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Cycle Code 20221005

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      E-Filed 2/14
      Accepted 2/15

      Does this cycle code mean progress?

      WMR = 152

      What else should I be looking for on my transcript? Not seeing any codes.

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        Filed 3/2/22 accepted same day.

        Tax cycle code 20221005
        Code 846 hasn’t popped up yet.

        Still no updates.

        WMR still says “taking longer than expected”.


          i filed with H&R block still waiting on my refund
          refund issued 3/23/22
          code 150- 3/28/22 with a amount of $1444 what does that mean ?
          today is the 24th when should i expect my return


            have same code 3/23/22 deposit date
            still nothing and also 3/28/22 am i missing something here read a lot of ppl got it the 23rd


              Replying to hey girlie.
              I have the same cycle code as you. 20221005. I looked at my transcript yesterday and seen As of 03/28/2022. And processing date 3/28/2022. Refund filed 3/28/2022. You got your 846 code with refund date, yes? When did your return get accepted? How long have you waited? If I had to guess when I was going to receive my refund I would say either this weekend or early next. What do you think? Lol. Everyone needs this coin girl. Fucking crucial.


                Finally got my updates this past weekend.

                Cycle code 20221005

                My processing date was 3/28/2022

                My transcript updated with the refund issued date of 3/23/2022 overnight on Friday.

                Then overnight on Saturday WMR update with an issue date of 3/28/2022



                  U need 2 look 4 code 846 on ur transcript Frm wht Ive read it means ur refund is approved Whn I use the app/website 2 track my refund it still says procesin & the code 152 But on my transcript I got the 846 code wit my refund amt I have the same cycle date as u Frm wht Ive read cycle codes endin in 05 like we have means we r in a wkly batch & the irs website/app will usually updt on Saturdays But they can change ur cycle between wkly & daly dependin on where it return is in processin

                Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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