useful for me. I just want to know if my return is on process or what’s going on? Thanks

            These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…

              @Steph336: I posted this earlier and maybe you can help me answer this… also, I still cannot get my AT’s to pull up and it says ‘the info you entered dsnt match your most recent tax return’. I accessed them Friday and cannot get them at all this week…..

              EARLIER POSTING:
              if you have the same miscalculation two years in a row and the IRS has already made the adjustment on the most recent year (2nd of the two) according to your transcripts which show the corrected refund amount, what would cause there to be a code TC 971/570 dtd 3/17/2014? I was told by a Turbo Tax Expert that something like that should not stop your refund but it may delay it a bit and that the TC 570 is an internal code that isn’t directly linked to/affecting your refund. I also noticed that last Friday I could access all my AT’s and this week, it says ‘cannot verify your ID with the info provided’. Also, the WMR has said ‘tax return in process… refund date provided when avail’ with Topic 152: Refund Info. Does anyone have any experience with this? I did not claim EIC and the miscalculation is an error caused by TT software. It said I was elig for the $630 Additional Child Tax Credit last and this year. Just like last year, it shows the IRS immediately removed the $630, recalc’ed my refund amount, and now I am just in a holding pattern. Does this sound like a simple matter of delay which I shouldn’t obsess over and just accept that it’s going to be DD when it happens… thanks :-)

              Christian’s Mommy 82

                I filed/accepted 2/18/2014. I have codes:
                971 03/17/2014
                570 03/17/2014

                I pulled my trans and see that I claimed the Addtnl Child Tax Credit in error (I only have one child). The IRS already took the 630 off of my expected refund amount and it is updated in the AT’s. Under where it shows ‘Tax Return Filed’ on the AT, I have a Cycle Code of 20140905. I got curious about this and called the IRS yesterday. I got a very young sounding girl who did not seem to know much more than I did from the AT’s. She put me on hold and came back to say that ‘bc I filed MFS they are reviewing my Child and Dependant Care Expenses which could take 60days’. She also said there was a letter sent to me last week but that she didn’t know what the letter said or what it meant. I explained about the ACTC and she confirmed what I was seeing. I asked if that was in fact the issue that she was referring to and she said it could be. That led me to ask her if she could see the letter and she said no… I asked if she could see anything besides my transcript and she said basically, no. Then, I asked if it was possible that the ACTC was the issue and, since the IRS alrdy dealt with it, it was possible my refund could already be in process of release/DD and that the system/AT was just not updated yet… and she said that was possible. It seems to me the IRS reps just do not know what is going on outside of the recent AT’s which, to my understanding, are not updated more than once a week.

                Has anyone else had this type of issue? I am trying to be patient and wait and I know the letter is on its way but I just cannot stand the mismanaged way this is handled every year.

                Any thoughts and shared experiences are greatly appreciated :-)


                  So I am confused maybe someone can help. I filed the 25th of jan was accepted the 27th. The website where’s my refund has been stuck on received and still processing. I can pull up my transcripts and on it it shows codes 150, 806, 520, 766, 768, and 840. I called Monday and a lady said that it was on hold due to the bankruptcy but next to the 840 code it says refund issued 2-19? So not sure what’s going on




                      @Steph336, quick question if you don’t mind. No BIG rush but here it is. My tax preparer efiled last Thursday, Feb 15th. I haven’t filed taxes for about 9 years now as I was a SAHM. I finally started working again and filed this year as HOH with 3 dependents. My ex has claimed the boys up until this year since I wasn’t working. However I have full custody and he has no rights to claim them this year since hes provided no support whatsoever. My wmr hasn’t moved since it was filed except to add tax topic 152 last night. Can you tell me when to expect it to be approved and when I can get a DDD?


                        I’m still confused……I filed 1/18, accepted 1/26, got a ddd for 2/6. My bars said it was sent to my bank ut never came…then suddenly on 2/8 my bars disappeared and all I get when I check daily is “we have received your tax return and it is being processed”. My transcript says my cycle date is 20140601. No errors -nothing to indicate anything. The transcrpit hasn’t changed…
                        I called the irs and they told me nothing also.


                          @Steph336: So having to use ID Theft pin (I was victim in 2011) causes me to be in weekly cycle instead on daily? How will I see & verify that, eg in transcript? Thx!




                              @Steph336 – I got a notice of “proposed” tax changes from a 1099 that showed up in March of last year. I received a CP2000 letter and called the IRS just last week. The nice gentleman I spoke with told me until it is assessed as tax owed, it is only proposed tax changes. They give you time to prove it is an error or admit it was an oversight on your end. I have until May 5, 2014 to give an answer. He told me it does not hold up your current year tax refund if it hasn’t been assessed as tax owed yet. I owed the IRS $250 last year and I got my refund within 10 days of filing. This year, however, I was accepted on the 26th, now know it is actually the 31st. I have been stuck at one bar and TT 152 since January 27th. I have called and been told it is processing and there are no red flags whatsoever. I swear there is a special place for us who haven’t had any movement yet at all at the IRS and we are being overlooked! :)

                              Just thought I would let those know who have gotten notices that unless it has been assessed as tax, it won’t hold up your refund for this year until it is assessed as tax. You’ll know when they assess it as tax owed. You’ll get a certified letter stating it is now tax owed and you need to make payment arrangements if it is something you cannot pay off in full at one time.

                              I love, love, love this site! The Mods rock :)


                                I have a ?- my return was filed and accepted on 2/5/14. It still has a just processing. And my transcripts have an* by them for 2013…. The hub is Memphis n it gives me a tax topic of 152 on the wmr… I have EIC , child tax credits and education credits… But people that have filed after me have a deposit- should I be worried that something is wrong? And when is the earliest I could expect a refund? Please helpl

                                Mrs. kd2

                                  I got aceepted on 2/8/2014 and filed on that day when should i receive my refund

                                  Mrs. kd2

                                    I filed on 2/8/2014 and accepted on 2/8/2014 when should i receive a refund




                                        I know this might sound like a dumb question bu I am just curious. If I did not have fees taken from my refund because I paid upfront and did NOT use a NetSpend card/walmart/Green Dot ect… does my  refund still go through SBBT because I used Turbo Tax?

                                        I used my own personal Bank- BofA

                                        Thanks for any clarification.


                                          Filed 1/31/14, online hrb dd , Paid fees upfront, Accepted 2/2, 1 bar tt152. My transcript says *2013 00.00 with 3/3. My question is if I was accepted on 2/2 and transcript says 3/3 does this mean I have been resequenced? I never viewed my transcript prior to last night so not sure if i had an earlier date than 3/3. If so any theories on how much time this will add to processing? I cant remember ever waiting past ten day to receive my refund let alone a ddd… I.R.S. Rep told me they cant talk to me until 21 days have past of course.


                                            @Steph336 I used TT to do my refund this year, filed & excepted 1.1.14, it has been processing ever since. I am nervous something is wrong b/c several friends/family say my refund amount is extremely high for my situation. If I did something wrong I have no idea what it was to be able to fix it. I am assuming from reading above posts that I am fall into the weekly catagory. The last 3-4 years my Mother claimed my 2 kids & I b/c I was unable to work & she took care of us. This is the 1st year I was able to work & when I go to IRS Transcript it has the *next to 2013,2012,2011,2010. Could that be the reason for why I fall under the weekly catagory? Thanks


                                              @steph336 i believe im in weekly cycle since i had offset last year but none this year, was accepted 2/01 but have had no updates since. Any info you could offer? Also anyone else with updated info since Friday?


                                                no not here., my school tuiton refund will be in this week, so i guess i can hold another 11 days. but this is crazy




                                                    Not me, sounds like all pre paid cards only fot deposit today for 2/12rs, I have BofA and I dojt think regular accts got deposited today owel we still have 2 days:)


                                                      Any updates guys?


                                                        @Jeremiah: Hey, well my husband and I are both self-employed as well. He is a handyman and I am a nanny and we don’t have EINs…we use the codes they create as well. Never had an issue with us and we have been filing like that for 6-7 years now. As ling as you kept records and can prove everything, then you are fine…many people file this way.

                                                        Jeremiah Fisher

                                                          @steph336 First I wanted too apologize as I thought you where jumping me yesterday my apologies, seems like you know alot about tax laws I wanted too post this hear I posted it on the main Forum as well but figured I would do it here too so you can see it maybe you can shed some light

                                                          Here you go:

                                                          so I got a huge question for a MOD ive been on and off the site here for a few days now racking my brain on the tax delay lol sooooo heres my dumb dumb question I am self employed and on my tax return I used my name as well as my business name, but in all honesty I do not have a EIN number it just says I can use the code because what I do for a living is Detail Semi’s and apprently, that falls under a carwash code?! IDK if this is correct or if maybe I should shoot them a call tomorrow I do not want to get some notice sayin hey douche you uhh cant do that lol. Technically this is only my second year filing with my small business. So I am still a little new….my return started at a lil over 11k for a AGI but after I put everything in for the year my AGI was like 2500 last year, it was even less like 1300 so idk if that would cause a fling or not but I got everything wrote down I always keep track of what I used out of my lock box cause most everything I do is with cash and I have too keep a balance rolling. please someone thats a mod or knows the tax laws let me know if I am ok in what I am doing………..thanks!


                                                            next pg


                                                              I think we should post back when we have a confirmed DD to our bank Accts


                                                                Awesome Jess! Did you ever have zeros in your account transcripts?


                                                                  Got my dad of 2/12 today!!


                                                                    Any updates guys with zeros?


                                                                      I know I had 1 offset for state was very small so I litterly took care of it last week of Jan/2014 so I think it migjt of shown up and since the balance was payed it never realy had enough time to leave the system is whant im assuming. I did get a leeter from the state a few weeks back stating my debt has been satisfied.


                                                                        Just did a little bit of research and I found this reply from 2012 from someone in TurboTax forums, showes he was supposed to get a certain amount and when he checked his wmr it gave him his balance after the ofset and it showed clearly what was left over. Unlike me mine stayed the same on both fields.

                                                                        I was supposed to get:
                                                                        Federal Return: AcceptedYour refund: $8,348 

                                                                        This was according to TurboTax AND the IRS website (IRS website said it was to deposit on Feb 1st)
                                                                        However today I got this:

                                                                        Your refund has been reduced to pay a past due IRS tax obligation.

                                                                        The balance of your refund, $4,676.72, is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 8, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 13, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 13, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.


                                                                          @ Steph hmmm, so not going to read all back comments cause im at school, so if you was sent a notice for 2012 under reporting in 2010, but since i was in school and didnt claim my credits, it actually had the irs oweing me. they sent the refund. i also filed before 2/1, then went back and amend to get school credits for me and my son. They sent refund. This time, filed under NEW MARRIED NAME, name updated with ssa , FILED SON CHILD CREDIt, not mine was going to amend later(HAHA), and made $4000, less. when irs is use to seeing me in the $40000-$42000 income range, so yes my tax return is a bit more than usual. So i can say im definintly in the weekly, but my question ususalyy when do they update the files on the weekly. married 3 years just finally change last name in 4/2013.


                                                                            @Steph I posted yesterday about my fiance having code 570 on his account transcript and his return transcript being done. His WMR did not update today with any code whereas mine update with my ddd of 2/12/14. Could they be holding it because he didn’t file 2010 taxes? If he was under review, would he have received a code on WMR already?


                                                                              Steph u been on point the whole time..I finally got a DD 2/12..wooohooo! Thank U!


                                                                                So check this out, im 100% that I do not owe as I was put on an 8min hold yesterday when the irs looked through my acct to see if I had owed any money and thry came back with “Nope youre Clean and Clear” I also checkd on that off set number 1800-304-3107 and that to told me I have no offsets but I get this on WMR (Note me refund ive change just to show you as an example)

                                                                                -Original refund 2,000.00

                                                                                Your refund has been reduced to pay a past due IRS tax obligation.

                                                                                The balance of your refund, $2,000.00, is scheduled to be sent to your bank byFebruary 12, 2014. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 17, 2014, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.Please wait until February 17, 2014 before you contact us again as we are unable to take any further action until then.Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

                                                                                Tax Topic 201 – The Collection ProcessPlease Note:Your refund may be reduced even further if you owe any past due obligations such as child support, another federal agency debt, or state income tax.If this applies to you, the Financial Management Service, who issues IRS refunds, will send you a notice informing you of any offset they have made. The details of the debt are not provided to the IRS. Please do not call us to inquire about the details because we will not be able to answer your questions. Instead, direct any questions you have about the offset or debt to the agency identified on the notice.For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.


                                                                                  Well finaly I woke up to a DDD of Feb12 awsome awsome




                                                                                      Thx steph336 your timeline is absolutely correct I just received my transcript at 245am.

                                                                                      Jeremiah Fisher

                                                                                        Hey steph just checked my wmr tool this is exactly what I have under it no bars but this is it right here hopefully this works: Refund Status Results
                                                                                        Print. Take the survey.

                                                                                        Your tax return is still being processed.

                                                                                        A refund date will be provided when available.
                                                                                        Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
                                                                                        Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
                                                                                        Please Note:
                                                                                        For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

                                                                                        Jeremiah Fisher



                                                                                            trunks: I think tonight, but it may not until tomorrow night. Definitely, this weekend.


                                                                                              ashh: Yes, that’s a good sign! You SHOULD update tonight or tomorrow night!


                                                                                                Hey Jeremiah i am in the same boat I really feel lost because it doesn’t make any sense to process and be able to order acct transcripts but to show zeros and if you look on igmr facebook there are plenty of others like us smh


                                                                                                  @steph336 I was able to order both my return n account transcripts today using the phone so I couldnt c anything no codes is that at least a good sign? I believe im in a weekly account cause I owe irs in 2012 n also this year…. I filed on 1/26 got accepted 1/29 even tho irs rep told me it was 1/31 on Tuesday…. today was my first day to beable 2 order transcripts am I getting any closer


                                                                                                    @Steph – when do you think we might see a update?

                                                                                                    Jeremiah Fisher

                                                                                                      @steph336: Thanks…..I do not know whats going on and it sure seems as if the irs don’t either they say one thing then another the one lady said it was being review under what she called a “soft audit” then the other lady I talked to said that its too early for all that and I am just being helded up for whatever reasons, as you said if I had a audit or “review” what ever I should had gotten a notice VIA WMR or At the transcript order line. I can however order my “account” transcripts over the phone off the automated system but I do think it be the same thing as you would get online so for me all 0000’s and at the very bottom no refund recieved……guess im just a lil impatient watching all these 31st ppl get ddd dates and ppl who even filed and accepted after myself get ddd dates that im flippin out thinking theres something majorly wrong but who knows probably nothing at all as i said i have no topic numbers other than 152 under my wmr screen…..the bars arent there but the lady at the irs said that don’t matter so idk just frustrating ig its every single year with TT for some reason, i filed slayer one year never a issue accepted and refund in my acct at certian time noone of this limbo crap ig last year was worse cause of 8863 and i had that one so just time will tell i guess! thanks for anything ill keep you up to date….if i have anymore questions i know where too find the forum


                                                                                                        Jeremiah: Hmmmm…I am still thinking that if the refund amount does not show and you do not have the code 846 on the transcript, then you are being held for bit longer for some reason. As far as why, IDK. I file a Schedule C…matter of fact, we file 2 as my husband and I are both self-employed, and that’s never caused a problem in the past, so I don’t think the self employment has anything to do with it. I just think that you aren’t quite done yet, from what I am gathering from the manual. There is no specific reason given as to why they do it…just says that sometimes the system will not allow the transaction code (846) to post to the account…that’s the code that allows the release of the refund amount.


                                                                                                          Trunks: The cycle code means your return posted(processed) on 2/6/2014….if you add 4 business days then your DDD should be 2/12…so a day earlier than I originally thought…but earlier is better :)

                                                                                                          Jeremiah Fisher

                                                                                                            Steph; no none of that I had a 8863 and a 1098-T last year no problems with id theft, I am self employed with a schudule C my AGI is a lil over 2500 my itinal income before taking anything out was 11,500 I did everything as correct as I know and TT showed no real Audit risk, As you said I can pull a ACCT transcript but it has NO CODES on it just saying that “there is no tax return recieved” and everything has 0000’s by it saying I owe no one any money nor are there offsets, etc Im clear. However that was last night I have not been able too log into the site today I think I am locked out all I get is big red letters saying that there is no record of me having a account, when in fact I could look at all this stuff last night so I do not know if I am locked out or if I need too re make the acct Suppose I will have too wait until after midnight EST too find out, also the last lady on the phone I spoke with said my return could be anywhere in the US apprently there are alot of different MEF computers out there, infact she could only see two pages off my tax return out of like 30 or 40 lol idk if thats just all they had at that moment or what, she also told me all she can see is theres a refund due, it will be going too turbo tax’s bank (preparer) and then rest transfered too me but was just all she could see she could not see if I was infact done or not so idk. hopefully that helped with a little more detail.


                                                                                                              Are you guys also aware that they CAN Fax the transcript out to you? Only if you need them now and I would assume if youre like me and cant view them online.


                                                                                                                Jeremiah from the ton of post that ive been reading from the last 4days that would mean your 000 that you see is just not fully processes yet and you need to wait a bit more, a ton of people saying they see 2013 * and when they click it they get 000.000 execept for there processing hub

                                                                                                                Steph that cycle code that i posted a few up is for 2/13 right?


                                                                                                                  Jeremiah: I would think so…a review would show a code. I am still trying to figure out why some of the transcripts show 0000 as the refund amount and are pretty much blank. It seems to me like it may be some sort of hold on the refund for some reason…but not a review. Did you have to go through ID theft last year? And have you skipped filing for a year for any reason? I can’t remember what you said before.


                                                                                                                    Just got off the phone with MR. Cooper (IRS) man this guy didn’t once give me the hole 21day jargon any ways long story short, I asked him if he could please help me looked up my 2013 acct transcript because I was unable to pull it up online because of the Error 9901,and I asked for the cycle date which he gave me 20140605! This guys was so open I felt I could of keep asking for more and he would of gave me more answers, with out even asking as he put me on hold to look up the cycle # 3-4min he came back he says ya i does look like your acct just got done processing today and just so you’re aware i did a quick glance and I see no Issues or any concern with you’re return, then he gave the 20140605, I thank him so much for his courtesy and exited that call as polite as I possibly could.

                                                                                                                    Jeremiah Fisher

                                                                                                                      hey steph I called the IRS again and the nice lady told me this time that I have nothing too worry about over a audit and its too early in the year to have anything……now with that being said I do not have error code 570 (yet anyways) and all my acct transcripts still say is 0000 with a 2013* above my refund transcripts, if I had been in a “review” issue wouldnt I have gotten the 570 code this last week sometime?! just a question can you answer it for me some time today please?




                                                                                                                        Alicia: 570 is a review code. When he updates on WMR, I am sure that there will be an alert on there for him instead of a DDD.


                                                                                                                          Looks like you did your research correctly Steph! I was able to order transcripts! Woot! Thanks for giving me hope!


                                                                                                                            that is awesome AliciaL!


                                                                                                                              There is hope for the weeklys! I spoke with the IRS this afternoon about my balance owed to them and he stated that it was taken out of my refund and that I have a DDD for 02/12/14!


                                                                                                                                Even though he has the code 570 on his account transcript, he was still able to get his return transcript this morning. Is this normal??

                                                                                                                                Jeremiah Fisher

                                                                                                                                  I called the irs about a hour ago after trying to get my transcripts and getting all 0000 and no return filed there was not alot of info given other than I might be sitting on a extra review and that 1098-T’s are slowing down returns again this year I have no 8863 forms just the 1098-T. my refund still says being processed on WMR and when I filed TT I had a low audit risk…..Idk whats going on really I hope I am not being audited I can not even log into the tax transcript website just says that there is no record of me…….kinda werided out! help!


                                                                                                                                    FINALLY!!!!!!! I GET TO ORDER MY TRANSCRIPTS


                                                                                                                                      @Steph336 I am so bummed… I filed on 1/26 through Tax Act. I was accepted on 1/30 but did not show up on WMR site until Monday 2/3. I have had one bar since. I was able to login to the the transcripts online once and was able to see the non-filing letter and have not been able to get in since. I was able to order the “Account Transcript” but not the “Return Transcript” for via mail delivery throught the phone application. I maybe a weekly account. It so when do you think I should see a DDD?


                                                                                                                                        AliciaL , I clicked on the the item the said “Tagged Steph336” on the right hand side at the start of the comments.


                                                                                                                                          How do I get the 2nd page without having to type in another comment?


                                                                                                                                            Code 570 means additional action needed. It’s a form of review or the IRS needs more information from him. Should get a letter in the mail


                                                                                                                                              Yes Alicia


                                                                                                                                                Finally could order my return transcripts. All transcripts are available for me. Hello $$$$


                                                                                                                                                  I’m a weekly and was able to order my transcripts with cycle 20140605. Is that Wednesday?


                                                                                                                                                    Steph, my fiance claimed our son this year, but filed single because I claimed HOH and claimed MY 12 year old. On his account transcript it has Code 570. What could this mean? Also, he forgot to file 2010 taxes. Please help!!


                                                                                                                                                      anyone getting Error Code: 9900 when trying to view online trans?? my 24hr lock is over 30min ago


                                                                                                                                                        I have been processing since 1/31
                                                                                                                                                        Called and have no offsets
                                                                                                                                                        All of my transcripts have been available since 2/5
                                                                                                                                                        now i have no bars it just says to check the WMR for updates. Also does not have the generic 21 day notice.
                                                                                                                                                        My state refund has been sent to my bank as of today.
                                                                                                                                                        IDK what to think.


                                                                                                                                                          Filed 01/31/2014, accepted 02/01/2014, schedule c, eic, w-2, status bar just says processing, account transcripts n/a, *2013, the account transcript for 2013 that I can see has all 000’s, and says tax not filed, I have the 152, don’t have anything to be taken out or owed.Would I be weekly or daily.
                                                                                                                                                          Brother filed 01/31/2014, accepted 02/02/2014, standard 1040 a with eic, this morning given an expected refund date
                                                                                                                                                          How would I know if mine is be recycled


                                                                                                                                                            I Just tried to order my Return transcript for 2013 and I was able to order (was not able earlier this morning only acct but now I can) so maybe a tomorrow ill het a DDD? What do you guys think???

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